Beam Down At The Opening Of *SCAPE

Posted: March 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                        Stardate: 63742.6 (Mar 28th, 2010)

Our costume partnership, MoviaMania had invited our Star Trek fansite for the opening of *SCAPE, which was located next to Orchard Cineleisure. *SCAPE, a non-profit organization, was established to represents a physical platform where young talents can showcase their skills and performances. Such as from the genres of music, extreme sports, dance, theatre, film and entrepreneurship…….the list just goes on. It also creates a mind space which is constantly bubbling with new creations, ideas and possibilities. Kind of challenging if you ask me. Its basically represents a programming family of wildcard that proposed infinite prospects for creative expression at this exciting new urban community building. Best of all, you can also hang out with DJs from 987FM. Definitely a cool sporting place for youth these days to hang out as the chill out =D

And so, yesterday the 27th, a small away team of four selected Trekkies, including our founder himself, had beam down to be part of this exciting event. And this time, I won’t be dressing up as my main character. So my Mr Borg shall continue his regeneration in the closet without any disturbance for the meantime. Hee=D

For that event, I gonna put on the character that I’m dying to become one. He’s my all-time favourite character, and which I considered him as my Star Trek Idol. He’s the legend, he’s one in a million, a Starfleet hero who braves every boundaries without giving a damn about it and who don’t believe in no-win scenario!

Yes, your guessing is right. Captain James Tiberius Kirk! =D

Our founder James Lee had purchase the mask of Kirk, which is the face of William Shatner. The first James Kirk before Chris Pine portrays the character for director J.J Abrams’s re-imaging of Star Trek. So far, none of the trekkies ever try it on. Since I have the uniform, the utility belt, the phaser gun and the comm device, why not I portray as one for the first time? And so, I took the leap and played as the legend himself.

And surprised to see how cool I turned out to be. Even for a mask! Its perfect! I love it! =D

“I don’t believe in no-win scenario.”

Founder James Lee himself will dressed up as a Ferengi character. Since we are going for two rounds in this event, he will also become a Talaxian character, after the first round had completed and that we had our break. Trekkie Franklin will be Commander Spock – Junior, because of his height. Trekkie Fiona was supposed to took part. Unfortunately she ended up bringing a wrong bag that had her uniform inside and thus, couldn’t role-play. But she was willing to be our minder and photographer instead =)

And so, here the fun begins. The VIPs were introduced by a group of break-dancers as a welcoming gesture.

Many other role-play characters were there, and those Stormtroopers was never a doubt. Even Green Ranger had to leave his rangers for the meantime as he needs to be there. And happy to note that some of them were surprised, especially Reno, who was in-charge of MoviaMania to see someone dressed up as “Captain James T.Kirk” for the first time ever. The legend finally makes his first appearance. Hee…=D

But of course, the Borg will always be my main character =)

This pictures will do the rest of the talking and introduction =D

We were also been escorted inside the performance stage area, whereby the crowd of enthusiastic people awaits us! =)

This photos of three Starfleet heroes were taken before we go for the second round.

All photos were taken by Trekkie Fiona. Thanks my friend! They are great! =)

Even for the period of nearly two hours, we do enjoyed a great time. I had to admit, it just wasn’t enough for me being Captain Kirk, especially during his offshore leave. Haha! =D

Nevertheless, it was fun, exciting and truly remarkable. At the end of the show, we received a goodie bag each. And once the entire 1.2ha, 5-storey building was been fully established, this urban playground dedicated for the young talents will leave up to its name and to fulfilled its purpose as it draws in those cutting-edge events that will give the next generation a brighter, more vibrant tomorrow to embrace =)


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