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Captain’s log                                             Stardate: 709118.5 (Feb 5th, 2014)

We’ve seen nowadays that many old epic movies, like Batman, Superman, even Star Trek were “revived” or like many says, rebooted. Some love it, and some felt quite disappointed, as many would not be seeing what they used to see from the old ones. I won’t deny the fact that the remakes can be sometimes unpredictable or rather corny. But the way I see it, sometimes it was even better than the old ones. Things will change. So does in some movies. 

And RoboCop had no exception either. Even that part man part machine police officer was given a reboot. Now taken place in the near future of year 2028 Detroit. Yes, this brings back the memories to those who watch the old Robocop movies to wouldn’t miss the chance and watch the remake. A childhood movie. Been excited about it upon seeing its trailer. The movie opens on 30th January. Some of my friends who had watch it told me the movie is not bad. This RoboCop will do wonders that not even his predecessor would do. I’ve seen from the trailer. Yes, he can even run and even jump high. This I got to see!


It involves a world where multinational conglomerate known as OmniCorp (OCP) becomes the root and center of robot technology (The start of the movie actually reminds of Terminator where you see an army of Skynet drones engage in a battle against the human resistance forces). Overseas, their drones have been used by the military for years. This got them to earn millions, and thus took this advantage to lead these machines for the next generations. However, a publically-supported act rejected these drones when discuss during a press conference. Thus, preventing the drones from being used locally. They fear, from facing a circumstances of what would happened if the drones suddenly went haywire and started massacring innocent civilians. 

Unlike his predecessor which was brutally murdered by a gang, police officer Alex Murphy was critically injured when his car explodes when he open the door. It was a set up by some crooks who wanted him dead. Then that’s where the story goes. OCP gets a candidate and get the scientists to start rolling the dice. Three months later, RoboCop is born. Alex Murphy was been resurrected into a part man part machine cyborg. Soon, he will be out into the streets. Apprehend wanted subjects efficiently and tactically where no ordinary police officers can.

“Dead or alive, you’re coming with me!”

Been rooted to the chair in the cinema, I concentrate hard on every part of the movie. Trying to understand like as if I’m a journalist assigned to write a review for this movie. Some things I don’t understand before watching the movie, like why his right hand was still exposed in flesh. Unlike his other hand which was made robotic. After some time, I can only assumed that his exposed hand could be his strong hand for his standard weapon. The scientists who built him probably want to leave that hand there. I had to admit, it looks kinda weird though.

This time, you won’t see him cruising in a police car like the old one. Instead, a police bike specially design for him. Well, I have to say, it easier for him on a bike as he can easily cuts between vehicles. Even made it to jump over them like a stunt biker. Not bad. But I still prefer him in a car though.

Robo’s so-called friend, ED-209 is back! Who wouldn’t miss this hulking robotic beast which is now much sleeker, meaner and fiercer compare to its predecessor. Especially the head. The predecessor looks like as if its got a canopy. Big enough for a pilot to ride through if there’s gonna be a built-in cockpit. This ED is sleek which comes with a menace look. More futuristic and appear much taller. Seriously it reminds me alot from Metal Gear and the Goliath unit from the game Star Craft!

These all I got to say. The rest is for those who haven’t watch it to watch yourself and be the judge. Or else, I be charge for being a spoiler! =D

But I’ll say, for me the plot is good. The drones, the bike, good cops, crooked cops, the bad guys. Even the suit! Designed for stealth and tactical. Not as bad as I had predicted. Best part is, when the original theme was played. Really send me that adrenaline feeling rushes into me. Ahh…good old times! 

The ending a bit rush though. But overall still an enjoyable movie. I’m a big fan of Robo since childhood. I don’t know about you or other RoboCop fans who had watch it. To me, I had no regrets watching it! Nevertheless, like the 1st 1987 movie, it still carries the same characteristic, emotional feeling that Alex Murphy had to bear when he was made into a cyborg. Nothing can change the fact that inside the robot, he still a human. With feelings.

At the end of the day, even been made fitted with all the data been input into him, he still couldn’t work alone sometimes. He still need his human colleagues to assist him whenever needed. He’s afterall, still part of them as a Detroit police officer. Continue to uphold the name of justice and to serve the public trust.

“Thank you for your co-operation.”