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Backyard That Spooks…..

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Captain’s log                             Stardate: 65080.9 (Jul 30th, 2011)

Yesterday night the 29th, a small pocket team of 2 SPI Agents and myself head down to visit a Taoist Master who he claimed that his backyard was filled with paranormal activity as what he had sense. He had liaises with a former SPI Agent before, so you can say that his quite familiar with the first-ever founded paranormal group here and willingly to assist us at anytime possible.

(The Master’s name and his location shall be kept confidential to prevent any interference, not only to him and his place, but as well as the surrounding vicinity. This shall be treated with respect).

With his permission, we were allowed to set up an investigation on his backyard, which is big enough for a football field. But yesterday night was only recce the place out. To be familiarize with the place and to mark out those areas that was believe to held those “things”, and which was prominent for our investigation. This is what we normally do before we established our investigation.

According to the Master, the “activities” will be somewhat active around midnight. Like a full moon gleamed on the night sky, this is the time where “they” seems free to roam endlessly within that perimeter. Most particularly was this big tree, which stands rooted near to the backyard gate. I never knew what’s the story behind it, but info given to us was that there’s something about this big tree which kinda disturbs the Master. Infact, there are few other big trees nearby. But this tree seems to be the one and only that left a puzzling mystery.

Other than the big tree, there’s this one particular tree where all the branches and trucks were tangled and collided to one another. According to Malay belief, this type of tree is best used for the Pontianak or a female vampire in the Malay folklore as their hiding places. Other than the banana tree, which was believe to be their “home”, this type of tree will allowed them to suddenly rage their terror to anyone passes by, particularly men. They will hide behind those trucks, and wait for the opportunity.

Also, this is what I had experienced. Upon the moment I approached this tree, I started to feel giddy. One of the agents with me told me that it could brain freeze. Possibility due to the strong and cold wind on that night. I concluded to that, assuming it to be brain freeze too. However, when we walked away from the tree, the headache’s gone. All of a sudden, like how it appeared. I began to feel kinda paranoid about this. Sure, I can sense “things” when they were strong. So am I feeling that strong sense again?

To prove this to myself, I approached it again. I just couldn’t believe it! That damn headache returns! Like how it earlier simply disappears. This couldn’t be some brain freeze! Something about this tree that really creeps. However, I couldn’t detect any strong presence here. But the headache seems to tell me that there’s something about this tree that I didn’t like. No matter how many times I circle it, surveying it, that headache follows. However, there’s not much readings on the EMF. All appear negative. And the headache’s gone again once I walked away from the tree. Something’s definitely not right about that tree. My 2 other agents can’t sense anything. Not even feel giddy. So why me?

I explained this to the Master about my experience, and also is there anything in particular to that strange tree. He did stated, that those “things” considered trees like that to be their so-called “meeting point.” According to him, the night is still young for “them” and they will only run freely once the clock strikes midnight. And from there, the surrounding area will be more cooling than what we are feeling at that present moment. He could sense their presence around that stroke of time, where all the lights will be turned off. The darkness is where they will creep out. So apparently this type of tree is not only meant as a playground for the infamous Pontianaks, but also other ghosts as well. Sharing the same terrority.

These are the photos taken on that night. The tree, as well as its surrounding perimeter.

The backyard is worth a good place of our next investigation. With all the necessary shots taken and info given, we can planned ahead as and when we can start.

Captain’s log                                 Stardate: 65062.6 (Jul 23rd, 2011)

Finally! The wait is over! The Dragon Shield that I’ve order just for my Red Ranger about 2 weeks ago finally arrived at my doorstep today. I’m happy to announce that my Red Ranger is now utilized and upgrade with the shield.

Honestly speaking, I’ve been itching to get the shield ever since. I’ve seen my Green Ranger friend had on, and I had even been under a dilemma as to whether to get it or not. Haha! Cause it looks so damn awesome and I just couldn’t resist the temptation! So I had it order from this seller who name his site on ebay as Coloursuits. I initially through of ordering it from my original tailor who tailor-made my Red Ranger costume. But I ended up stumbled upon Coloursuits who offer to sell it as a reasonable price of US$250.

Those who had watch Mighty Morphin Power Rangers definitely knows that the Dragonshield was originally worn by the Green Ranger. He later delegate it to the Red Ranger, after knowing that his powers were been taken away by that evil Rita Repulsa. With the Green Ranger power coin been invested to the Red Ranger, it can be ensure that the Dragon Shield powers are safe from Rita’s evil plot.

In the Japanese original version of Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger, the Green Ranger however, dies. And before he dies in the arms of the Red Ranger, he invested his powers to him. Its a tragic lose for the Rangers, especially the Red one, since in that series, the Green Ranger was actually his brother. Apparently, both Green Rangers from the east and west had their power on borrowed time. Somehow or rather, they were kept in an isolation manner until that time comes.

So from there, the Red Ranger carries the power of the Dragon Shield, and to summon it whenever necessary. By his command, the shield, the armlocks, as well as the dragon dagger will appeared on him. This also allows him to gain access to the Dragonzord whenever needed.

The Red Ranger was not the only one who dons on the shield. The Black Ranger were once been title to embrace the power of the shield. The Green Ranger do this for the sake of his comrade, sacrificing as what he do best. With the new powers gain on him, the Black Ranger single-handedly eliminate the creature that they were fighting against with. So far, its been only the Red and Black Ranger who were been title. But at most, was the Red Ranger who was been given the ownership. Like a successor for the Green Ranger.

Been utilized with the shield will give that Ranger the utmost power and strength than ever before. They will be energize within its grip and capability. This also includes the utmost protection needed. A barricade of power and defense that shall be utilized for any Ranger who dons on it.

And I personally felt like one too. Seriously! But at the first start, it does took some time to get the shield draped onto your shoulder. Its not that easy as it looks. I watched how my Green Ranger friend had put on. Does required some help though.

And once I had it on, I feel like as though I’m energize! The feeling of wearing it was awesome. I admired myself in the mirror, and I could tell you that I appeared more solid, stunning with that shield don onto me! This is totally awesome! My friends will definitely love it!

This is to dedicate to the kids, and those who are fans of Power Rangers: Now that my Red Ranger is fully utilized, I’m ready to summon the power of the Dragon Shield at any time, whenever necessary! Morphenomenal!

Dragonzord Power!!!!!!!!!!!

Captain’s log                                Stardate: 65045.5 (Jul 17th, 2011)

Yesterday night the 16th, was another SPI investigation taken place at this abandoned rifle range which was located deep in the heart of West Singapore. Few pockets of us had recce the place out a week ago before the date of the investigation were commenced. To survey the place, and be familiarize with the surroundings as we normally would do. To mark those areas; should there be a need to conduct our experiment at those points. Little info was been viewed about this place. At most, it was simply been left to rot and probably be continue rotting in more years to come. Left dead like a forgotten ghost town in the middle of nowhere. A far cry away within the depths of its surrounding jungle terrain.

The entire perimeter of the place was roughly about 300 meters open span. The only buildings there were the range itself, the armory, a resting area, a conference area, and what appears to be two small posts. Beyond that, were just an empty open space where the troopers back then practice on their shootings.

Despite there’s no such paranormal encounters been heard about the range, few SPI Agents did somehow came across some few happenings during their survey tour. A spike occurs on the EMF suddenly shot up in one of the rooms. Temperature within the particular room suddenly drops. A “red eye” was spotted, and what seem to be 5 fingers gripping on the side of a door! All this unsuspecting occurrences happened in one place, which is the briefing area. And there’s where we shall conduct the experiment.

We start off with the investigation at 2100hrs. It was a full moon gleaming on the night sky. I could imagine a wolf howling from the top of the cliff somewhere thousand miles away. Here, at this dead of the night, only our voices and crickets were heard. Somehow, I do felt like as though we are been watched. I don’t know if that was simply my imagination, or my “radar” just been turned on. As mentioned before, I’m not so gifted to “see” things. But when the presence is stronger, I can actually felt it. This occurs only when the presence is strong. Other than that, I will not feel anything. Despite the two dilemma thoughts, I just felt that, we are not alone….

First experiment was the “fingers” that was been spotted by one of the members where it was seen gripping at the side of the door. Our CCTV camera and video camera was been position a few meters away from that door. We also include the voice recorder, to see if any “voices” can be captured, and were placed in the middle of that room. A ghost meter radar or beeper, some say a sensor was placed near to the side of the door. The device will beep when something passes its way. We will then monitor the situation at our base which we had set at what appears to be the hallway near to the room.

Other than seeing orbs, which was actually dusts through the CCTV, nothing special was spotted for that half an hour. That part ended with no result so far.

Our second phrase will be the room where it had make the EMF go crazy and where the temperature was reported to have drop suddenly. Before the experiment began, we had actually felt these sudden colds when we check the room. It happens at this particular corner of the room. Strangely, the walls from this angle appeared cold when touch. But not the rest of the walls. Other than that, the feeling in it seems to go intense, and yes, spikes appeared on the EMF at every few seconds. The hairs at the back of our neck stands seems to go on forever! There may be a possibility that an inference from somewhere might have feed onto the EMF. Or in other words, just that feeling that everybody is wondering….

Second phrase was interesting. After about 10 minutes of staring at the CCTV screen, we heard “breathing” sounds through its audio. That had us to open our ears deeper and to listen attentively. The “breathing” was heard by every 5 – 7 mins. But as time tickles by, it was heard like every few seconds at randoms. And from that precise moment, it sounded much clearer and nearer to the audio. Its like, someone was standing next to the CCTV and it sounded like it came from a man. It does send us the spine-chilling feeling. And even in the dark, I could tell from the reaction from one of our members, that something’s not right about that room.

This led us to stage up to the third phrase. This is where every paranormal investigators couldn’t afford to miss out upon seeing the opportunity. To conduct an EVP session right in that particular room.

One of the agents and myself went in. The rest of the team will continue to monitor through the CCTV. The 2 of us position ourselves at the corner of the room where the cold spot was felt. And indeed, the cold was still there! At the same time, we ask simple questions, in an attempt to contact to whoever in this room. What we heard at most was this beeping sounds. At first we thought it could be coming from the CCTV or the video camera. But its not. That beeping sounds seems to be coming from somewhere behind the walls. It will beep for about 5 to 6 times, then stop. Within seconds or a minute, it will beep again.

We’ll continue asking questions. That’s where I felt it! Something poke me on my right shoulder. I jumped! Trembled with fear, but I held on. My breath appeared to be stuck in my throat. I asked my questions louder, controlling my imaginations. My friend doesn’t felt it but I did. Could it be that someone was behind me? Was that poking, its response? I pressed on my questions, even ask to poke me again to confirm its presence in the room. I swear, I felt a poke. A solid, sharp one! Send all the veins in my system to become weak on the spot!

Both of us spend for another 5 mins in that room before we left. Another two went in. Through the CCTV, we can heard them trying to make contact with the spirits. They radio back to us, that apparently the cold spots just wouldn’t quit. And not to mention, they too heard the beeping sounds. According to them, the beeping sounds was heard from somewhere behind both sides of the wall, while me and the other agent only heard on one side of the wall. This is getting really peculiar…

Is there somekind of an electronic device been placed behind the walls that causes those sounds? We’ve check the CCTV and the video camera. So far, no such beeping sounds came from them. Both teams who had conducted EVP in that room had confirmed hearing the sounds, and with me getting a poke on my right shoulder. Also, the sounds appeared to be getting a little louder as what the next team had heard. But none of them get the unexpected disturbance as to what I had felt. The voice recorder was in place. This will be review once again by carefully analyzing the source and the pattern made. Especially the breathing sounds. That part was the most catchy of all.

Photos below were taken before and during the investigation.

The investigation ends right after the EVP session. We had carried enough data taken from the video and voice recorder. This will be reveal in no time. From there, we shall examining further from the desk before concluding for the final report.

Last but not least, a well-deserved group photo dedicated for that night =)

Missing You………

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Captain’s log                                     Stardate: 65033.8 (Jul 05th, 2011)

Well, here I am. Staring at the night sky filled with sparking gems and diamonds. A friend of mine told me that she can see the full moon from where she resides. Can’t see from where I lived, but the carpet of stars were nice enough to lit the night. Star Trek flashes into my mind and I began to imagine myself aboard a magnificent starship. Taking command and standing tall at the center of command. Cruising towards a designated star. New frontier, new voyage, new life and new civilization. First contact was first priority to establish a intergalatic peace among the stars. To boldly go where no man had gone before….

Then, the thought of her floated in my mind like a gentle breeze. Day after day, night after night, its hard for me to get her out of my mind. Just no matter where I am, no matter where I go, no matter what I do, she’ll be in my mind.

I understand how you are feeling at this present moment of time. Complicated, that’s the word I can think of. You had explain it to me before, and I respect that. I can’t make you change that. Only you can. Even no matter how sad I am, I’m willing to accept the fact as to how you had felt. I can’t force you, and I have no right to force you. The choice lies in your decision. But as I had confess to you before, that deep down in my heart, I still care and love you for who you are. Everyday and night, I just can’t stop thinking. I really miss you from time to time, and I really wanted to see you again. You’ll never know how happy, how joyful I am whenever I see you walking towards me. The sight of you makes me feel so blessed with comfort and love. Your smile, your laugh, the touch of your hair……really miss all that. Miss those memories…. I fully understand how busy you are now. But as both of us know, there’s always a time where we will meet again…..

Baby, I really misses you alot. Only time will tell…..

Outside, while writing this down, I could see that clouds started forming, covering the stars. Looks like its going to rain. I could already feel the wind breezing in. What a wonderful night to sleep through!