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Best Highlights Of 2016!

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Captain’s log                                    Stardate: 81231.6 (Dec 31st, 2o16)

Hours left and we will soon say goodbye to 2016, and welcome the new year 2017!

That one year had brought me to face quite a number of ups and downs. Even the worse. Can say much of a turbulent ride of the year for me. I rather share the good ones. We all each have our own problems. The headache we have been through. Seriously I rather not share about that…. 

Still, at the end of the day we all learn to pick ourselves up and move on with the time. Life still as it is, like a cycle as we move on with our everyday life. Changes that we will see. And obstacles that we will encountered.

I made new friends along the way, most at cosplayers. All share the same common interest, and most really wants you to be part of their family.

One of the best moments I had cherished was getting engage with my girl that year’s April. We had our flaws, problems, getting all the ups and downs that couples will faced (The obvious reasons). But eventually we get along well. As long we keep our promise to continue loving and respect one another as time goes by and towards our marriage. We will make it through my love, God’s willing. We will always be there for each other… 

My Clash of Superpowers project so far as been going well. A total of 4 videos were produced on that same year. During that period of time I had been getting a lot of avid cosplayers that were keen to be part of it. Its all depends on the time and schedule. But I hope me and my team can get those involved and expand it to the expectations. 

And so, these are the best highlights that has been happening and what has been accomplished. So here I go. Take your time to read and hope you enjoy =)



A VISIT TO KKH (Kandang Kerbau Hospital)
Date: 17th March 2016

On this day, three Power Rangers and Princess Anna of Arendelle (Frozen) make their way down to the hospital to pay a visit to the kids there. To give them what they deserved. Happiness, care and loved.

Its another meaningful day for us, members of the fun-loving committee, Pause For A Cause (PFAC) to show our support, dedication to the little ones and to make their day. Make it the best ever! An unforgettable one. This too includes for the nurses and doctors, as well as the families. Its always fun to see your favourite characters or superheroes appeared at your working place!


Date: 28th March 2016

Our friendly and loving community Pause For A Cause was been invited by the Jamiyah Children’s Home. The home is an abode of care and shelter for the orphans and children of single parents, drug detainees, abused and dysfunctional families. 5 of us turned up for that day, which consist of three Power Rangers, One Doraemon and Naruto. 

This kids come as young as 3 years old. I was told some even have experienced trauma. They are only children. Innocent and lost. So that’s why the home aims to spread the unconditional love to these children and help them to develop into responsible adults.

So be grateful how fortunate that you have loving parents. These kids may be rowdy. Misbehaved. But knowing where they came from, and the painful journey they had to face, I hope one day they grow up to be responsible, and what the home had taught and groom them. God’s willing. They are still humans and deserved to be shape for the better.


Date: 30th April 2016

Marina Bay Sands Security Department, Team Delta had a Cohesion and Family Day where it was been organised by our team’s Operation Manager. Knowing that I’m a cosplayer, cosplaying as the ever recognised Red Ranger, he had given me this opportunity to invite my group down and be part of this private event. This is a good chance for the team as you don’t get to see this everyday. Especially when there’s kids around and you get to see your favourite childhood superhero live! =D

Other than just simply take photos with us, we also decided to put a simple skit. This Everybody there truly enjoys it. A chance for a lifetime for the team.


Date: 25th June 2016

A friend of mine who was one of the volunteers at the Mountbatten Community Centre CC had invited me and my Power Rangers gang to come down to spice up the event and brighten up the kids. Also, its the month of the June school holidays. The best time to entertain the kids. So far only 2 of us can make it. 

There’s a line of games booths, food and more. The movie screening, to my understanding will be about life in Singapore back in the olden days. But for us, cosplayers, we mainly there just for the carnival =D


Date: 2nd – 3rd July 2016

An event which not only brings cosplayers together, but also brings the whole family to come down and join in the colourful fun and entertainment. 

The year cosfest will have a special highlight on the first day. The organizers had set up a DC Comic special on stage, dedicated for DC fans and lovers. The theme features a DC Comics Cosplay Show by the Suicide Squad characters and DC Comics Super Runway. So for those who owned the suit from any of the DC characters, you are welcome to take part in the super runway.

I had debut in my latest suit. Its the Red Ranger Ninjetti, which was seen in the 1995 Power Rangers movie and third season in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Only appeared in the American version, but not in the Super Sentai series.


Date: 2Oth August 2016

Our TokuCosSg community was been invited to make a birthday appearance for a 4 year old boy who loves Power Rangers. 4 Power Rangers, all Red Rangers had turn up to give the best and a memorable Power Rangers birthday party for the young chap.

We also put up a runway, where each ranger will appeared one by one in accordance to the series. Then followed by a short skit. 2 in 1 show that will keep the birthday boy, the kids there and their families entertained!

Indeed, a morphenomenal birthday for that little chap! We Rangers wish you all the best as time goes by. Hope to see you again in the future! Power up! =)


Date: 10th – 11th September 2016

The most happening event of the year which brings together the pop culture ranging from the best in comics, toys, anime, manga and cosplay from the East and West. These include unique works from well-known artists from Singapore and around the region.

I had decided to cosplay as the futuristic dark knight himself. Batman Beyond armour version, which is based from Batman – Arkham Knight game.

There a lot of DC or Justice League characters on that day itself. Most commonly were Batman and Joker. Me and some of the DC guys and girls that I had tag along were also invited to the retail’s DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe where we try out those mouth-watering nachos and fries. Best of all, its free for us Justice League! Thank you Mr John of DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe for sponsoring us. You are awesome! =D


Date: 30th October 2016

Its that time of that night again. There’s nightmare on Clark street for that very night. The bumps and tumps will thrill and chill your every spine. They are out to get you. Its Halloween again!

Was been invited by a group of friends. And so that night decided to debut in my Marty Mcfly from Back to the future, based on Part 2 of the movie. Simple, but with a futuristic style. Too bad I don’t have the Delorean…

Great Scott! Hope I can get home in time…


Date: 3rd December 2o16

A friend invited me for this Happy Kids Graduation concert, where it involves kindergarten kids. Upon graduating, they will also perform various dances infront of their families.

I had decided to don my Red Ranger from the Power Rangers Dino Charge series. There are other 4 cosplayers and also friends of mine; Spiderman, Deadpool, Black Panther and Kamen Rider Kuuga. We also have a Flash character, who happened to be the teachers father, as what I was told.

We superheroes turn out to be like special guest appearances, just to add more fun with the organisers who also dress up. Really craze, outgoing and fun as we join in the dance on stage. Happy to be part of it! =)


Date: 10th – 11th December 2o16

Short of EOY, this Japanese pop-cultural arts event is back at the same location, which is at Marina Barrage. There will be performances by Japanese celebrities, well-known cosplayers. Music and dance performances by home-grown talents, artwork exhibitions and booths selling a wide range anime merchandise and artworks. Infact, its more on focusing towards Japanese culture. So if you are into such, this event is just for you.

I had finally debut in my latest character. One which is my childhood and which I wanted to cosplay for sooooo long. Its from this wacky comedy movie called “The Mask.” A comedy movie released in 1994, and starring the king of comedy, Jim Carrey.

Truly enjoyed in it. ITS SMOKIN!!! 


Date: 24th December 2o16

Once again, our Toku group was been invited for another Power Rangers birthday party, for a little chap who just turned 5. This give us the chance to take this opportunity to bring the smile and happiness to the kid. 

4 of us were there, and as much as the father want to give his son the best birthday ever, so too are we. He loves Power Rangers, and we will give him the best birthday party whenever the opportunity presents itself. 

You should have seen the WOW reaction on the kid’s face when we appeared. Yes, he did not expect this.



Well, that’s all the fun I had been and those that I have accomplished for that year. There are some of the things that I’ve yet to achieve. As this takes time, I will pursue with the flow and hope to make it happen. God’s willing.

To be frank, I had none much to say other than what was written above. 2017 will soon take over, and it will be like all over again.

But it will a new beginning for some, to further re-evaluate the things that we want to achieve. Your goals, to pursue your dreams. 2016 will be like a stepping stone, and 2017 will be where you take the leap.

I do agreed that we all change as time goes by. Either better or worse. But always its good for the better. No matter what, the Earth is always going forward and we can only hope what’s best for the future.

We learn from our past, we fall and learn to pick ourselves up in the present, so we know what to do for the future.

Let’s all look forward for the new year and what lies ahead. I am looking forward for some of the things that I want to achieve. God’s willing.. =)



A Morphenomenal Birthday!

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Captain’s log                                      Stardate: 81229.6 (Dec 29th, 2016)

On Dec 24th, 2016, our local Toku group was been invited for a Power Rangers birthday party. The father of the birthday boy who will be celebrating his 5th birthday had stumbled upon my YouTube channel, where as according to him, one of the videos featured were me and my Ranger pals celebrating this 4 year old kid who loves Power Rangers. And that happen on August this year. So this eventually excites him, as his kid whose named Ajitboy also loves Power Rangers. He managed to get in touch with one of us who spread the news.

This is an opportunity for us, and for something I would love to be part of it since its a Power Rangers Birthday party. Good thing I’m not working on that day. So I agreed to lead for the party with 3 of my other fellow rangers; Red Ranger Time Force, Quantum Ranger and Blue Ranger from Mystic Force. Me will comes as my usual old school Mighty Morphin Red =)

As much as the father want to give his son the best birthday ever, so too are we. As Power Rangers, we want to give the son not only the best, but the most memorable birthday party. Just like how we did before, and in more to come.

Residing in Punggol Field, the birthday party was held at a multi-purpose hall. The hall was been decorate with power ranger theme at one side, with a Power Rangers Dino Charge theme poster as a backdrop. 

When I knew about this, I thought of coming down as Dino Charge Red, since I owned the suit. And which also kids nowadays were more into the recent Power Rangers. Unfortunately my belt was damage during a recent event, and only get to know last minute. So I don’t think I had enough time to repair it. But no matter, coming down as the old school Power Ranger still makes the grand appearance =D

According to the father, his son was not told of our appearance. This is a surprise opportunity for the little chap. We are eager for this to happen. Our plan was to give the grand entrance once the party commences.

We will came out one by one, followed by sequence as according to the series franchise. Mighty Morphin > Time Force > Mystic Force. And our theme will be played at the background. This is already good enough for the birthday boy, the kids there and their families to WOW at the sight of our sudden appearance.

The look at the kid’s face when he first saw us. Yes he did not expected this.

Surprised boy! Power Rangers are here to party with ya!

The families and relatives go crazy for our sudden appearance. Our attention has caught nearby residents and they too, stop whatever they are doing. This is expected when you are having the party at void deck or multi-storey purpose hall where its open. We are definitely fine with it! =D

Here’s some of the best photos taken. Many thanks of the birthday boy’s father for some of the photos taken =)




Throughout the day has been a great and wonderful Power Ranger birthday party for the 5 year old kid. Another success for our Toku group. If not for the families who invite us, we would never be where we are. It’s worth it!

I won’t denied the fact that I truly enjoyed doing something like this. The more I took part of it, the more I love doing it. As said before, this is something I would love to do ever since I first had my Power Ranger suit. I got my wish came true and will continue to do so as long I’m still fit and strong enough to had it going. 

That video of mine which I had posted some time ago where we are invited to celebrate that kid 4th year old birthday had proven a success, as it had reach out to another family. This tells me, if I continue to create more videos of Power Rangers birthdays, it may attract more families who may be keen. That’s what the father of the boy told me. He came across my recent video of that 4 year old kid. And that’s how he able to reach us.

Another way of expanding our group, as the way I see it. Time goes by and our group had slowly, but progressively branching out. I hope, for the benefit our team, we can achieve this. If not for the people who had invited us, we wouldn’t be where we are.

Not just birthdays. We are also open for other special events or occasions. Its rare to have such unless you know some who can do it. As long our informants or contacts are sincere and agreed to our terms and conditions. We are not into business. We are still a non-profit group. But we won’t mind doing such as long its reasonable between the two parties.

Is the thoughts that counts to make others happy. And in return they make your day too. Not just cosplaying. But using that cosplay appeal out of the regular cosplay thing and bring the smile to those you care for. To give back to the community, for something that you volunteer and willing to do.

And lastly, me and my Rangers would like to say a big thank you to the boy parents, and the people there who are taken the effort to make this event a special one. We are grateful and honour to be there and give the kid the best and memorable birthday ever.

To little Ajitboy, we hope you enjoy and love what your mommy and daddy had granted for you. You are the next lucky boy to have Power Rangers to come celebrating your birthday with you. You make our day, as much as we make yours. Anyway, you look really cool in your Power Ranger suit. Future Megaforce ranger, perhaps? =D

Happy 5th Birthday Ajitboy! We hope we can see you again for your next birthday. May you excel as time goes by =)


And here’s the morphenomenal video. Hope you all enjoy it =)

The Noodle Bar

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Captain’s log                                    Stardate: 61218.6 (Dec 18th, 2016)

Tucked at the corner of Esplanade Mall, there’s this restaurant which just officially opened, and its certified halal. Its called the Noosh Noodle Bar And Grill.

Some of you may been here before. Me and my fiancee stumbled upon it by chance when we were walking around the vicinity looking for a place to eat. Initially we had planned to eat at Makansutra, which is an open food court just nearby. Unfortunately it appeared to have closed due to the heavy rain earlier. So while walking around in search for a place to eat, we ended up stumbled upon this Noosh place.

We decided to try it out, seeing how tempting the menu is. And that also we are really hungry!

As the name had stated, Noosh Noodle bar… Indeed, the restaurant was designed to look like a bar. Really intriguing. Its quite spacious, cozy and had a welcoming environment. The decor was all chocolate brown, which really brings out that vibrant sense of relaxation and to unwind.


For our first visit, we decided to try the Mee Ayam Jakarta (Chicken Noodle Jakarta….so called). And had Ondeh Ondeh cake for dessert, which will came after once we done eating the main course.

My tummy started grumbling once the food came. I grab my fork and indulge in the mouth-watering dish.



The waiter also provide us with some spices to add on with the dish. One bowl doesn’t seem enough and feel like wanna go for another round. Hahaha! Its really good!

Our Ondeh Ondeh cake soon came. And its comes not alone, but with a scoop of ice-cream! As much as the main course itself, the Ondeh Ondeh is really out of this world! As you bite down the flavour, you will feel the crunchiness savouring, telling you this must have been the best Ondeh Ondeh cake ever made. The taste is just right! 



More photos of the restaurant. Intriguing indeed…


Overall, we are satisfied with the service provided. The staff are friendly, the aroma was pleasant, and not to mention the food. Worth the price. Indeed, a great place to hang out after a hard day at work. Will definitely came back here again in the future to try out the other dishes, not just the noodles. Worth the appetite!

If those haven’t been here before and wanting to indulge on the menu, the location is at 8 Raffles Avenue, Esplanade Mall #01-13B, Singapore 039802.

Try it and see. Its worth a dining experience for me! =)

Meomi Cat Cafe

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Captain’s log                                  Stardate: 60152.1 (Dec 15th, 2016)

I recently visit this cat cafe known as Meomi Cat Cafe with my fiancee. I had been planning to visit this kitty cafe ever since my to The Cat Cafe, which is not far from the one I recently visit. So we got our chance and head down to meet our feline friends.

This Meomi Cat Cafe is situated at North bridge road, next to Haji Lane. Not that difficult to find.

It leads us to this small hallway, where there’s a wide range of cat-theme accessories which was on sale at the corner. Before us, was the glass door that will lead us to meet the cats. We could already see a few of them moving about and just can’t wait to pet and play with them. They all looked so cute!!! =D

Here at Meomi Cafe, its $13 with complimentary drinks for the 1st hour, for adults. And subsequent 1/2 hour which is $5.

There’s also this Pawsome Combo which is $19. We decided to go for the Pawsome Combo where it comes with a cat-shape pancake, beverage (your choice) and a chocolate sauce.

So before we enter, the friendly staff will explain to us the dos and dons. For the safety of the cat and us, humans. Then to apply some hand sanitiser for good measure.

And lastly, the door is open for us to cat heaven! =)


Unlike the The Cat Cafe, this one was smaller. Total here were only 7 cats. Both sides of the room have cushioned benches with small tables for customers. And there’s also some cats pillows lined up along the benches.

Furthermore, its a cat playground on both sides of the wall. We were told that these kitties had come from the cats welfare. As such they were been monitored from time to time for their safety, to prevent them from being harass or mistreated by misbehaving customers.

One of the staff even introduced us each of the cats. There’s Mario, Luna, Coon, Oreo… just to name a few. Telling their age, their breed, even the silliest and funny things they do and behaved.


That look is just too irresistible! =D

Though only 7 cats, most of them are indeed lovely looking. Especially one which we just couldn’t take our eyes of it was this short-legged Munchkin cat named “Mario.”



My fiancee love this type of cat. So its a bonus for her to meet Mario. It looks so cute to see it running and walking with those short legs. So cuteness overload!!!! =D

Here’s the rest of the lovely and beautiful cats. So tempting to hug and cradle them. But too bad, we are not allowed to do so…..



We really have fun interacting with the kitties. Though the place is small, but its quite cozy, clean and friendly fun, especially for the kids. Also, its a great place to hangout while having a fancy cup of coffee and cakes with the company of cats around you.

The one at Cat Cafe has a number of cats which I can say, its common and can be found anywhere in Singapore. Here, at Meomi Cat Cafe, there’s some rare cats, like Mario the Munchkin cat, which can be hard to find here. My fiancee pretty much like the Meomi cafe.

Nevertheless, all the cats from either side had a place to stay, and at the same time interact with the humans. There are other cat cafes which I intend to visit one day. Meeting all of them has always been a pleasure.

So do drop by here if you love cats. Or yet to be one. I definitely enjoy my time with them. They are all really loveable kitties. Location is at 668 North Bridge Road, 188801 Singapore. Its near to the Sultan Mosque, and nearest MRT is Bugis


EOY 2016!

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Captain’s log                                     Stardate: 60120.6 (Dec 12, 2016)

Also known as the “End of Year” Cosplay Festival, this Japanese pop-cultural arts event is back again at the same location, which is at Marina Barrage. So before 2016 comes to end, all cosplayers were invited to enjoy this moments together to have lots of fun till the day’s end. 

The event falls on the weekend, from 10th – 11th Dec 2016. Each time brings new opportunities. Guest performances by Japanese celebrities, well-known cosplayers. Music and dance performances by home-grown talents, artwork exhibitions and booths selling a wide range anime merchandise and artworks. Infact, its more on focusing towards Japanese culture. So if you are into such, this event is just for you.

I had decided to come for one day only, which is on the first day. And finally I can debut in my latest character. One which is my childhood and which I wanted to cosplay for sooooo long.

Its from this wacky comedy movie called “The Mask.” =D


I believe many of you had watch this crazy movie before. Released in 1994, and starring the king of comedy, Jim Carrey as Stanley Ipkiss.

He finds this wooden mask near the city’s harbour. So once he place it on his face, it transforms him into a wacko soot yellow-suited, green-faced, bizarre trickster known as the Mask, who is able to cartoonishly alter himself into many ways. With that, he use this advantage for his first looney act to scare off his grouchy landlady, a street gang, and even rob a bank.

There’s also an animated series of The Mask. And in 2005, the second adaptation of the movie, known as Son of the Mask was introduced.

The yellow suit and pants and the latex mask were brought from ebay. No way I’m gonna paint my face green! It took me a long search. But eventually found what I needed.



As for the tie, I had purchased a black tie and decorate it using some white cloth and white spray paint to make it look like the actual one seen in the movie. There is the original tie been put up for sale. But it will cost me a bomb. So I decided to customise it myself.

Turns out really good as what I had expected. It may not look the same. But no matter. Its close enough and I like how it had turns out.

So its time to put on the mask and create a wild and looney chaos! =D

Here’s some of the best moments capture of me partying with the gang. Photos taken by friends. Many many thanks to them! =)



The whole day has been an awesome day! I truly enjoy the hours with the gang, and really happy how my character had turns out. None has expected such character will showed up. Hahaha! Its all about on how well you adapt into your character. That’s one of the reasons when you cosplay. You want to be in that character. So you have to be like that character. His or her style, moves, pattern, etc. 

Also, The Mask will be my last character I’m cosplaying. Don’t worry guys, I will still continue cosplaying. Its only this character will be my last. Cause I’m gonna focus and save up for other things. Marriage is one of them, since I’m getting married next year.

Kudos to all in making everyone happy! We all have a good time and will be looking forward for more! =D


Happy Kids Graduation Concert

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Captain’s log                                  Stardate: 61267.2 (Dec 06, 2016)

I was been invited by a friend of mine for this kids event recently, as what he told me. I was working on that day where the event take place. The event commence near 1700hrs. My work ends at 1500hrs. So why not join in the fun? =D

You know I always into this kind of event out of the regular cosplay thingy. Especially when it involves with kids and their families. I will never get tired of this! =D

I had decided to don my Red Ranger from the Power Rangers Dino Charge series. There are other 4 cosplayers and also friends of mine; Spiderman, Deadpool, Black Panther and Kamen Rider Kuuga. We also have a Flash character, who happened to be the teachers father, as what I was told. An organiser at the same time. Not bad his suit. Might consider joining for cosplay activities =D

So apparently it turn out to be a Happy Kids Graduation concert, where it involves kindergarten kids. Upon graduating, they will also perform various dances infront of their families.

Wow! I never had such when I was in kindergarden. Back then we just don the gown and take a group class photo. That’s it. I don’t recall any of us dance on stage. Really, they all look so cute and really performed well. I’m impressed! =)

We superheroes or cosplayers turn out to be like special guest appearances, just to add more fun with the organizers who also dress up. Really craze, outgoing and fun as we join in the dance on stage. I was at first lost when my friend (the Spiderman) who invited us told me that later we gonna dance, which is near to the end of the event. Cause we did not rehearse for any. 

But it turn out that we just join in with the organizers who were dress up on stage and follow the beat. Not that difficult. Just followed the moves! Really fun. Just what I need while in suit! =D

Then halfway in the midst of the fun, my belt suddenly malfunction. The velcro that attach the belt together snaps off. Damn! Talk about bad timing!

I can look naked without the belt, as it wouldn’t look complete for my suit. So I got no choice and had to hold its back while taking photos with the kids. It’s already look worn out pretty bad anyway. Will have to get it replace. If I knew this will happened, I should have worn my old school Red Ranger…=.=…

But that didn’t stop me to join the fun. Really appreciate to be part of this event even though it’s not much. It’s all about making the kids, their families, the people there happy and a memorable one! More than just cosplaying. A meaningful one, which can last as long as you can make it meaningful and continue to make those around you happy. Will definitely look forward for more! 

Lastly, thanks to my friend and the teachers for having us to for this kids graduation concert. For the happy kids, well done! Keep up with the good work so you can have  brighter future ahead. You boys and girls are awesome! =)

Photos here taken by friends and the organisers. Many thanks to them! =)

*I regret to inform not to post photos of the kids as there is no permission given by their parents. We will respect this as to prevent any unnecessary dispute.