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Singapore: Haze Update

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Captain’s log                                                                         Stardate: 67421.8 (June 23rd, 2013)

This press release is taken from the National Environmental Agency (NEA) due to the haze update. I let the report do the talking. 

“There has been an improvement in air quality since last night, and this improvement has been sustained this morning. As at 12 noon today, the 24-hr PSI is 88-98 and the 24-hr PM2.5 is 81-102 microgrammes/ cubic metre.

The improvement in the air quality is due to a change in the direction of the low level winds over Singapore, from south-westerly to southerly, since last night. The 24- hour PSI for the rest of today is expected to be in the Unhealthy band (101-200) instead of the earlier forecasted band of 201-300.

The health advisory for 23 Jun 2013 is as follows:

Healthy persons should minimise prolonged or strenuous outdoor physical exertion.

Elderly, pregnant women, children should minimise prolonged outdoor activity.

Persons with chronic medical conditions especially lung or heart disease should avoid all outdoor activity. If outdoor activity is unavoidable, wear an N95 mask.

For Employers

Employers should deploy susceptible employees to work indoors where possible.

Employers should provide N95 masks to susceptible employees working outdoors if outdoor activity is unavoidable.”

Though the sky seems clear, let’s wait for a day or two to confirm. That is how I will viewed it, before its my turn to hip hip hooray! PSI readings may be below 90. But still we need to maintain our healthier living like how it happened during that hazy days. That’s nothing much I could say since it was already written in the update report. The only simple thing we can do is, drink lots of water and maintain that healthy lifestyle. That’s the least of the best cure.

But of course, its nice to see the sky again. Get to smell that fresh air once again. Its like as if a new dawn just emerged! =)

Despite saying all that, the blazing heat still just won’t go away…. =.=….


Smokey Everywhere!

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Captain’s log                                                                Stardate: 60114.6 (June 21st, 2013)

I just have to write this down, even though I did one yesterday the 20th. I woke up to see this unbearable haze so thick that the opposite flats infront of mine looks like as if its vanishing anytime soon. Looks like we are in some Twilight Zone or Silent Hill. I could already smell the smoke! To hell with the PSI readings. By the looks of it you can already see that we are in the danger level!

The situation is beyond terrible. The authorities should react at any time possible before its gets any worse. No point just talk without any action taken. I understand that its not going to be easy. But at least show us that action is currently taken in place. Proof to us that their contribution in stopping this is currently underway. Not after it happens then you guys immediately went for it.

Readings is at 40o now. But as mentioned, screw with the readings. Haze this thick, you are roughly guess how worse it had become. You might even ended up wearing a mask while indoors! And seeing the haze this thick, I feel like so reluctant to go to work. My throat is already started to feel scratchy. Damn to those who are responsible for this! This is just too much! 

Many of us had hope it will rain. Yes, let’s hope it will rain. It had been a blazing days ever since. At least the haze will be reduced by an amount if its rain. This time we need really those showers from the sky.

Close all the windows if you have to. The sky is already been polluted bad enough. Don’t let it polluted your room next.

Haze….Haze Everywhere!

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Captain’s log                                                                Stardate: 69077.1 (June 20th, 2013)

Ever since Monday the 17th, the haze which was been carried from the burning forest of Sumatra, Indonesia had cloaked the island here with much extensive rate. It exceed at 380 on Wednesday night, the 19th. Reaching close to 400. The highest PSI readings ever recorded so far. Worse, as according to the health authorities, this is within the hazardous level. Sounds scary enough?

This is really bad, especially for those who got asthma. PSI readings range between 100 – 200 is already bad enough, yet alone to choke yourself under his hazardous level. We are really in serious trouble. Even for those who are fit, still need to take extra precaution in taking good care of the health. Avoid any outdoor activities if in doubt. Level as high as this doesn’t sounds at all convincing to keep in shape. You might never know when you will get the unexpected illness.

Clinics islandwide had started to be swarming with its patients, as seen in the news. What’s more, my Facebook were been overwhelmed by posts after posts from friends about the haze. Just seem unbearable! Then you will see the stock of masks or surgical masks everywhere. So far, this is the worse haze ever to hit here than previous cases. Though this is nothing new, we still cannot take lightly of it. This time, its scary shit! Most unbearable of all was the dry and humid weather. Double the worse! 

The haze looks so thick that I can’t barely see. Can’t even see the apartments opposite mine. Its all so fogged up! And especially at my working place, when on duty at the Marina Bay Sands Skypark. So clouded that I feel like as though we are at Genting Highlands. Expect that its a hot Genting. 

The ministers here can only assumed that this haze will carry on for a week. So at the moment, we are strongly advise to maintain good health and not to participate in any outdoor activities during this bad cloudy period. They will have a conference meeting with the Indonesia authorities, as well as together with Malaysia since that island too, was badly affected like Singapore. Hopefully, this matter can be resolved without any forms of conflict, and to combat whoever responsible for the damage cause.

So a simple advise. Drink lots of water and maintain good health while still keep up with your daily routines.

Captain’s log                                                                    Stardate: 67785.6 (June 10th, 2013)

The moment has finally arrived. Me and my gang of superheroes took a leap forward and set foot on Singapore’s favourite tourism island, Sentosa. All of us are there for a cosplay competition, which was jointly organized by costume talent company, Movia Mania and iFly Sentosa. Yes, the place will be held at iFly itself, and the competition was set for superheroes only. NO villains are welcome! =)

Initially, the competition was stage only for DC and Marvel superheroes. Since I don’t owned any costumes from either side, I can forget about joining in.

But fortunately, it was soon change that ALL superheroes are welcome. But still, DC or Marvel superheroes are preferred. Other than that, all superheroes from different series, generations are all welcome to participate. This is where you might want to consider =)

The competition was held yesterday on the 9th. I had decided to take this opportunity and to compete as Kyoryuger Red. A character from the latest Japanese Super Sentai series, and which I had mentioned some time back. So far this is my 3rd time taking part in a cosplay competition. But honestly speaking, its not just about trying to win. Its all about enjoying my time there will my cosplay friends, like as though its a normal cosplay event. Whether I win or not, its all up to the judges or due to the number of voters.


There’s Ironman there too. And pretty sure he’s gonna win. And guess what. He did. Expected for sure! The costume has always been awesome. No doubt about it.

However for me, I did not win. But I’m not all disappointed. Cause to me, having fun with my friends there is more than enough. That’s what I’m aiming for at the most. If you win, you are in luck. Besides, I know myself that my new Kyoryuger Red is a success! Also, we still get a goodie bag. Better worth than nothing! =D

Anyway, congrats to the winners of the competition. Well done! =)

Anime Matsuri!

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Captain’s log                                                        Stardate: 66148.2 (June 03rd, 2013)

I came across this event while surfing in Facebook. Taken place at Funan IT Mall, the event is all related about Japanese pop culture. Just by reading the event’s name, you can definitely tell for sure that this got something to do from the land of the rising sun. Just like most related Japanese events in Singapore, its all about the wonders from their anime, workshops, games, music, fashion, sports, you name it! And one of the popular theme that just couldn’t escape from our heads is the cosplaying part. Ever since then, it had become a trend as most of the theme usually had cosplay included. Well, what more there is to attract cosplayers to gear up and go with the flow of this popular trend =)

But this also includes, as what I found out, well-known cosplayers were invited to come on stage and meet their fans. Either local or internationally, and more of a celebrity appearance. Just imagine the screams when one of their most favourites walks up on stage and embrace their fans. 

The event lasted for a week, from May 27 till yesterday, June 02. May 27 was a weekday, and starting from that day, there’s obviously wouldn’t be much crowd since its a working and schooling period. So best falls on weekends, and the last day usually attracts most audiences.

Since its a small event, I decided to drop by as Red Ranger hoodie. So fortunate that it was my off day. Best to enjoy  the day’s off by cosplaying and have fun with the other cosplayers. And that thrilling moment when cosplaying as a Power Ranger always tingles me to the max. Even when donning just the hoodie =D

Frame 1.1 MAtsuri

Due to the small area, we hardly had any space to move about. All seems cramped up. But we still had our fun. Posing for photos and even gets to meet those well-known cosplayers as special guests for those lucky ones. And I even turned lucky too. Sometimes I get a few kids came hugging me while in Red Ranger form. But just now, there’s this sweet little girl give me a kiss after she hug me. Her parents told me that she likes the Red Ranger. All Red Rangers or just this Red Ranger from the old school Power Rangers? =P

You never know how red I had turned inside that Red Ranger helmet of mine. Even though just by kissing the helmet. My heart was so melted. I never wipe that side of my helmet again…

I think I’m the most luckiest of all! hehe….

Overall, it has been an enjoyable day. Looking forward for more upcoming events! =)