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Anime Festival Asia 2013!!!

Posted: November 10, 2013 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                                      Stardate: 78801.5 (Nov 10th, 2013)

The region’s top popular cultural festival which takes place annually has hit the country once again. Anime Festival Asia (AFA) 2013 is here, bringing you the best in this top Japanese festival. Ranging from a sensory treat of cosplaying, music, live entertainment, shopping, games, fashion, anime-related content and much more. Super and adorable merchandise up on sale at every inch of the place where you can shop at your heart’s content. Key exhibitions will lined up to capture your attention. 

Fans can look forward to a combination of familiar favourites and new experience zones. As well as meeting some of the special guests that shall be representing for this event. All the latest and updates that will keep you entertained for that whole of there days. From 8th – 10th November. So if you love everything about Japan, this event is dedicated just for you! =)


The event takes place at the newly furnished Suntec City Convention. Cosplayers are recommended to come on the weekends. The 1st day, which is Friday the 8th were more into the media coverage. But still, no harm for cosplayers to come if they still intend to. Also, Friday will be the best day for those who wanted to get the weekend tickets. It will save you the trouble of queuing up when you are there on the weekends.

Yes, as you have guess it correctly, I will be in my childhood superhero. The morphenomenal Red Ranger! 

Sadly to say, I can only join the fun on the 2nd day. I had actually taken leave on Sunday cause I was on morning shift. Saturday was my official off day. However my leave was been denied due to manpower issues.

That’s too bad. Well, at least I can still come on the 2nd day. Better than nothing.

All set for the day for me and my Toku buddies from both Power Rangers and Kamen Riders to bring out the fun for our fans! =D

Photos below will do the rest of the talking! =)


The awesome part is where we toku gang, both in casual and in suits merged as one whole army for an epic photoshoot. Its Super Hero Taisen version of our own! Each photoshoot locations we go within the Suntec Hall, the anticipated crowd will rush like a mob of paparazzi and happily snapping their cameras of every kind. You can tell by the photos that I had frame up all together. Man! We are so like Hollywood superstars! =D

And not forgetting, thanks to our photographers who are there for us to keep us into the spotlight. You guys rock! Couldn’t have done it better without you guys! =)

Its been a morphenomenal day. Mission accomplished guys! =D POWER UP!