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First Serve…

Posted: October 28, 2009 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                            Stardate: 63326.1 (Oct 28th, 2009)

Its been quite a while since my last log entry. Well, you know, been running around in my work and been occupied with some other stuff. Seems like its been a stretch for me at this period of time. Most likely, when referring to my career as a law enforcement officer. Been subjected to a level of an increase rate in manpower. At the same time, been push to such a boundary that were like as though there’s no point of return.

Oh well….

Anyway, here’s my catch.

A friend of mine had recently confess to me that he can get a little agitated when people put up notices that says “first come first serve.” He related to me when he happened to came across one when he was at a finance hub in town. He claimed, it is, rightly, “first come first served.” I was surprised by it actually. And if you gonna asked those who don’t bothered enough with proper English, they will most likely lamented: “What a difference a little ‘d’ makes!”

Not long after, I stumble upon it myself, an advertising list from the newspaper about an overseas studies into some reputable university in England: “Applications will close on November 3rd, 2009. However, as the number of students (err....shouldn’t it be places?) is limited, we will appreciate your early application. Successful application will be admitted on a first-come-first-serve basic.”

If I can differentiate, I mean in my point of view, perhaps is best understood when split into two parts: “the first to come and first to be served.” Kind of like, “I’ll be the first to arrive, and be the first to leave,” when comes to queuing up. And my friend once again pointed out, that the person who is the first to arrive does not serve; he gets served-and-served first instead (Wonder which is which…). Of course, the server must be there first, but the rule does not apply to him.

So much for that, cause let’s say its a self-serve facility, you can say that the “early bird catches the worm.” Sounds reasonable enough?


Two Things

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Captain’s log                              Stardate: 63290.4 (Oct 15, 2009)

In most public places, you will see such notices like, for example: “Do not eat and drink in the auditorium”, and “Do not swim and fish in the pond.” This commonly refer to those notices that reminds us clearly in two things you cannot do, and when we separated it, it will turned out, “do not eat in the auditorium and do not drink in the auditorium”, and “do not swim in the pond and do not fish in the pond.” Does reminds me, on a family vacation in New Zealand whereby I came across this sign on a particular spot from inside a themepark that almost had me to collapse while laughing my head off. It reads, “No running and pinching here.” Its the “pinching” that makes me wonder….(Anyway, my apologies here cause I had entirely forgotten to take a photo of it…).

Anyway, I get a little queasy when I stumble upon this caption to a story just recently: “Do not speed and drive with caution during bad weather.” Notice the errors? Bad errors, despite told to be careful. Its spells out in two, “do not speed and do not drive with caution.” If I were given a chance, I would unscramble the message as: “Do not speed during bad weather. Drive with caution.” A simple line like this will do, and without a doubt, others would have thought the same way if they had noticed it carefully.

It is a serious message, and whoever issue it ought to get it right the first time round.

Madness Kills

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Captain’s log                              Stardate: 63265.8 (Oct 06, 2009)

Happened a week ago. Sorry that I didn’t blog in earlier, cause I was been occupied with other stuff. Anyway, its already the worse case scenario once my team were reported on duty. I mean, the very first case that our division HQ had dispatch to me and my partner since the location were within our patrol grounds. Oh well, its call on duty to save the city……

Anyway, I will fast forward towards noon, where we are to head down to our division HQ, as instructions were given to escort an inmate to the Institute of Mental Hospital which was located in the heart of Hougang. Don’t asked me how he ended up at the other side of town. Long story anyway. It makes you wonder though….

And along the expressway, he kept bragging how he had strike a huge sum of lottery. Better believe it, cause his lucky day on that very day, as according to him, was three years ago! Furthermore, he also complained all sort of things. Even those things that I don’t even want to heard! You think both my partner and I were interested in listening to his sick story of such dirty stuff that were seen from the internet? Yeah we do try to shut him up. Sure he did acknowledge. But again, he only “acknowledge.” And continue dragging all sorts of ridiculous stories along the way. In the end, we gave up, as long as he doesn’t created any sort of trouble. Besides, he’s what he is. We just need to spare some half an hour more enduring to his speech.

IMH soon came into view. Finally! We can finally handed him over to the medic in-charge of the relevant ward he was supposed to be in, and from there, they will do the necessary followed up.

And talk about waiting for the arrival of the doctor regarding on the latter’s case. For the whole of 2 hours!! My partner almost make noise from there!

Anyway, once after, we proceeded back to our vehicle. Along the way, my partner needed to go for the loo and told me to wait in the car. I had decided to take a short cut, by entering a garden that was there. Basically, this isn’t my first time walking along the hallways of IMH. Its been my third, and the first time I was here when I was been instructed to escort a male subject whom neighbours had filed numerous complaints against him because of his nasty habit of raising a din almost every morning. And once, he even launch a tremendous kick on one of the neighbour’s dog. Deliberately! Thank goodness that four-legged canine survives! Cops were called in, check on him, and were soon found to have a case of mentally disorder.

Hei, why am I bragging about the past?

So, I soon caught sighted of a male inmate from inside a garden. He was sitting on a bench, and was holding a stick, pointed 45 degrees upwards into the air, and with a string been tie at the front of the stick. One look at it, tells me that the inmate was “fishing” by using an “artificial fishing pole.” Of course, we are all aware that majority of the inmates here will do strange things. When encountered one of them, we had to therefore pretend to understand what they are doing. Even abnormally how they will act.

So, I chances upon the dude seated on the bench, and greeted him with a smile, “Hello there, my friend. So, I see that you’re fishing.”

Then, he turned a sharp looked at me and barks in reply, “You gila ah! Here no water how can you fish!?”

Gila is a Malay word for Mad (Had nothing to do with the Gila monster, in case you are wondering). Could be even Crazy. In Chinese, will be Siow.

What happened next? Well, I became speechless and continue my way back towards the car. My mind was a total blank and had nothing to reply back to him. Just that feeling of getting snapped, especially by an IMH inmate was like getting stabbed at the back by a knife….=(