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Be Careful Of What You Say

Posted: August 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                     Stardate: 64148.9 (Aug 24th, 2010)

The current Singapore Youth Olympic Games (SYOG) had gotten me really occupied. Not that I participate in the games, but was called upon to be participate on ground. Yes, my side was been activate for duty, just like any other police officers. Its quite obvious when comes to this assignment. The superiors will tasked you to handle either crowd or traffic control. If you are lucky, you’ll be stationed at Ops, where you and the guys there will oversee the flow and be hearing communications that seems endless from time to time. Which is something that had to be dealt with. On top of that, its the fasting month for us Muslims. Sure, most of us will be complaining, but its not gonna change anything. Had to be fair with our non-Muslims colleagues and not to use this as our means of advantage. I had to agreed, it just ain’t right. And speaking of fairness, our superiors were fair enough to let us rest at certain specific time, and let us have our meal when the appropriate time comes. So we have to take this into consideration that they do care. Its fair and square. On top of which, the SYOG is near to an end. And we are looking forward to that!

Anyway, here’s something interesting I had stumbled upon with. Not to mention how funny it can gets. Upon my break, I befriend with this Englishman, and he says: “What’s up my friend? The day is very pang sai, isn’t it?”

That left me nearly to weaken my knees. Did he just say “pang sai?” As you can see, pang sai is literally a Singaporean slang, as it actually means “shit.” Nothing more than just a stinky biodegradable waste that were meant to be flushed down through the toilet bowl. I looked up at him, shocked. While he, simply superimposed that goofy grin on his face. Does he know what he just said?

So, I put it to a test: “Errr….excuse me?”

He then rephrase it: “Oh I mean to say was, the day was very beautiful.”

Well, it seems to me that some wacko had fooled him with that word. Nice going wacko. I suspect, this Englishman must be from out of town. So keeping a straight face (I almost laughed…), I told him the real meaning. I just have to tell him, cause its the right thing to do as to prevent any misuse of words.

And his eyes went wide opened. For the moment, I thought his eyes were gonna popped out from their sockets. He was stunned in alarm, as I would have expected. He uttered: “Good Heavens! Are you sure!? Cause that’s what I told my newly wife that she is so pang sai!

Oh well. I hope he can explain this to his newly wife before its too late. And I wonder how she going to react when she heard that. Maybe he could substitute the word, if he was smart enough to do that. Instead of using “shit,” he could replace it with better words. To bluff it out a bit, so his wife doesn’t at all feel offended, let alone disgusted. He just have to, if he wants to avoid the pain.

Nevertheless, he better do it well…


Captain’s log                   Stardate: 64104.7 (Aug o8th, 2010)

Recently, some smart alec posted a remark on one of my previous blog, saying that my English is so appalling. Even pointed out that I should learn to write properly, cause what I wrote is nothing more but worthless piece of trash!

Hei Jerrick (if that’s what your name is after seeing the link), you better watch your words ok! You don’t have to tell me how bad my English is. Its my blog! Its my writing! Its my story! Its my life! So far, this is the first time I get such a remark from someone who think his English is good, let alone a complete showoff! Or are you!? You say mine is a trash. So why not you define “trash” for me! Define it in your own terms; if you think you are so smart! I’m disgusted in the way you told me to “please learn how to write properly.” So you telling me that I should go back to school!? And to revise on my ABCs and writing!? Is that it!? You saying that my English is worthless!? If you expect me to use hard words, I won’t, ok. Why should I? I ain’t a complete show off. I’m not someone who prefers to use so much colours into my words! Maybe you are, and that ain’t my business! If you think my blog is “appalling”, so be it! You don’t like it, its YOUR PROBLEM! If you want to comment, comment something that isn’t “appalling.” If not, just shut up your stupid pie-hole! You don’t have to teach me what’s wrong, and what’s right! Would you like it if I drop a nasty remark on your blog!?

What are you, creep!? Someone who graduated with a Honours degree in English from some top schools? Someone who earned a point of degree and that he thinks that he has a highest reputation and so proud of himself? SO PROUD, that he doesn’t realize that he was selfish and had look down on others!? If you are, SO WHAT MAN! BIG DEAL!! Its not like as though you gonna owned the world! If you think I’m talking nonsense here, sure, go ahead, think all you want! I don’t give a shit about it! I’m just here pointing out that we all are humans and were born with a brain, ok! What you remarked, is indeed, an insult and sounds rather offensive, TO ME! And I hate it when people show that kind of attitude to me! There’s a saying, “No one is this world is born stupid.”

This wouldn’t happened if you hadn’t send me a nasty comment. If you think I had spark a war here, then YOU ARE WRONG! Cause once people say something bad about me, I will return that favour! I’m the type, ok! You are such a disgrace you know that!

Captain’s log                     Stardate: 64095.7 (August 05th, 2010)

Previously, five members of the Singapore Paranormal Investigators (SPI), including myself went recce on a small island situated in the north east of Singapore. Known as Pulau Ubin, and its one of the last rural areas found in Singapore. Also commonly heard as the last “kampong” or village that still exist, and a stroll through Ubin does takes you back in time of old Singapore with the simpler pleasures of life. So you never really need a time machine when there’s one just next door =)

Let me share some of the interesting ones that I’ve read. Shape like a boomerang when seen from above, the name Pulau Ubin, literally means “Granite Island” in Malay. That explains why you can see many abandoned granite quarries there. It was said that, the word ubin is said to be a Javanese term for “squared stone.” In Malay, the island is also known as Pulau Batu Ubin or “Granite Stone Island.” So its like walking on a largest granite ever found on Earth!

Also found in Hokkien as chioh sua, which means “stone hill.” Kindergarden children might as well give a straight answer if they were taught about the history of Pulau Ubin. Should anybody asked them: “Where can you find granites?” And they will simply answer: “Pulau Ubin can find one.” A little joke here. Hah! =D

Legend has it that the island was formed when three animals from Singapore, a frog, a pig and an elephant challenged each other to a race to reach the shores of Johor (Does that mean that the pig and elephant were to swim??). Whichever fails, that animal will turn into stone. What a curse! Their attempts to succeed fails, as all three came across many difficulties. Eventually, the elephant and pig were together turned into Pulau Ubin, while the frog become Pulau Sekudu or Frog Island, which is actually an islet part of Ubin.

Something tells me, that this part of the legend reminds me of Kusu Island, a.k.a Turtle Island…

Anyway, the reason for this recce is to prepared for a future spooky walk, and that our primary objective is to mark those so-called “hot spots” that gives rise to numerous spooky tales. At the same time, to familiarize with the route before calling in the participants.

As far as I can remember, this is my fourth time visiting the island ever since that SPI overnight investigation been conducted on the island a year ago. For those who were familiar with the island, might have catch the glimpse and haunted stories that circulates across the internet. Those stories about the island been spooked. Tell-tale signs from the past, those urban legends. Stories after stories been stored into archives, that even gotten some, to felt superstitious about the island. Some were rumours, some were true. But much of it were clueless, unheard of, and eventually left forgotten. This eventually leads into branches of dark mysteries left untold. But who knows, one day there will be someone who is kind enough to shed some light on a particular mystery….

However, this is not the first time SPI had conducted an event on the island. Based on the forum under events section, its been five times in a row. Three of them were overnight events. Seems to me that some places in Ubin just can’t be avoidable.

The areas where we will seek out are one of the many that were based on eye-witnesses reports. We will therefore, take this into consideration to familiarize with the route, as to ensure we are on the right track. Even if we had to use an alternate route, we still have to make sure that it directs us to the right track.

This also, gives me an opportunity to establish my next Book of Adventure. The first few occasions I’ve been here has always been on the east side of the island, as based on the map. So on that very day, we will set foot on the west side. And its also where the Outward Bound Singapore training school is located. As such, I’ve decided to set this exploration of mine as an addition to this recce.

So once again, we set our quest towards the island by a bumboat from Changi Ferry Terminal. The whole day had been a slight rain, which showers from that earlier morning where it had been heavy. But at least, it wasn’t a continuous downpour of cats and dogs. Better still, the weather had been a cooling and windy day from the start to the end of the day.

And so, here we are. The island tranquility, sights and sounds of nostalgia hit us like a tide wave. Its back to the good old kampong days for some of us who were born during those times =)

Best of all, we also make some new friends along the way. Three dogs had followed us for quite some distance. No matter how we tried to shoo them away, they still insist on following. Guess they are just being friendly. And some of us even had this thinking that they might leads us to the locations we are looking for. Yeah right, for sure. Haha! Frankly speaking, I was quite worried about them running around us, as I got this bad feeling that they might even jumped on us. Who knows they might do that. I nearly suffered the phobia on dogs just thinking about that!

Only when we were resting at the island’s Celestial Resort, where the dogs went ahead doing their own business. They seem to having fun playing in the sand. We wait for them to be a distance away before we make a move.

Photos shown will do the rest of the talking =)

The whole day had been an enjoyable trip. Its fortunate that the weather was not a hot one. Even though there’s a slight rain, it still gives us that cooling and breezing feeling to accommodate while we still on the island. So much of it had let me to feel like as though we were on another country during the cold season =)

While on the way back to the jetty, we came across a van, which was one of the Ubin transportation. One of us then decided if we could flag it down, and to request for the driver whether it is ok to give us a ride back to the jetty instead of walking the whole mile. He agreed, for a price of $6. Sounds fair enough, and that saves us the time than to head back on foot =)

We had dinner at a small Malay coffeeshop that was located next to the jetty. Once done, we call it a day and ferry back to mainland.

The whole trip was worthwhile. The effort spent is all there is in preparation for our future event, to be set once again in Pulau Ubin =)