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Best Highlights Of 2010

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Captain’s log                        Stardate: 64500.8 (Dec 31st, 2010)

Hours more before we had to say goodbye to 2010. Let the dead past bury its own dead. Old resolutions will be expired, and new resolutions will take its place. All hail the duties and possibilities of the coming 12 months. 2011 will soon take possession of the clock of time. A new path will be shine for us all! Like fireworks casting its majestic glow in the night sky!

Well, its been worth. I don’t know about you, but this year 2010 has been really a good year for me. Meet new opportunities, getting to know new friends through cosplaying, and even been encourage to take up new challenges that seems indulging and really an eye-opener! Indeed, I’m looking forward to end this year with fond memories and looking forward for a brighter start for the new year 2011.

And so, here’s where I will flashback the best highlights of 2010.

Feb 6th and 7th

Members of the local Star Trek fansite were been invited by our costume partner, MovieMania for this exciting event as Star Trek customers. At the same time, we will also get to see some of the aerial display and drool over those muscular jet fighters =P

March 27th

A small away team of local trekkies (Star Trek fans) had beam down for the opening of this sporting and entertaining center, known as *SCAPE. This is where I made my first appearance by characterizing as the legendary Star Trek hero, Captain James T.Kirk. All I got to do was to wear the mask of Kirk and donned the Starfleet uniform that were seen in the current Star Trek movie. A Starfleet hero who braves almost every boundaries without giving a damn about it and who don’t believe in no-win scenarios! And this event is also where I get to know more cosplayers! =)

May 4th

In conjunction with Discovery Channel, Ghost Lab is based on two brothers, Brad and Barry Klinge, Texas natives and who had founded Everyday Paranormal in 2007. With their team of investigation, they have explored more than 70 locations and set a new standard in paranormal research with some of the world’s most sophisticated equipment housed in a decked-out traveling “ghost lab.”

Now, the SPI has been called upon to be part of this amazing opportunity, and to lead the excited participants as they investigate one of the deemed haunted place here, which comes fold from a true criminal case: Bukit Batok Nature Park.

June 26th

I was been encourage to lead this event, which makes me the organizer for it. There’s a saying: “There’s a first time for everybody.” And I’m glad that I taken that opportunity to lead both the members and participants that had registered for this event to set foot on both Southern Islands. Besides, I had long waiting to visit these two places. So why not take the lead at the same time?

At the end of the day, I’m greatly satisfied with the result of the event. It was truly worth it and I’m happy to say that I can manage well for the first time. But all this couldn’t have been worth without the support and confidence from a few senior members. I’m really appreciated by the motivation given and we shall strive to do well for future events =)

July 4th

Welcome to this yearly event where it was dedicated for the fun and loving, and a great opportunity to make new friends. For this year, I will not dress up as a Star Trek character like before. I wanna try something new, something that I always wanted to become. I seen them on TV, movies, from books, magazines, and I always find them thrilling and full of action when its time to get the ball rolling. I had all the things ready, and I’m ready to lock and load.

And this is where I go SWAT, for the first time ever! Believe me, I had never felt this good, the thrilled of it, been characterize as one =D

July 10th

Two of our senior members had decided to welcome this opportunity to invite the members and friends for this wonderful dinner gathering at this famous Lau Pa Sat. More like a reunion dinner, as I would considered =)

So we spend the entire evening sharing endless jokes while enjoying the food and the open environment. It was a meaningful dinner gathering also. It teaches us what its means as a SPI family, as what our founder, Dr Kenny Fong wants it to be. To treasure the true meaning of its values, and the success that has been achieved.

17th and 18th July

Taken place at Marina Bay Promenade, its dedicate for families to be entertained by the attractive line of energetic performances, engaging activities, mouth-watering food and endless games. Those participate for the contest and competitions will stand to walk away with exciting prizes if they won! =P

Despite of the earlier rain, the event still goes on. Especially for us, who still insist on getting into our costumes and to enjoy the fun. This is something that we wouldn’t want to miss out! =)

Oct 9th

Black Tactical, which sells replicas of weapons and other solid gears had a booth in Funan IT. And also, to mark their new opening at the mall after been shifted from their original place in Bedok. If I had not came across the photo album been posted in one of the cosplayers in his Facebook whom I happened to know him during the July Cosfest, I would be sitting ducks at home the whole day. Seeing them dressed up in police and SWAT attire really put me on the edge and thrills me to the max! =D

So instead of wasting my time rotting at home, why not joined in the fun? =D Cosplay was been mentioned, and since I’m into it, especially when comes into SWAT, why held back? =) Also, get to know new fellow cosplayers and even got the chance to pose with Chiroru Hoshino, a 19 year-old Japanese girl who loves anime, games and just couldn’t stop singing! =)

Oct 31st

Till today, many of us still couldn’t stop thinking about that night. It was too fun, too thrill, too exciting, perhaps too much of it all! =D

Members of SPI were been invited to be part of this annual fright night of the month, and therefore shall make our horrifying presence behind the walls of the Asian Civilization Museum (ACM). Its the same as what we had did in 2009.

I had decided to become a SWAT-Infested Zombie. Yes, literally a SWAT cop been infested to become one of them. How I get this idea, is when I recall of a horror movie I’ve watched before. It does reminds you of the first-person computer game, Left 4 Dead (L4D). And other horror movies such as The Walking Dead or Dawn of the Dead.

Yes, its been a fun, enjoyable and indeed, a fright night to remember. Man, what a night! What a HALLOWEEN! =)

Nov 6th

Eleven chosen heroes (costumers) had beam down to this retail and entertainment hub of the city-state to participate and to promote for the upcoming Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention (STGCC) which will be held on December the 10th – 12th.

We are only to cover from Takashimaya Shopping Centre to Ion Orchard. Never mind about the weather, cause this is the part where we will get the attention and feels like as though we are Hollywood stars down the Hall of Fame! And yes, gear up as SWAT and “patrol” along the streets of Orchard was never been this thrill! =D

Nov 7th

Dedicated for teens, as the same suggested. Its more to taking home the grand prize as those eager can took part in any of the three following contests: Teenage Icon 2010, Teenage Cosplay Championship and K-Pop Dance Battle. So on the last day is where the champion will rise from the participants who made it to the semi-finalists from these three following contests.

While the contestants battle their guts out for the grand prize, we too, had our own battle to take care with, which is to entertain members of public as cosplayers! =)

Nov 24th

This school which campus is always brimming with much activities had invited MoviaMania for this V for Vendetta movie screening. So therefore, the in-charge of MM, Reno had send an invitation to us, cosplayers, to see who is interested to beam down. At the same time, to dress up as a character we like.

So, only six of us heroes were deployed on that day, with two of us not in costume. One is Reno and the other who shall be our minder and photographer. And yes, I turned up as SWAT, since Reno had listed SWAT in his list =)

So much of it had left me to had a phobia of the letter V ever since….

11TH AND 12TH Dec

Taken place at Suntec City Convention Hall, this yearly ultimate pop culture experience will filled those avid fans of comics, anime, film, toys, collectibles and games with much more excitement and anticipation! Highlights will be illustrators from Marvel Comics, who will be sketching and speaking about their masterpiece.

Special appearance will be a female idol group, known as AKB48, which is Tokyo’s Akihabara-based female group. STGCC will have the AKB48 Meet the Fans session, where the fans will be given the opportunity to listen to their latest songs, play a game with the girls and if lucky, win a special gift from AKB48.

Besides enjoying in what appears to be like a walk of fame, I also had to become a “K9 Dog Handler.” Except that it wasn’t really a dog I had tame. Mine wasn’t your “man’s best friend” type…. But on the other hand, she’s cute. =P

And the last day, I had seize that moment to embrace the point of view. To be spontaneous. To do something unexpected! I’m DANCING! I’m GROOVING it! HELL YEAH!!!! =D

13TH and 17th Dec

Located along Eu Tong Sen Street, and a 5 – 7 mins walk from the nearest Outram MRT station lies a dilapidated building which turns out to be the former Criminal Investigation Department HQ. History records shows that it once houses Singapore’s worst and hardcore criminals, given the fact that it was located as part of the district point back then. Haunting stories whereby those lucky ones happened to witness sightings of paranormal lurks behind those windows when they pass the area at night. For some, can already felt a disturbance in the force, a presence that had not been heard or felt for a very long time. Stories gathered were mainly about the inmates, where they had committed suicide behind those cells, mostly by hanging.

We came to know about this place when we were been invited by members of Imperial Ministries, who had chosen this place for a scary event, which they called it as 13 cells. Practically referring to the number of cells which is located on the first level of the building, and had decided to turn this into an ultimate house of horror. Also, been made opened to the public for the first time. SPI were therefore, been invited as their partnership and also been given the opportunity for members to dress up as ghost characters. In turn, we are granted permission to investigate this place, as to whether the stories heard were true or just another series of rumours.

We’ve successfully managed to collect a whole documentary of “evidence” from these two nights. Ranging from placing objects on the floor to see if they move, from both EMF and temperature sweeps, voice recordings, CCTV, all link up to show us what we needed to know, and what we needed to present; should we were required to. And each one of them were significantly stunning, shocking, and not to mention, hair-raising.

With paranormal activity buzzing around, this former CID HQ can be deemed as one of the most haunted places in Singapore to be chalked up on the A-list. It has caught many attention, many thrill-seekers, and most of the stories heard, were all fact.

25TH and 26th Dec

Ghostly invaders that terrorized the Asian Civilisations Museum during Halloween are BACK!!

After a successful paranormal investigations, its time to have some night of scary fun to be the ghost ourselves and tag along with the “ghost” and “ghouls” from members of Imperial Ministries. Its a sheer night of horror when we will enjoy hearing the screams been erupted from our victims as we spook them out from their skins. Christmas will never be the same again….

Singapore’s version of the Scary Movie =)

So there you go. The best highlights where I had hosted, been invited and experience for this year 2010. May the new year brings peace and prosperity to everyone in this world, and hope we can encompasses to our goals and dreams!



The 13 Cells X’Mas Nightmare

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Captain’s log                            Stardate: 64493.6 (Dec 28th, 2010)

As been stated earlier in my previous post, the former CID Headquarters located along Eu Tong Sen Street will be transformed into Singapore Ultimate House of Horrors by members of Imperial Ministries, whom called this Halloween alike event as 13 Cells. Opened to the public for the first time, this horror trail is also deemed as a Christmas event, since the dates were within the festive period. Or some would say, a Christmas Nightmare where each of the 13 prison cells were been provided as a frightful treat. Christmas will never be the same again…..

What was once used to house Singapore’s worst and hardcore criminals is now filled with a hordes of nightmares that lurks behind those cells. Ready to sprang their horrors at their unsuspecting victims. They will get that sense of foreboding and the shivers as they will lead into this horror trail of rusted cells…awaiting their fate…

As previously, me and the gang of Singapore Paranormal Investigators had conducted a series of test from the first two nights. Objects placed have moved on its own. Voices, whispers can be heard, and some of us have also experienced being touched, especially inside that infamous isolation room. The most talked of all in our list. This led us to conclude that this old police HQ is swarmed with paranormal activity, and were now deemed as one of the most haunted places in Singapore.

So much of it had left us to become the paranormal next. Haha! As stated previously, the Imperial Ministries had invited SPI to be part of their exclusive partnership. And as such, brighten us with this opportunity for our members to join them in cosplaying as ghost characters. Much as the same as what we had did before at last Halloween.

Welcoming to be part of this opportunity does brings back that reminiscence from that Fright Night. What a night that was! Till now, it still fresh in my mind. It was too enjoyable for us! And without a doubt, so for next year and so on =)

The 13 cells event starts off from 22nd – 26th Dec and 29th Dec – 2nd Jan 2o11. Our members who was involved as ghost characters can choose any of the dates available. All this depends on when we are free to drop by for the event. The time starts from 1830hrs – 0300am. But we SPI members don’t have to stay until 3am. By 2300hrs or before that time, we can already packed up. So therefore, I had choose only the weekends, since I happened to be off on those days. Perfect to scare off my victims! Hehehehe!

For the members of 13 cells, there will be about 50 of them dressed as ghouls and demons to spook visitors. While they terrorized inside the HQ, we SPI members were to terrorize outside the HQ. When I first heard it, I was like….you got to be kidding me? Thought we are allowed to be inside the cells, and scare those visitors from there. But turns out, that it was meant for the members of 13 Cells. Oh well….too bad for us though. But on the other hand, its better for us too to roam around outside. Cause its quite stuffy in there. True, as what we had experience when we are investigating the place. But at least we can make used of the “graveyards” that they had set up as our means to scare the living. Hehe…

So, me as the SWAT-Zombie will arise again to seize the flesh from the living with other ghouls that combines forces. Be prepared, cause ghostly invaders that once terrorized the Asian Civilisations Museum during Halloween are back!

Photos taken were based on that previous weekends, which was on 25th and 26th Dec. Some of them were taken by fellow members, which turns out really hilarious, but freaky at the same time! =D

It may not be as much “horrifying” like the one we did during Halloween. But we still enjoy the fright of the night there, as much as we can. And its still not over yet, cause the event runs until 2nd Jan 2011. For the moment, I (SWAT-Zombie) will be sleeping in my grave, and be out again to play soon…


Captain’s log                           Stardate: 64468.1 (Dec 19th, 2010)

Singapore Paranormal Investigators:
Monday the 13th and Friday the 17th….

The two nights conducting paranormal investigation inside the former CID HQ along Eu Tong Sen Street had led us to convince that this old police structure is swarmed with paranormal activity. You can even taste its freaky atmosphere even before you reached the gate. Even recce the place in the daytime few weeks ago does send the shivers to our bones. This is no different than the one at Old Changi Hospital. But even as I speak, it does semblance much of its appearance from both exterior and interior of the place that once housed the most notorious criminals you can think of. One look, and its like a storm clouded over your head.

We’ve successfully managed to collect a whole documentary of “evidence” from these two nights. Ranging from both EMF and temperature sweeps, voice recordings, CCTV, all link up to show us what we needed to know, and what we needed to present; should we were required to. And each one of them were significantly stunning, shocking, and not to mention, hair-raising.

Each cells, which was located on the first level has a dark history left behind. But there’s one particular cell, known as the isolation cell were somewhat unique than the rest. Its a small prison, and better matched to be a storeroom if you asked me. Its all covered with soft green padding, but not as soft as the one they had in the mental hospital.

This room is specially design for those uncooperative, stubborn detainees, where the cops will throw them in. In there, it will be very dark. So dark that you can’t even see your own hands. Imagine the stubborn ones, be left to suffer there in the darkness by a few days. Not knowing the time, whether its day or night. And when they were free from that room, it will be like their first time seeing the sun….

Few of us had spend some half an hour in that room, conducting EVP (Electronic voice phenomena) session in an attempt to seek any response. And based on their experience, this is NO fake. The evidence is there, and we are in no attempt to exaggerate more than what we had accomplished. Only those in there can tell! There’s something definitely in that room, and seems likely, unhappy of our presence……

My own experience is one of the ordinary cells. I choose the first cell, and you can considered me lucky cause I happened to set foot on the “right cell.”

Spend some half an hour seated there in the dark. Conducting EVP. Do I get a response? Apart from been brush by a sudden cold and tapping noises, I do believe what I heard was a whisper coming from the right side of my ear. It sounded more like a woman’s whisper. Sure, I was spooked. But I fight that fear and gathered every courage I had available and continue the EVP. At the same time, the EMF that I had in my hands, had its readings went up to 0.200. And it just “froze” that by 3 mins. At that moment, it gets colder, and I swear that it wasn’t the cold from outside! The ventilation here is limited. This cold, is coldspots. I am definitely, not alone……

Could it be, that I happened to be in one of the cells, where the inmate was known to have committed suicide?

All that occurs on that two nights were all true, and nothing were fictional during the entire investigation, as well as filming. Our dedication, professionalism and commitment from each one of us had successfully turned this investigation into something meaningful and resourceful. I also want to say a big thank you to our special guest stars for joining us for this investigation. Hope you guys had a wonderful, not to mention, hair-raising experience with us on that two nights. You won’t regret this =)

My verdict: With paranormal activity buzzing around, this former CID HQ can be deemed as one of the most haunted places in Singapore to be chalked up on the A-list. It has caught many attention, many thrill-seekers, and the stories heard, were all fact. The presence which was unheard of, or never been felt for a very long time, is now been made known……

Captain’s log                           Stardate: 64449.9 (Dec 13th, 2010)

This yearly ultimate pop culture experience is back again to fill those avid fans of comics, anime, film, toys, collectibles and games with much more excitement and anticipation! This include gaming tournaments and cosplay competition. No doubt about the expected overwhelming crowd, as the numbers has always been great ever since it was first launch.

From Dec 1o to Dec 12 at Suntec City Convention hall, there will be a swarm of creative minds, where they will introduce to you a series of visual feast of variety on the newest, hottest and most exciting products, personalities and characters they could offer. There’s even illustrators from Marvel Comics, who will be sketching and speaking about their works. Lights, cameras, and all action, STGCC is now co-locating with Asia Television Forum (AFT), which is Asia’s leading TV content market. And this is also where the world’s TV executives meet. Talk about all that anticipation that will blown you away!

This year’s STGCC special highlight will be a female idol group, known as AKB48, which is Tokyo’s Akihabara-based female group. It was produced in 2005 by Yasushi Akimoto, a songwriter. Based on history, the group was born under the concept “idols you can meet everyday.” In Akihabara, which is well-known for being the central point of Japanese subculture including anime, manga, figurines etc, AKB48 has its own theater and performs there everyday. This group consists of 3 teams: Team A, Team K and Team B, dividing 48 members into respective teams. Besides the members, there are trainees who have chances to get promoted to the members.

These sister groups have been established in other cities like SKE48 in Sakae, Nagoya, and NMB48 in Namba, Osaka. Those letters and numbers does makes a big different to match their pop routines. =D

AKB48 has widen their appeal as an idol group in the new era by performing in various fields such as movies, TV shows, theaters, modeling, radio, magazines and more.

And so, STGCC will have the AKB48 Meet the Fans session, for the fans to be thrilled by their appearance, and will be given the opportunity to listen to their latest songs, play a game with the girls and if lucky, win a special gift from AKB48.

I met my presence felt on the weekends, since I’m unable to make it on Friday. Too bad our Star Trek fansite was unavailable for this year’s STGCC. So therefore, I had to rely as SWAT to make me suit up as in the character, and to join the guys from MoviaMania for that two days. Besides, I’m already getting the hang of it ever since I started wearing it. It really suits me well, as in that character. And most of the time almost feel like as though I’m really one of those guys! Felt so different, in a sense. But nevertheless, I’m still strong for my Star Trek side. Never will I abandon it.

This photos were taken on the 2nd day of this extraordinary event. Besides enjoying in what appears to be like a walk of fame, I also had to become a “K9 Dog Handler.” Except that it wasn’t really a dog I had tame. One of our members had put on a cute dinosaur suit, and she even had a long chain secure to her collar. Its all of a sudden that she choose me to become her “master.” She want me to pretend like as though she’s my “dog.” Or “TORAZILLA” as how she called herself. Really cute though. Me gripping onto the chain, like as though its a leash. And “walk the dog” all around the convention hall. She will even growled, snarled and barked if she feels like it. Even chase away a Stormtrooper, whose running was like a clown from the back. And just like any other dog owner, I will just have to scold her. Telling her to be nice and be a good doggy. And she will whined…. The cutest part of all is when I pat her on the head and stroke her, while the public had their cameras aiming at us. They were amused! Especially the kids! =D

Captain’s log                                                Supplemental

All the fun and excitement soon comes to an end at the very last day. And I still had to tame my dinodog though.

But the last day turns out to be something…..unexpected for me. Nothing serious for that matter. Its just that, its one of the things that I always thought of trying. Something that, induces me to give it a shot, but however have second thoughts about it. But not on the last day, cause I erase all that and went for the go! What I did? Dancing! =D

One of the booths were introducing the brand new Kinect for Xbox 360. It brings games and entertainment to life, without the used of a controller. Imagine that, controlling both movies and music just by the wave of the hand or the sound of your voice. Its control-free! All you got to do, its to wave your hand to activate the sensor. From there, the Kinect will be able to recognize you. It respond to how you move. So if you have to kick, you kick. If you have to jump, you jump. So for this dance, is to just follow the steps shown on the screen. There’s various of songs to choose from. Once selected, you are ready to groove to the beat!

First, I hesitate. Few of us had try it out. I was on a dilemma: To try or not to try. Somewhere at the back of my mind was telling me, to take this opportunity to try something that I always wanted. To be daring for once in a while. To seize this moment. To embrace this point of view. To be spontaneous. Do something unexpected!

Then….That’s it! I’ve made up my mind. I’m DANCING! I’m GROOVING it! =D

Yes, I did it!! And thanks to my friends who was there to show the support and encouragement! I finally seize the triumph! =D

STGCC has come to end. But this is a yearly event, so its never too late to visit the event again. All of us enjoy ourselves and were looking forward to next year’s and more upcoming events in the future.

And to my Torazilla, you have been a good dino on the last day. You’ve made your master proud! =))

Police Car Obessions (Singapore)

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Captain’s log                          Stardate: 64439.7 (Dec 9th, 2010)

Sure I’m a big sport when comes to cars. But seriously, I’m a GEEK when comes to police cars! I just can’t resist the sight of these black maria when they screamed across the street. Best, when the sky is dark. Those red and blue flashes really dazzles me and sometimes I felt like as though I was been hypnotize if I stared at the flashing colours for too long! Its just too beautiful for me…..=D

A lot of people came to ask, why am I so obsessed into police cars. Tough question, if you asked me. But the only thing I had in mind was, there’s something weird about them. I don’t know how to reflect that, to be honest. Even despite a law enforcement officer myself. Sure, no matter where you go, they all look somewhat the same. However, when they are picked, they looked somewhat…..different after that….

Here, I’m willing to represent the police cars that we had in the country. From the past till the current ones. Not only those in Singapore. As avid fan of police cars, it means international as well! =D

But there’s practically more than just these 10 police hotwheels. There’s the Opel, Isuzu, Mitsubishi and the legendary Volkswagen Beetle which is the first patrol car used by the Singapore Police Force. Spend hours searching for them across the net. Even Google won’t help. It just reflects back the same cars as what I had posted. Oh well…..maybe someday I came across them and had it posted. To me, its not yet completed.

Some of my friends told me, how come I did not include the police vans, jeeps, buses and trucks after I posted the photos in my Facebook. This includes the traffic police motorcycles, those interceptor boats from the police coast guards and special-designed vehicles meant for those Special Operation Command (SOC). Well, frankly speaking, I’m only into cars. Sure, the rest are cool, interesting, also different in a way. But no matter what, I still stick to the cars =)

Don’t be fool by this Nissan Skyline GT-R version of the police car. Looks realistic isn’t it? But its not relatively genuine. It was been reported some time ago, saying that this supposedly police car was been spotted parked along Aljunied Road and been making its rounds across the internet. So far, none have seen this “interceptor” hitting the streets. Why? Because it doesn’t even exists. Practically, its a photoshoped. It doesn’t take long for those to conclude that this is apparently a fake.

However, this is REAL! A Lamborghini Gallardo version been used by the Italian State Police =)

Reflecting back to that Nissan Skyline GT-R, who knows, it could be real one day. If the Lamborghini can be converted into a police car, why can’t the same thing be done on the Nissan GT-R? Even the Subaru WRX that we have was been made as one. So, why not? Its perfect! =P

Captain’s log                              Stardate: 64435.5 (Dec 7th, 2010)

Tuck along at the side of Eu Tong Seng Street, and just about a 5 – 7 min walk from the nearest Outram Park MRT station, lies a dilapidated building. But this is no different than any other ordinary dilapidated building, as to my point of view and interest when get to meet it upclose for the first time. Before been abandoned to its roots, this was a former Criminal Investigation Department Headquarters (CID). It ceased operations far back in 1991, and subsequently all premier investigative agency and the pool of staff authority were shifted to the brand new HQ which is not far from where it stood, where it was named as the Police Cantonment Complex.

At first, I never heard about such former CID HQ, until yesterday (Monday the 6th), where a small away team of SPI members, including myself went to recce the place. It was located between People’s Park Complex and Pearl’s Centre. One look, and my mind started flashes back, which so happened that I’ve seen this old concrete shabby before. I don’t pass here pretty often, but I do recall seeing this old HQ before. Many years back probably. Sure, I take it as some old building like any other old building back then. But now, it comes clear to me that it was actually a former CID HQ. Its quite huge, but the new one really stands tall. This is really interesting, and the new one is only further down the road.

But this coming 22nd – 26th Dec 2010 and 29th Dec to 2nd Jan 2011, this place will be unveil as the Singapore Ultimate House Horror. Members from this so-called Imperial Ministers Pte Ltd had decided to take this opportunity to turn this place like a museum of horrors. Named it as 13 Cells, and was opened to the public for the first time! So far, the response has been good. There will be volunteers dressed in ghostly characters, where they will prowl and crawl around the place, the prison cells, and those levels that were once a busy police department where investigative support services and criminal issues runs daily.

Therefore, SPI were greatly invited as a exclusive partnership with the Imperial Ministers, and to have us dressed up as ghostly characters. We just have to do the same as what we had did during that previous Halloween, which till now, had many of us still couldn’t get enough of that Fright Night! This in turns, is something like Halloween. But more on a dark, haunting deeper side, which in a sense, still give the public to shivers down their spine. This event is also, part of a Christmas Event as it falls within that festive period. When comes to something that relates to our projects, we’ll be happy to be part of it =)

And speaking of haunting, that is another story. The fact that it was called 13 Cells is because of the numbers of cells been built, which is located at the first level of the building. Nice number for that matter. I was told that there were haunting stories whereby those lucky ones happened to witness sightings of paranormal lurks behind those windows when they pass the area at night. For some, can already felt a disturbance in the force, a presence that had not been heard or felt for a very long time. Stories gathered were mainly about the inmates, where they had committed suicide behind those cells, mostly by hanging.

So this is where, we will also take this opportunity to recce the place. To seek out the truth and to debunk any mystery that was yet to be solve. We’ve managed to get in-touch with the owner, who had also been in-touch with the organizer of Imperial Ministers. With his permission, we were granted total access for that day’s recce, and for the two-day investigation which takes place next week.

Upon reaching there, I suddenly got this feeling that, there’s something weird about this place. Sure, there were stories circulating about it. But there’s something about it that really raises the hairs at the back of my neck. It just so happened in an instant, and the atmosphere suddenly seems to darken. Staring at those walls does reminds me of the walls of the infamously haunted Old Changi Hospital. Now seeing it upclose and personal, I can say that I had never seen anything like it…..

Everything there seem to flashes back to the past, like going back to the time when the HQ was still running active. Especially the cells. Seeing them one after another gives me the picture of those inmates. I’m not gifted, but somehow or rather, I can sense a brief of disturbance within some of the cells. Inmates…..just seated there…..waiting for their fate. And there will be those, will just have to accept this fate, knowing that they are guilty. But, are those stories true? Inmates committing suicide. Or were they been forced to sing, till they couldn’t handle the pressure and had decided to end their lives once and for all……

Certain rooms we came across, especially the department levels had tickled the EMF readings at the certain level. The strongest one of all was this so-called room that were named as CONTACT POINT, which is next to the main building. We first tested it on those dangling wires and power circuits in that room, to see if they are the ones which causes the EMF to trigger. However, readings were low. And when we scan back to that particular radius, the readings shot back again. It occurs from one of the corners. The readings keeps increasing and decreasing randomly. But most of the time, it went up. Could it be, a power surge from behind the walls? Something behind it must have causes the reading to run rapidly. Or it could be, something that we could have been expected….

One of us had also sense a strong presence, especially from one of the toilets. She can actually felt, a sign bearing of certain “feelings” from inside one of the rooms. One of them is the room labeled as Contact Point. And when the presence is a strong one, she will somehow gets dizzy, which in turns, gives her headache……

Those rooms, were been marked for our upcoming investigation. Much as we are looking forward for the investigation, we are also looking forward for the ghostly event itself. We are at least familiar with the surroundings and how it looks like from the inside. Easy for us when the day of the event comes, so we have no problem as to when and where we want to position ourselves.

Its two topics in one place. Looking forward for both scares….=P