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Let’s Be Cops!

Posted: October 27, 2014 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                                           Stardate: 79013.2 (Oct 27, 2014)

Impersonation as a police officer is one of the most serious crime ever committed. They will do nasty things that no police officer will do. They will twist the enforcement name into a bad reputation, making real cops looked bad. For the purpose of deception. They can come with fake badges or warrants, fake uniforms and even fake police vehicles.

But not for this movie. Cause its only a movie! =D


Living in Los Angeles, there live two good pals who were struggling with their everyday lives. Justin, who works as a video game designer where he had suggested to have a game about policemen. But however, his boss hates the idea and criticise him on that. The other, Ryan was a washed up drop-out college.

Later that day, Ryan decided that both should dressed up as police officers for a costume party. It comes with everything, the belt, the gun, the pouches, even a radio set. And when they walked home, people think they are real cops and this led them to carry out their gag.

Seemingly obsess with their gag, Ryan decided to take the hoax further. He learns the police official procedures by watching YouTube videos. He even brought a used police car from ebay, and modifying it to resemble like the real thing. Justin was somewhat reluctant, but eventually join his friend to continue the gag.

Its wasn’t long until their game as cops have gotten them to being caught up in a real life of mobsters. And that’s where they need the real cops for help. This is where they get to experience what its like to be the front line of law enforcement, while still putting on their fake badges on the line.

So if you are a fan of cops, or ultimate buddy cop movie that comes with hilarious action packs, this is a must for you! Its worth for me. Rooted onto my seat and laughing my head off at every ridiculous act they did. Some scenes however, doesn’t seem to make any sense. Like how in the heck did Ryan managed to get those police logos, the blinkers for the car. And easily get access to the LAPD police station without the real cops noticing that both aren’t real cops at all.

But nevertheless, its hilarious! Impersonating as cops is already bad enough. But going to a bar, even gets on stage where some chicks think they are strippers don in police uniforms were worse! =D


**However, do not confuse if the person dress up as a police officer in costume. Or simply put it as cosplay as a police officer. Its not considered a crime, as long as the person is not a real police officer and had no intention to deceive others into thinking what he or she is.


Before The Conjuring……

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Captain’s log                                                         Stardate: 79945.2 (Oct 19th, 2014)

I’m pretty sure most of you heard about this doll named as “Annabelle.” There’s even a film about it currently showing. Before I get to the movie part, let me elaborate about this dolly.

Basically its a vintage Raggedy Ann Doll which is believe to be haunted. And typically it wasn’t like any other ordinary dolls which you would let your child play with it. Because as mentioned earlier, its cursed. Research let me to gather some interesting facts about this doll. I will straighten them out in a point-form format so it will be easier for you to read.


– Takes place in 1970, it was purchased by a lady for her daughter Donna, as her 28th birthday gift. Soon after the doll began to move around in their apartment. Even leave messages for her which Donna did not own.

– Donna had a friend, named Lou who hate the doll. He thought there was something evil about it, and believe that the doll was been cursed. 

– Eventually she decided to contact a medium about the doll, who explain to her that it was been inhabited by the spirit of a seven-year-old girl named Annabelle Higgins.

– After the doll tried to strangle and attack Lou, Donna seek help for these 2 paranormal investigators, named Ed and Lorraine Warren who are also married couple. The Warrens explain to Donna that Annabelle was actually inhabited by an inhuman, demon spirit. They then held an exorcism for the doll and removed it from her home.

– However, the exorcism did not work out. And while driving home with the doll in the car, the power steering and the brakes failed.

– Eventually the Warrens built a special case for the doll and had exhibit it in their Occult Museum. Lorraine’s son-in-law, Tony Spera mentioned, that of all the items in the museum the doll is what he is frightened the most. Besides that, it has become the biggest attraction for the visitors to the museum, especially to those who have been reading most about this doll.

Now, about the film. I just watched it with a few friends yesterday the 18th. Its actually both a prequel and spin-off of The Conjuring, where in that movie the doll’s name was been mentioned.

Takes place in 1967, the story involves this married couple who are expecting their first child. One fine, the husband presents his wife with the doll that she has been trying to find. She has a huge collection of vintage dolls, and was so happy with the newly doll.

Then at night, the wife was awakened of a murder right next door. Soon both she and her husband were attacked by a woman who was holding that same doll and together with a male accomplice. The cops were called in. The man were shot down by one of the officers while the woman kills herself. She had leave a bloody symbol drawn on the wall before taking her own life. A drop of her blood was seen falls on the doll’s face which is still held in her arms. News reports soon reveal that they had murdered her parents and are said to be part of a satanic cult. And the lady’s name was Annabelle Higgins.

Soon strange happenings starting occurring. Even after the wife had give birth to a healthy baby girl and move on into a new apartment. From there onwards, the doll is known as Annabelle. And from here, I will stop as I don’t want to be a spoiler for those who are yet to watch! =D

Those who know about Annabelle and already watch the film, will tell the obvious that this is not the actual evil possessed doll. Cause in reality, Annabelle was just a vintage Raggedy Ann Doll that any child or those who love to collect vintage dolls would want.

But in the movie, the director had redesigned the doll. Giving her a much more disturbing appearance rather than just a cheerful appearance. I think its worth the idea, giving the fact that its a horror movie that got to do with a possessed doll. Somewhat like Chucky, but not to the extend of causing a brutal rampage since it was been cursed by a serial killer.

Here’s a comparison I found in the internet. Both in real life and movie version.


Big difference isn’t it? The movie version does fits in right for such a horror movie.

Now, from my point of view about the movie. I would say, it does gave the scare. But not as scary compare to The Conjuring. That was scary shit! At most was the sound effects, where somewhere at the beginning nearly make me choke on my combo hotdog. Nevertheless, the storyline is good. Even though the doll is based on a true story but the movie is not, it was still well-played and I really enjoyed it. I love horror movies. And I can’t denied that something like this is worth for me to watch.

So if you are a fan of horror movies, especially when it got to do with dolls, do check it out. You are entitle to your opinions. =)

Now for the doll itself, in real life. As mentioned earlier, it was been locked in a special case built by the Warrens and exhibit in their museum. She resides there till this day. Never to be opened. As stated at the glass casing. “POSITIVELY DO NOT OPEN.” And they mean it!

It was believed that the terrible entity were still attached to the doll. Waiting. Biding its time. Waiting for the day to be set free again….

I sure definitely want to meet the doll if I were at the museum. Will I see something out of the ordinary? Will I get the creeps just by observing it upclose? Creepy…..when imagining it sensing your every move….