SPI Spooky Walk @ Bukit Brown Cemetery

Posted: April 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                   Stardate: 63766.9 (April 06th, 2010)

Two days on April 04th, was another Spooky Walk conducted by the Singapore Paranormal Investigators (SPI). Mr Kenny Fong, who was the founder of the paranormal group had once again back on the island from his overseas stay to lead the walk, into one of the oldest cemeteries in Singapore.

Named Bukit Brown Cemetery, which is located between Lornie Road and Mount Pleasant Road. As prior to research, this 213-acre cemetery is also known to the local community at “Kopi Sua” or Coffee Hill (“Where’s my coffee!?”). In the early beginnings, it was named after its owner, George Henry Brown, who was a ship owner who had arrived in Singapore from Calcutta in 1840s. He had brought the area and named it as Mount Pleasant. He was also a trader and broker. Subsequently, the area was soon owned by three wealthy Hokkien entrepreneurs, as many would describe. Named Ong Kew Ho, Ong Ewe and Ong Chong Chew. They turned it into a cemetery around the 1870s for Chinese of the Ong clan surname. Years after, the authorities took over most of the land as to acquired a section of it in 1918-1919 to serve as the burial needs of a wider Chinese community before officially opened it as public burial ground in 1922. It was opened for more than half a century until its closure in 1973.

*What I had mentioned above is only part of the important info, and to what I can refer from the history. More can be found in the internet.

Its still in existence today, despite been left abandoned. But as the years progress, it has been a popular site for nature lovers, especially to those who enjoys bird watching and other wildlife. You can say that many of the bird species had populated the place as their home ground. Some would considered the place as a heritage trail, where they will came across the tombs of great ancestors, entrepreneurs, even a magistrate been buried here. They will learned something about those early pioneers and their contributions to Singapore in regards to the Chinese community.

Its no surprised that SPI had conducted the spooky walk here on few occasions many years back. And even I myself have been here quite a few times in regards to a heritage project that we were conducting some time ago and recent tours. I could have say that, the cemetery had certainly become a outdoor archive for us, and which seem to attract our attention and through fascination with it. It held so many stories of the Chinese culture, that were rich in symb0ls, that are not only decorative. But also expressed of religious beliefs that brings good wishes for luck, prosperity and longevity. We even came across statues, from most of the tombs that brings forward a significant belief. From a snake, then a lion, then a dragon, and even a soaring phoenix. More interestingly, there’s even statues of Sikh guards or “Jagas” that guards the property of a prominent person who died in the early 1900s. VIPs in such a way, one who was well-respected and therefore their tombs must be presented with such great honor. Let alone more than just a normal tomb.

Now, the tomb had faced a threat of redevelopment of land-scarce Singapore. The island is becoming more urbanized as it progress. One of them was the upcoming Bukit Brown MRT station that were part of the Circle Line. But I came to understand that, even if its complete, the station will still non-operational until the entire surroundings are more developed. That means to say, more tombs will be exhumed as time passes by.

Then, there’s the question: Is Bukit Brown Cemetery haunted? Supposedly….yes? Or just plain rumours? But imagine yourself walking along those twisted path of the cemetery at night. There’s absolutely no headlights to guide your sense of direction. The only source of light you can trust, is either from the moon (if one is shining bright in the night sky), or if you happened to had a flashlight with you. Its just like walking in other dark areas that had no lights at the side of the path. But of course, you do feel the sense that someone is watching is you, your every move. You will feel that someone is following you. Someone is stalking you. Those shadows lurking. Someone is preying on you!!

But I had to admit, there’s been word that certain spirits were been caught sighted. One would feel getting disturbed by something from another world. But in a matter of speaking, or simply putting it as a common sense, do you dare to offend the spirits? One with the right mind would never dare to provoke or disturb their resting place. Everybody knows that. If you feel afraid with that uneasy feeling, then its better not to venture through. That will save you a lot of trouble.

So, the meeting point on that day was at the exit of Lavender MRT station. Time to meet was 1930hrs, and ended at 2300hrs. I was nearly late because of a stupid traffic jam along Geylang Road. It soon turns out to be a police raid when upon seeing their blinkers. No wonder… Anyway, I’ve managed to reach on time. A coach was been hired to take us there, and back to Lavender MRT once the walk ends.

Ok then, I leave the best of the pictures to do the rest of the talking =)

Getting ants crawling up your legs sure does makes some of us dance to the groove =D But what can you expect when entering into such a place that seem to dominates almost like a jungle. But at least, none of us get stung by a scorpion that were spotted among the grass that were near a special tomb “guarded” by two Sikh statues.

The Spooky Walk went well, as always. It ends almost a quarter to 2300hrs. We all board the coach, that will take us back to Lavender MRT station.

Despite the long walk, steep climbs as we negotiate those rough terrains through the jungle, the participants do enjoy the night exploring the place, and at the same time learning more on one of the oldest Chinese culture here, and how its unique environment had span over decades. Much of it were been exhumed, as by no doubt due to the redevelopment that were coming along the way. So the participants who were together with us on that night were given this opportunity to take a last look, to feel the environment, before the land was been entirely urbanized, and with Bukit Brown MRT station been given the green light for full operational when the time comes.

There’s probably more Spooky Walk for this one. As for the meantime, the cemetery still shines its unique surrounding with its ever vast atmosphere that seem to struck by serenity. Though I don’t have much knowledge about the place, I do came to understand how it was been named, how it was passed down, and how it had came a long way to be nested in the heart of Singapore =)

Thank you for all the effort done!



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