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Saban’s Power Rangers!

Posted: March 29, 2017 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                            Stardate: 92952.7 (Mar 29, 2017)

The most sensational hit in all of American live-action superhero children’s television series ever since its first airing in 1993. Power Rangers is once again back on the big screen. Its been 20 years since the last movie was shown, which is Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie. This third film of the Power Rangers film franchise is a reboot that features the main characters of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers television series, portrayed by a new cast.


Known as Saban’s Power Rangers or simply Power Rangers, the movie is entirely a re-imaging of the franchise, a serious makeover. Everything you see will not what it used to be before, just like any other re-booted movies. Other than the heroes themselves, the ranger suits, the dinozords, even their mentor Zordon and his faithful assistant Alpha-5, all won’t be the same.

Not to mention, the villains themselves. We all have seen the trailer or sneak preview even before the movie was release. You can see how everything changes drastically. One good thing though, Queen Rita wasn’t that naggy-hag type. But instead, a sexy looking witch and serial killer with a fixation on gold that will make you drool to your knees… =P

The movie will be officially released in the United States on March 24, 2017. In Singapore, will be on March 23rd. And before the actual airing, there’s the Gala Premiere. Its was shown on March 22nd at Cathay, the distributor of the movie.

My Toku gang had planned about this 2 months back during our Toku new year gathering. We immediately initiate this opportunity to be part of it as to come down to watch the movie while in suits. Yes! This is also our chance to promote our Toku group, an opportunity we cannot miss. 

An email were send to Cathay, hoping for a chance. Thankfully, the management had find us intriguing. However after much discussion, they only prefer those that owns the suits from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series. Also, if possible to have the different colours as the coloured coded suits seen in the show.

We have to accept the fact that this movie is based from the old MMPR, so its understandable. Also, its we who approach the management. So its still in their rights from their side.

But no worries for the rest of our guys, cause a fan-screening was been established, where we collaborated with two other largest of our local toku community: tokuAsia and KR/SS (Kamen Rider Super Sentai). The registration was overwhelming, but indeed turn out a huge success. We also have a special guest appearance, Jason Chan who acted as the Samurai Green Ranger in Power Rangers Ninja Storm been invited. Its not like everyday you get to have an actual Power Ranger actor joining you for the movie. Kudos to all! 

Anyway, a friend of ours managed to contact some friends who owned the suits. We also invited our very own Queen Rita Repulsa (Not the sexy one), who was portrayed by a nice lady, whom we address as Aunty Shirley. Having a villain with us does blend in really well everytime =D

I being the usual red ranger, had decided to don the Dragon shield. Its been ages since I last wear it. So for this special occasion, I decided it’ll be better =)

That evening at the Gala Premier was outstanding. I don’t think anyone would expect of us as Power Rangers to show up. And we are not even actors or celebrities, but just normal cosplayers who can make this an epic turned out. That’s the fun about having your own suit. You can go anywhere with it! =D

I will fast forward to where it all begins. The photos! They will speak for all.. =D Many credits to our friends who had taken the photos.


PR 2

Our Toku community would like to extend our biggest thank you to the Cathay management for accepting us to host this event. We all had make this Gala Premiere a very meaningful and fruitful event. We hope we can team up again for the next one, without a doubt =)

And not forgetting, our beloved minders, helpers and photographers who are there to make sure all goes smoothly from time to time. Couldn’t have it done better without you guys. Kudos to all!


Now, here’s my review on the Power Rangers. No spoiler intended, but roughly what I had seen so far. 

Saban’s Power Rangers is a revolutionary masterclass in many ways. What was old was made new. But yet stayed exactly the same. Not to mention, with a pinch of nostalgic and easter eggs references seen. This time, there’s a good backstory to how it all started. Especially for both Zordon and Rita. Really fascinates me.

The 5 teenagers, Jason, Billy, Zack, Trini and Kimberly, each have their own personal problem of what modern teenagers face nowadays. Especially for both the yellow and pink ranger. Relationship, friendship issues, etc. I can say throughout the movie, they did well in pouring out their motivations, backstory and team chemistry. Something you may not see in the actual series. The development for each of them is been studied and really unique.

And seriously, getting the rangers to earn their powers is not that easy. This Zordon is more of a discipline, straightforward type and make sure you will climb up the ladder before getting what you deserved.

And speaking of getting powers, the first rule is to focus their mindset before being worthy to wear the suit. As mentioned, its not that simple.

The overall CGI is marvellous, very realistic. Like the main characters, the movie does have some spunky attitude. This is the part I was expecting. Even this Alpha 5 does show off some…attitude. You just need to see it to believe it.

The Megazord, as what many would not have expected. Too complicated, but indeed, its still one hell of a zord. But before it was combine, the dinozords themselves were even more fearsome then their original counterattacks. I simply love the T-rex and the Pterodactyl, which really reminds me of a fighter jet. Each had their own fighting abilities, and damn! Its a serious climate battle with tons of KA-BOOMS and hell-breaking loose that really grip you at the edge of your seat. That’s me, I supposed. I was like sooo breathless for the Clash of the Zords! =D

Seriously, if the old 1995 movie is awesome, this 2017 version is a badass not to be missed! Not just for fans or those who love Power Rangers, its designed for all movie-lovers to experience such an anticipated, intense battle between good and evil.

In a childhood view, I have to admit I was a little disappointed about certain things that weren’t the same like before. But then again, its entirely new. We may argue and critize some. But at the end of the day, we just have to accept and adapt to it cause its freaking cool eventually! =D Nothing much to complain about. It has a promising cool and cutting edge scenes, where many fans wanting to expect. Clearly, a cheer-worthing appearance and its already earns its moments. Power Rangers will never be the same again. 

For the first time, Power Rangers had hit the blockbuster market with such an intense rating. It had truly succeeded its previous movie many years bank, and by no doubt there will be another one.

As Saban had mentioned, “We already have a six-movie story arc.” There’s already a roadmap ahead for the future. Not just for older fans, but newer and younger generations to expect the incoming morphenomenal highly and advance. As he had mentioned, “The effects are mind-boggling. So does the young audience expect more? You bet they do — and they will have it.”

Yeah you bet! Morphers on standby! 

So for those who have yet to watch, be sure not to miss out! I give the movie a 100/100 for that! I truly super enjoyed the movie. As a fan of Power Rangers, especially born watching the Mighty Morphin series, I can’t describe no words but seriously its a movie loaded with tons of kick-ass and butt-kicking. What’s more to that? That’s my opinion for the movie. Yours have your own saying.

And you be surprised by what’s in-store before the movie ended. A bonus there. You’ll find out.. =D

Though I won’t spoil it for those who have yet to watch, I can only reveal one spoiler. Happens in most movies nowadays.

Do stay on after the credits. That’s a hint who is coming out for the next movie =)