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Captain’s log                              Stardate: 63564 (Jan 24th, 2010)

Yesterday, dated Jan 23rd, 2010, the Singapore Paranormal Investigators (SPI) had conducted another spooky walk, and the event was the discovery of caves left behind deep within the jungles of Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.

Basically, when you came across or hear “spooky walk”, it definitely have to be something worth thrilling. A suspense, that awaits you. Some would define it, a thrilling sensation that will shiver you to the bones. If you asked me, its not always been. Cause its mainly had to do with the environment, and how the place appeared to be. Other than that, it normally occurs when darkness fall.

Except that yesterday, it wasn’t. It start off at board daylight, specifically in the morning. However, this is not the first time SPI had the spooky walk been conducted in the day. So don’t considered this one as spooky, cause it will be more on hiking.

The fact is, as according to the National Park Boards, visitors are not encouraged to visit the nature reserve during night time, is perhaps one of the reason why. The reserve opening hours were from 0600hrs to 1900hrs. I happened to came across this rule when I was studying about the reserve. Well, as many would say, that safety cannot be compromised, as the reserve were known for its steep climbs and uneven path in most areas. So, as in one piece when coming here, and as one piece when leaving the place.

Furthermore, the discovery of those caves had really caught my attention when I came to know about it through the SPI forum. I wonder how many of us were aware about this? And what about those who visited the reserve? Do they appeared curious when came across the caves while on their hike? If they did, would they bring it up to the reserve visitor center to seek for any inquire about them? Such as it is, curious hikers, by no doubt would be thrilled into it and would like to find out about its secret. Its reason for being here? What’s its purpose? Most curious of all, what lies beneath it? Would there be any “treasures” somewhere deep inside? Or was it somekind of a short cut, that will passage to the other side? The other side of where? Where does it lead?

Few of the SPI Agents, who had previously came across them had the photos been posted into the forum. The photos had proven, for those who are in doubt if this was too good to be true. When this discovery was been surfaced, I sailed my way across the web to seek for the answers, by checking the links under Bukit Timah and any of its related topics. And that’s where I hit a jackpot.

Well….sort of…

It had come to my attention that, the caves were constructed by the Japanese troops when they invade Singapore in 1942. And those who are familiar enough with Singapore history was aware that Bukit Timah was once a fierce battlefield where the British had struggled to fought against the Japanese resistance. But subsequently, they were defeated.

And the purpose of this caves, studies have shown that, this is where the Japs will store their ammos and much other supplies needed. It does come to a point, where the Japs had seize the hill as their terrority after successfully eliminate the British, and they even constructed their Shinto Shrine, and named it as Syonan Jinja. Sounds like a powerful belief for them, don’t you think?

To confirm whether my findings is correct, I decided to confirm this with one of the executive agents who will be leading the event. True enough, the caves were made by the Japanese Army in storing their needs. But however, it was not as what it seems to be in the first place. He had showed me some info related to this, that was been collected and studied by the founder himself and one of the SPI advisors who was an historian. And I just couldn’t believe what I had came across from the reports gathered.

As according to believers, there are known to have three caves in the nature reserve and that they were been used as a torture chambers by the Japanese soldiers. And there have been reports, where the howls from the ghosts of the victims and their apparitions can be heard and seen today near the caves. It was also stated, that there’s somekind of a mass burial grave near the caves and that their cries could be heard till today. Were those the grave where the torture victims were buried?

But after going some reviewed and re-researching, it appears that there have been no record to show that they were used as torture chambers and that their small sizes do not make them an ideal places for torture. Later, it was been discovered that the caves were actually used for storing supplies and ammos by the Japanese Army. Also, another interesting possibility, that the use of the caves was for hiding treasures. This, was been mentioned by a Japanese WWII veteran, as been highlighted by our advisor in his report. I strongly believe that these treasures were belong to the Japs. But in terms of putting it straightforward, were they been brought in from their homeland? Or some wealth been taken here and stored inside the caves?

Well, one may have to wonder what’s the actual possibility been raised here. But its clear to point out, that they were not used as a torture chamber.

Those registered for the event were informed to meet up at Bukit Panjang Bus Interchange at 1030hrs. However, few of our members had decided to meet up at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve instead. Well, nothing wrong with that anyway.

From here, the distance to that, I let the pictures do the talking =)

This kind of challenging places, its best to familiarize yourself with the routes whenever they are available, and in case you have the intention of visiting the place again. From the map given, there are 4 routes:

Route 1 (Red)
Approximate walking time: 45 mins
Trail grade: Easy

Route 2 (Blue)
Approximate walking time: 35 mins
Trail grade: Easy

Route 3 (Green)
Approximate walking time: 1 hr 40 mins
Trail grade: Moderate to difficult

Route 4 (Yellow)
Approximate walking time: 2 hrs
Trail grade: Difficult

And so, from the visitor center, we start off moving up this challenging slope towards the summit. And as what I’ve mentioned earlier, this is where we started hiking.

What a great experience at the first start. Our main objective, is to check on the caves, as what this event is all about. But first, was to check out this quarry, that can be seen from the top of this steep slope we are on. From the map I’ve studied, there appeared to be two quarries located within the reserve. The Hindhere and Singapore Quarry. As from what I’ve notice, we later stopped to take a 5 minute break near to this TAS VHF station. Some radio station, probably. And from the map shown, it appears that the station was located near to Hindhere Quarry, and that we are located at that point. Singapore Quarry was further up. So likewise, we are seeing Hindhere Quarry. Given that the view was been blocked by trees, we can only see part of it.

Map attached. See the part where I had circle, to indicate our present location at this point.

Interestingly, there’s a rumour saying that the quarry is also haunted, as the water from the quarry is still collected from the hill. It was once a popular swimming spot, until several drowning cases which caused the quarry to be closed to the public. It is said that the deaths were caused by water ghosts pulling the victims, as “they were looking for substitutes to help them reincarnate.”


However, those previous agents who had deepen into this research had managed to laid out the explanations to the rumours. It is said that the drowning in the quarry might be due to the bottom of it being uneven and filled with many pits. It’s muddy sea bed also acts like a big suction on the swimmer’s feet.

Well, guess not all are supposed to be creepy because of actual findings managed to surface. But were those bodies involved in the drowning case found? =o

Once our break is done, we continued our trek. Next destination was towards the summit.

The weather had cooled down at this period of time. Part of these reserve had a number of joggers. Seems likely, that it was worth a challenge for them to boost those stamina as they braced those steep hills.

We reached the summit, where many of us eventually collapsed under the summit hut. Hah! =D

Ok, we are set to go again. This time, to get an upclose look at those caves.

The pictures will let you explain how the journey takes.

And finally, we came across the first sighting of the caves. It was been sealed by an iron gate, where I came to found out while doing research, that it was meant to protect the bats that live in the caves from being disturbed by visitors. A mini Night Safari for the bats, I supposed.

Or, was it?

We spend about 10 minutes studying the cave before we head on to the other one which is about 50 meters away. Also, there were bars installed at the mouth of this cave. There appeared to be a light coming right at the end of this cave. You have to squat down in order to see it. Judging by how the way it looks, it was menti0ned that, the distance towards that light is damn far. Looks near, but it was actually further up. I don’t know about the others, but I actually feel a gentle wind blowing out from this one. Perhaps coming from the other end where the light were? Wonder where that leads to? Out into the street? Out into the other side of the reserve? Behind the reserve? Towards the quarry, perhaps? Or was this connected to the other caves?

It turns out that, we only managed to locate two caves. Findings had indicate that there are three of them. But as what the leading agent had in hand, it was mentioned two caves. So now, he’s trying to determine where was the other one. Few of the agents had volunteered to seek further and around this current location for the other one. But after much attempt, the last cave couldn’t be located.

I’ve read through the links, and few blogs that writes about Bukit Timah that many did managed to locate all the three caves. So its positive that the last one is somewhere around here. Was it hidden behind trends of trees that seems like a barrier to it? Don’t tell me we have actually overshot it! =O

Well, seems like two of them were good enough to send the thrilling sensation. I wonder, if there’s some left-over treasures still buried inside these caves. It could be another history yet to be announced if there’s one right now. Never knew all these could be an existence. But it was there, right before our very eyes!

We have a group photo taken at the second cave, where the space there was more opened and wider.

We end our last route, and by the time we reached back the visitor center, the time was 133ohrs, as I had recorded. We took a break there, before departing our way.

Overall, its been a great event and a great workout at the same time. Its starting to become more like an expedition than just a walk.

Its been another successful event for the Singapore Paranormal Investigators! Couldn’t have done it without the help and the support needed =)


Top Reasons Why I Love Star Trek

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Captain’s log                              Stardate: 63523.8 (Jan 21st, 2010)

A friend had asked me: Why you love Star Trek and not other sci-fiction? So in response, I said: I never say that I didn’t like other sci-fiction. I mean, come on! I’m a sci-fiction freak! So how can I say that I hate other sci-fiction? I’ve watched  Star Wars, Battlestar Galatica, Andromeda, Back to the Future, Terminator; just to name a few. So how can I say I dislike them?

Since he wanna know why I love Star Trek, I can say why. And also, this is the reason why I had decided to open up another blog entry to share with the rest of the bloggers.

Created by the late Gene Roddenberry, and been aired in Sept 8, 1966, Star Trek had represents the positive side of the future, that seem to incorporate a fruit of thought. And that many of them seems real enough to fit in the real world. It focus much on human morality, management philosophy, even diplomatic resolutions, to technological foresightedness. It inspires space explorers, the expectations and not only it seem interesting and entertaining, but it values a worthy educational program that helps viewers to understand that not all seen is always fiction. If the impossible can be possible, so does fiction. Fiction can be a fact. Ultimately, it seem to reflect more of a change about humanity’s pace in the universe, than any response to the discovery of extraterrestrial. Sounds like a catch? The universe is one whole space of ertinity, since the beginning of the Big Bang. Trillions of stars out there. Trillions of them! If you asked me, I denied to say that Earth is the only planet that supports life. To me, I find this baffling. I mean, there’s so many stars out there, so how can Earth be the only living, breathing star in the galaxy? There’s got to be more out there. Thousands, or millions of light years away. In a galaxy far, far away. Then, if there’s none, how would you explained the sightings of UFOs visiting Earth? I’m always been intrigued and curious about their visitation to Earth, that it seems clear that life could exist somewhere else beyond our reach. We may not be alone….

As been for decades, astronauts had always been searching for life in outer space. In an attempt to make contact. Obviously, their first stop was the endless study of planet Mars by launching a few probes, in tantalizing for any evidence of life. Most commonly heard as Martians. That’s the reason why Star Trek, as based on their theme, “to seek out new life and new civilizations.” Represents humanity in that century, aboard a warp-capable starship, as they ventured to other planets and met other spacefarers. To established first contact of a kind. Seems like a powerful belief, even based as a sci-fict. But as what I’ve mentioned earlier, it does opened up a chapter that somewhere in the void of space, could be the answers that many of us, space enthusiastic were searching.

Another worth reasoning, is the technology used. Many of them were based on the original series, dating back to the 60s where it was first aired nationwide in the United States. For example, a senior crew member been stationed on the command center of the ship, or commonly referred as the bridge, was seen to have a small communication device to the user’s ear. Wireless, and close enough to be their earpiece. And guess what? Decades later, the Bluetooth was invented.

Another example, was the walkie-talkie. The user will flipped open the casing before he or she can communicates to another user at the other end of the line. Years later, we were introduced the flip-type handphone.

See the catch?

Many modern technologies had came across at such, that they held much resemblances to the one seen in Star Trek. The Bluetooth and the flip-type handphones were great examples. Another breakthrough, few years back, a hospital in the United States were been introduced a small, compact and wireless comm device that can be attached to their uniform. They only have to press a button in order to communicate or response to a colleague. This technique was first featured in Star Trek TV series, the Next Generation which was been aired in 1987. Appeared as a insignia, literally a comm badge, and been attached on the left chest area of the uniform.

Here’s an example. See the comm badge located on his left size?

Its just so amazing that many of these were attributed, and that many editors who wrote about it had strongly referred it as “something that were seen in Star Trek,” or “what seems to be in Star Trek, is in fact, becomes real,” It was like as though these inventions really hit the world by storm!

And who knows. Years later, the invention of warp speed, the faster-than-light breakthrough will came alive. Allowing you to reach the nearest star or star system within hours, days, depending on the distance recorded.

Star Trek has become more improvised, and more of a learning program than just sci-fiction itself. In an instant where you had recognized it, you will understand that all you have seen might be that many piece of evidence that might held, in a change to suit the modern world and generations to come. Its just so inspiring, and as what been featured on the screen, will someday be an actual, functioning device or space craft. From space shuttles to starships. With a mission to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations. I believe, this could lead to a more scientific mode of exploration, in search of physical evidence of life. Sounds too good to be true? To me, I doubt it, as there will be the day, that the next generations of explorers will embark. But most notably, Star Trek creates a futuristic optimism in which the fans are looking forward to. And that’s the reason why I love Star Trek =)

“Space, The Final Frontier……”

Captain’s log                       Stardate: 62537.9 (Jan 14th, 2009)

I’ve decided to open up a book and write about my adventures which takes place in Singapore, my homeland. I mean, not exactly write a book, but to write it inside this blog like I always do =) This involves in exploring the parks and heritages places in Singapore that I have never been. Like the Fort Canning, National Museum of Singapore, The Botanic Gardens and the Chinese Gardens that I have covered and updated in these blog. What’s more, I had dedicated my life to use that opportunity and to study the places that I’m going to visit and learn more from it. I will planned this during my official off days or by taking leave if necessary. Besides that, I really need the time off to spare the thoughts and to ease the mind….

But of course, it doesn’t have to be in mainland all the time, right?

Now, will be my first Book of Adventure. If I knew that I’m going to start this new chapter, I would have started right in the first place when I was exploring Fort Canning somewhere early last year. Oh well, I take it that the four places that I had currently visit was the start of the learning process and the beginning of this new exciting feeling. Hmm……sounds close, doesn’t it? =0

So, on Wednesday the 13th, which I’m off, I decided to take that opportunity and set a course towards Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. Before I navigate for my adventure, I begin researching through the internet about the place and had gathered as many information that I could dig up. Located in the Northwest of Singapore, I came to understand through history, that it is the first wetlands reserve to be gazetted here in the year 2002, and its global important as a stop-over point for migratory birds was also recognized by the Wetlands International’s inclusion of the reserve into the East Asian Australasian Shorebird Site Network. The reserve, with an area of 130 hectares, was also listed as an ASEAN Heritage Park in 2003. Remarkable! Talk about all those titles and awards that the park was named!

And speaking of birds, I came to discover that they are over 212 species of them been recorded through its checklist! How astonishing! Various species of the Kingfisher, Bee-Eater, Hornbill, Woodpecker, Pigeon, Redshank, you named it. Many of them do migrate here to escape the winter season, and that their population here was ever increasing.

But before the park rose into fame, the area was once previously unheard, or seems rather forgotten until it was discovered by members of an avid birdwatchers, the Singapore Branch of the Malayan Nature Society in 1986, and where it had gain prominence when a call was made by them to conserve the area. Most particularly, was its unusually high variety of bird species, which included migratory birds (as been mentioned previously) from as far as Siberia on their way to Australia to escape the winter months. This suggestion was taken up by the government, and a site with an area of 0.87 km² was given the nature park status in 1989. The then Parks & Recreation Department, which was renamed as today’s National Parks Board had successfully developed and managed the nature park along with a team of experts. The most notable names from the team included the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust from the United Kingdom and World Wild Fund for Nature. Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve was officially opened on 6 December 1993 by then Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong.

As the years expanded, this unique place has attracted people from all strata of society to support its cause, not only bird lovers. It welcomed its 100,000th visitor in 1994. Then, in 1997, the Park found its corporate sponsor in HSBC, which primarily set up the Sungei Buloh Education Fund in support of its nature outreach programmes. In 1999, Woodlands Secondary School became the first school to adopt the park. Soon followed by Commonwealth Secondary in 2001 and Hillgrove Secondary in 2002. I’ll say, seems like an exciting project for them, don’t you think? =D

November 10, 2001, National Development Minister Mah Bow Tan began to announced that Sungei Buloh would be “one of two parks to be gazetted as Nature Reserves.” Then, on Jan 1, 2002, 130-ha of Sungei Buloh was officially gazetted as a nature reserve and renamed as Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve to better reflect its status. Not to mention, appearing much more prominent and well-developed over the years and the years to come. All but WET! =D

Time: 0815hrs

So, taking the MRT, I will headed off from Bedok, all the way to Krangi, where I will take bus no. 925 as been directed through its website. Almost an hour journey, and music played from my MP3 player helps to shrink away the boredom. Of course, hardly been to Krangi, let along Sungei Buloh. I was a little lost at first when I arrived there, so to better confirm I ask the staff of the Krangi MRT counter service whether bus no.925 is the right bus. Happily been notified what I wanted to know, I was soon hopped into the bus and on my way there.

Nearly 15 minutes, I disembarked from the bus. The weather was scorching, but it didn’t matter. I was close to start off my mission. But first thing first, the photo of the entrance =)

Once that, I make my way in. The entrance starts along this wooden path.

From the visitor center, I obtained a copy of the reserve guide. The reserve admission is free entry, except on Saturdays, Sundays, Public and School Holidays, where you had to paid $1 entry per adult and 50 cents per child, student or senior citizen. There’s a nature gallery at the visitor center, where I began my study.

Here’s the map overview of the reserve and its walking routes, where I shall begin highlighting on them as I share my expedition.

Adjacent to the visitor center was the Mangrove Boardwalk which I had highlight on the map in RED. This is where you will experience a walk through the mangrove without getting your feet wet or muddy, by walking across the wooden path which was approximately 500m from the start. This is where I will make my first move of adventure.

Check out the ceiling from one of the shelters! =D

The estimated walk-about roughly took about 30 mins. Once done, I trace back to the visitor center where I began to explore the rest of this living classroom and its expanded serenity that awaits =)


As what I’ve studied, there are 3 routes that adjoins within this wetland reserve. From the map shown, Route 1, as I had highlight in PURPLE will therefore be your first start of the tour. Its right after you have crossed the bridge. There, you can either go left or right. So I start off by going right.


Approximately a 3km trail, is where visitors will be greeted by the tranquility and the serenity of the mangrove habitat. Those observation hides dotted along the trails is best served as a purpose to study the surrounding and to spot the birds behind those peep-holes. They actually remind me of bunkers. A solid, fortified structure that served as a protected shelter for the troopers inside, while returning fire against their enemies through those hides. And those platforms, which kind of like a jetty had presented to you the scenic look-out point view of the sea, as well as the view of Johor, Malaysia. By then, the weather had cooled down and the wind here was just everlasting! The smell of nature here was just too unique! =D

I took a 10 – 15 min break at one of those Main Hides after nearly an hour of exploration. There, I ate some of the sandwiches that I had packed from home and which I had spared some for my lunch break.

I resume my expedition. Trekking along the dirt path until I came across the Aerie, which resemblances of the Birdwatch Tower found in the Mangrove Swamp within Pasir Ris Park. So I headed right to the top, to catch the breathtaking view from up there.

I made my way down and continue trekking. This side of the route had a number of photographers, mainly nature lovers which I believe so, taking every inch of the place and also note down what they had discovered in their notepad. Some, even had laptops with them. Such enthusiastic explorers, don’t you think?

I think, if I ever wanted to come here again in the future, I will bring my laptop too. Let’s say, I came across a rare bird. Based on its description and features, I can catalog it through the reserve checklist of their species! Sounds like an ideal purpose if you are really serious into it =)



Approximately 5km, this was known to be the reserve’s largest boardwalk through its Mangrove Arboretum. As highlighted in GREEN, I set my senses to get more intrigued by the nature here. The route here seems opened, and there’s even trails that leads deeper, and which wasn’t shown on the map. However, a sign had been erected there on each of them, spelling out big: NO ENTRY. Well, better not take the risk. Despite the feeling inside had urge me to take a peak…

I came across this T-junction, been circle on the map. I followed the right turn, where there’s the Prawn Pond within about a hundred yards.

Up ahead, came another appearance of the Birdwatch Tower. This lone one was called, the Tower Hide. Made out of iron, it does looked like one of those defensive tower. I mean, from the way I see it (And why does some of the structures here reminds me of those that were used in the army!??).

I continued my journey. Seems surprised to notice that this side of the route had been fence up that stretches by a mile!

Probably there’s a good reason as to why this purpose is served. Most likely to prevent……..something that most of us concerns the most?

Its a big round walk before I’m back to where I started. I pass the Tower Hide, the Prawn Pond and journey the rest of the way by going to the left side from the particular T-junction. See the map attached below:

Its one hell of a walk actually. But this is what trekking is supposed to be right? If these seems more than a stretch, I might as well try those route on Pulau Ubin. Haha! =D



Approximately a 7km trail, it seems that the inhabitants of these freshwater habitat will awaits our visit. The trail cuts off as a T-junction from Route 2, as been highlighted in ORANGE. A straight down the path till you reached the Main Hide where it has the observation view of the Freshwater Ponds.

Seems absolutely quiet down here. Nothing like a walk in a park to clear the troubled away as you embrace nature and its awareness. They do had their call, and such as it is as due to the importance of this wetland to be preserve by the authorities.

I spend there about 5 to 10 mins before trek back to Route 2, an continued the rest of my journey. I’m now moving along the wooden path which lies across the Mangrove Arboretum as been highlighted in YELLOW from the map attached below:

Down here, its where I spend a lot of time searching for any Mudskipper or those Tree-Climbing Crab. Its kind of hard to looked out for those mudskippers, since they were blend with the mud here; unless they started moving. There’s even a snake, slittering across the mud. The more I study the mangrove, the more interested I’ve become. As much as I did, I would never regret coming here. Recent places like the Botanics, Fort Canning and the Chinese Garden that I have been had led me to realize how exciting nature can be. Its not just by observing and taking photographs, but to breathe in the awareness and opened up those senses to mother nature. The inhabitants here were just as interesting as their habitat. Once in a while, you will see a squirrel scurried across the grass before climbing up a tree. If you are fast enough before it disappeared, you can get a shot or dozens more kept in your camera =)

Along the way, I came across this Outdoor Classroom. It reminds me of nostagia times, in those days where kampongs were many. There’s tables and benches, even a platform been set up. I wonder, is there a class been conducted here? If there is, what topic would the students learn? About the importants of the wetlands? Quite like, as this is what the place is all about.

Next to it, a plantation growth is taking place. Well, the educational theme here sure makes an excellent prudent discovery to its unique plants as well as the animals here =)


From where I was, I continued the rest of Route 1, as indicated by the arrow shown on the map. Trekking my way back, back to the main bridge, till I reached the visitor center. There, I went for my toilet break.

This remarkable, unique design was located next to the toilet.

Once done, I proceed to the center’s cafeteria, where I ordered a single scoop of chocolate. Thought of craving for one, as to delight its sweetness.

I spend a few more minutes roaming in the center’s nature gallery before I exit the premises. By then, the time is already 1320hrs, as I had recorded.

The entire trip to Sungei Buloh was all worth it and happy to say that I had managed to completed the entire routes. I’m glad I had taken this opportunity to step into the wetland and would probably want to venture here again in the future. And I hoped I can bring a friend to tag along for that another round. That way, it will be a lot more fun as we can study more about the place, share ideas as we record them down.

In my conclusion, I applaud the team of the National Parks Board who had committed to the conservation of this wetland through its prudent management, research, as well as education. It is well dedicated, as it helps to conserve and protect our living resources in our natural environment =)


Captain’s log                  Stardate: 63521.1 (Jan 08th, 2010)

I am deeply sadden and angry at the same time upon reading on a recent news of how some inconsiderate, brainless idiots who had threw down some cats from high above of their apartment. This is something that cat lovers like myself will grief and shock upon. That emotional feeling that escalates to such an extend, where some of us would feel comprises and wanting to beat up those responsible for the deaths of those poor cats. I may sound harsh at this point of time, but how do you feel when you are a cat lover? Especially when you are one of those who feeds them? Tend to them when you are free? Took them to a vet when they are injured? Showing them compassion, as well as attention even though you have no intention to adopt them.

How many times do they have to suffer such pain? What have they done to deserve this? Do these heartless punks know that animals do have feelings? I have been told, as the reason why these sickos have inflicted such pain or kill the cats were probably they have some serious problems with them in the past. But I find this rather ridiculous! What serious problems!? What kind of problems do they have against these cats that led them to have a grudge against them? For heaven’s sake, they are not humans where we tend to have problems with one another due to a situation we are facing! If these was true, then I speak out aloud that I find it stupid and unreasonable.

I understand that some of us don’t like cats. But why go to the extend of torturing them? Abuse them? Killing them in the end!? I’ve seen pictures, even videos, of dead cats. Some unidentified individual or a group, punching them like as though they were punching bags! And like a boy been bullied by his classmates. Imagine the anger for some cat lovers. They felt the pain as what those poor cats felt. The sorrow for some cat devoters could be worth unforgettable.

If these homicide cat killers would do such harm to a cat, they would do that to humans too. Its frustrating to note of how a human being, especially with an educated mind would do such an act and get away with it easily! You may hate cats, but you don’t have to kill them!

And its even more frustrating to know that the death toll of cats were on the rise! You’ve hardly heard of dogs been held in these horrifying situation here. Cause there’s hardly stray dogs around! And why? Was it because cats are fragile and that majority of them let people touches them? And was it because dogs will barked and feared of getting rabies? Is that the reason why cats were more frequent? Even disposing their dead bodies into a trash bag like as though they were rubbish? To satisfied their hatred against them before hunting for more? Why can’t they just leave them alone!!?

I personally adopt two adorable cats since they were kittens for the past eleven years. Each time I looked at them, my mind flashes back to the horrors of cats been killed, abused, those serious injuries been inflicted on them. I nearly burst into tears because of that, and I really pity their kind. How long can this take? What more cruel intention do these cat killers had in mind?

I just hope those responsible will get caught soon. And when they do, I hope they get a severe punishment as to what they had done to those poor and gentle animals. Its really selfish, rude and pathetic to say that they are nothing but animals. Only a fool would believe these kind of people! Here, I’m talking about bringing justice to these cats!

My Views On Alien Abduction

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Captain’s log                                Stardate: 63427(Jan 4th, 2010)

Ever since I’ve watched the movie premier of the Fourth Kind on last December 23th, 09, I had turned quite interested into the studies of alien abductions. The Fourth Kind, starring Milla Jovovich is mainly about alien abductions based on true events recorded. One of the many hot topics that involves in the studies of the UFOs phenomenon. While the premier passes shall be given away to the lucky ones, the actual date for the movie to be opened for the public was been schedule at the end of the last month. I was been invited by one of the SPI (Singapore Paranormal Investigators) executive members, as she happened to had some passes for the premier. Quite a lot of us were there.

As much as I’m into paranormal, I’m also into UFOs since at a young age. But during that time, it didn’t occurred to me about this extraordinary occurrences, that this event was something of a mind-blending and a dark twisted out-of-this-world consequences. I only came across alien abductions in 2007, and it suddenly thrills me from that very first time ever. Seeing the movie makes me to re-opened the chapter once again and to learn about it as much as possible. The internet was the powerful tool for this research. I had also purchase a book that describes about UFOs and its related topics. It never occurred to me how exciting this must be. Let alone the interesting stories that were told by the victims, that were been abducted by those non-human entities.

Based on facts I’ve gathered, it appears that victims been abducted by aliens were referred as “abductees.” They are the people who suddenly realized that they cannot account for a missing phase of their lives. There’s even a such, where some abductees have found themselves landed hundreds, or thousands of miles from where they were picked up. Worse, there’s even cases whereby they were attacked by aliens. Bizarre-looking creatures had tried to drag him or her into their craft, and they had fought to stop them. Also, some had gone missing for days before they were found. Dazed and confused.

Seems to me that the process of alien abductions appeared in a more detail terms. However, though the features outlined below are often reported, there is still some disagreement as to exactly how often they actually occur. What I came across below are one of the many common factors that argues the most notable in abduction accounts that I had extracted:

1 = Capture: The abductee is forcibly taken from terrestrial surroundings to an apparent alien space craft.

2 = Examination: Invasive medical or scientific procedures are performed on the abductee.

3 = Conference: The aliens peak to the abductee.

4 = Tour: The abductees are given a tour of their captors’ vessel.

5 = Loss of Time: Abductees rapidly forget the majority of their experience.

6 = Return: The abductees are returned to Earth. Occasionally in a different location from where they were allegedly taken or with new injuries or disheveled clothing.

7 = Theophany: The abductee has a profound mystical experience, accompanied by a feeling of oneness with God or the universe.

8 = Aftermath. The abductee must cope with the psychological, physical, and social effects of the experience.

Its literally those steps, that these non-human entities had arrange. It was these factors, supposedly evidences, that psychologists whose abductees have attended to have gathered while place them under hyponesis. It was so profound that sometimes psychologists had doubted, there could be much difference between discovery and revelation to all these cases, should they actually be fact and not fiction.

The best example, or describe as a well-known case of alien abductions were the Betty and Barney Hill that happened in September 19, 1961. It seems like an instant for the Hills, and that it was understood that their case of “Human Guinea Pigs” were the first to open up a chapter of alien abductions. Those experiences, were unlikely anything they have ever imagined. It could even be that pure telling piece of evidence, that somewhere in the brink of space, that life does exists, and that we are not alone. This is something that most of us were pondering for decades.

Based on research, those aliens were probably here to share their thoughts. This, had been clarified by some of the abductees, that those beings actually revealed them their world. Some, even claimed that the aliens were searching for a suitable planet as their current homeworld had lies in destruction. Apparently, they found Earth to be a suitable place to live in. Others, claimed to have been warned against environmental abuse and the dangers of nuclear weapons. Sounds too good to be true?

In whichever lies, the aliens will erase that part of the memory from the abductees before returning them back to Earth. That very piece of evidence, is that time spend where they were been examining and held in conference with the aliens. At first glance, like the Hills themselves, they thought they were under a spell right after seeing a spacecraft before them, and when the craft took off. Between those, the “landing” and the “taking off”, was where they were been abducted. Its just that the aliens had erased that part of memory. It was only revealed when they were placed under hypnosis.

However, there’s the aftermath before the subject was bring forth to the attending psychologist. Days after been abducted, the abductees will experience torments of nightmares. Most commonly, they will dream of being taken into somekind of an examination room and been placed on a table. And seeing these humanoids in look-alike spacesuits towering over as they examining the abductees with their slanted and malevolent large eyes as what many had recounted.

Been stripped off their clothing, the aliens shall examined them using their kind of experiment tools, where the abductees can only describe them “like those used in hospitals.” But most of the time, the abductees can’t even describe them.

Then, once the examination is completed, the aliens will talk, or either engage in a brief conference with them before taking them on a tour around the craft. Another hard fact, it was even describe, that communication during an abduction is limited. Understand that from some abductees, the aliens do not explain much about what they are doing or why. Communication, which does take place from alien to human, appears to be telepathic for some.

Due extensive research, some abductees may not be introduced at this point of stage, as the aliens will simply let them off. But majority of the cases, the abductees were presented to be amazed by the interior of the craft.

Nightmares were not the only aftermath. They will began to notice strange marks on their skins. Some appeared like rashes or so-called mysterious round spots, and even an unusual pain. They will then grow increasingly worried about their physical and mental health upon seeing it and might suspect it may due to radiation. Therefore, unable to cope with the situation, they decided to seek immediate help.

Those are the key factors that abductees have experience. But overall, based on studies, abductees usually exhibit some kind of a physical side effects from the experience known as Post Abduction Syndrome. The most common symptoms are:

1 = Lost or missing time can be short periods of time, up to several hours.

2 = Frequent nose bleeds, sinus pain, pressure.

3 = Nightmares of the abduction experience.

4 = Looking at an object and feeling like one is looking at something else.

5 = The presence of mysterious stains, spots, bruises, needle marks, implants, scars, etc.

6 = Deterioration of health, loss of hair, etc.

Another thing concerning the most, while UFOs were been sighted around the world, alien abductions seems to have taken only one place, which is the United States. Research shown, that this fourth kind were been viewed worldwide, but seems most common in the US.

In my conclusion, I would like to add, that exhaustive inquires and reports that seems endless, had convinced that these abductees have a close encountered with extraterrestrial life. Skeptics might think otherwise, even despite there’s videos whereby it shows abductees lived to tell their stories. Some skeptics would proved nothing into it, and that they were never meant to be exist and its all nothing but hoax. But even so, true accounts through videos and deep hypnosis were hard evidence that majority of these abductees do not appear to be deluded, playing tricks, lying, self-dramatizing, or suffering from any clear mental illness. Undoubtedly, a nightmare that seems hard to forget. This is one of those UFO topics that were amazing, fascinating, and not to mention, that had shaken the globe.

However, there’s a lot more explanation than what I had introduced. These were only, my views from what I had studied about alien abductions.


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Captain’s log                    Stardate: 63501.5 (Jan 01st, 2010)

The clock hits midnight.


The night sky was illuminated with the brilliant display of fireworks. They rocketed off like missiles. Missiles after missiles of joy! =)

So much have gone for 2009. Like a blink of an eye, the world opens up to a new chapter. I wishes all to have a blessed and joyful year 2010! Pray for a safe year ahead, as you prepare for new resolution to fulfill your needs around the clock.

Anyway, I received this from a friend through SMS, in regards to the new year. And it does brings out a memorable one for the 12 months for this year. Enjoy! =D

“An early greeting before the operator get busy and line got jam.

I wish you a…….

Fantastic January

Lovable February

Marvelous March

Luckiest April

Enjoyable May

Successful June

Wonderful July

Independent August

Joyful September

Tasty October

Beautiful November

Happiest December.”

Love it? I’m sure you do =) Once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!

Live Long and Prosper!