The Infamous Mr Kiasu

Posted: April 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                      Stardate: 63779.5 (April 11th, 2010)

I came to understand that “Kiasu” which was literally translated from Hokkien, meaning “afraid to lose out.” I recalled, where one of my colleagues had told me, “No word, perhaps is considered more Singaporean than kiasu.” I couldn’t agreed more to that, cause nowadays, society had grown to adapt the concept of “first come, first served” thingy. All seem to be moving fast forward, that it grows to such a matter that those infamous Singaporeans not wanting to be second in line in everything and anything. Always wanted to be the first in everything, and would seek that opportunity without hesitation.

There’s also, surprisingly, years ago, MediaCorp had introduced a local sitcom of Mr Kiasu, which is based on the local comic book. Not bad for such a kiasuism =D

Literally, a kiasu person can be just about anything. He can be spotted miles away at a buffet lunch, filling up his plate high with food, in which he is likely to consume. Commonly, its always the rush hour to be at the head of a queue. I understand though, that majority of us always wanted to be the first in line. But still, one has to queue in order to complete what’s need to be done. Just for anything ranging from free gift and discounts that was worth the buy.

He will rush into the lift before the passengers inside can even stepped out. One such best example was at the MRT. Commuters will started to gather in tight circles (sometimes even a formation!) to head for the doors, even before the train reaches its full stop. Its obvious to note if you take the train everyday. Reason? Cause they simply wanted to grab an empty seat before anyone else can. Crowding near to the train doors before it opens, for commuters to embark can be rather annoying. And commuters disembarked from the train will ended up being push back in, if there were to be a stampede!

But tell me this, how many would care or comply to the “Give way for alighting passengers” rule? This happens when the train has a number of unoccupied seats. They would seize that moment when they had the chance. Wouldn’t care less by those who were about to step out. It was like as though there will be no seat tomorrow and that day will be the last time they will seat on. Sure, hope they don’t regret if a dispute broke out. Kiasu isn’t a virus, but it sure to spread like one nowadays. Due to this growing society, you might even considered that it had to do with our pace of life: cannot wait lah!

But in other words, as far as I came to notice, the kiasu person can be selfish. He will take advantage, take more than he needs, don’t care less about others, boastful, arrogant, inconsiderate, even greedy as well. And some, would rather say that this type is definitely obnoxious!

Because of his nature, Mr Kiasu will always get what he needs. And what we Singaporeans would say when we describe about their species: “They die-die must win one!”

No matter what, he will do a damn bloody good job to seize that opportunity just to win! Why I talk about this, is because earlier, I had step into a queue at POSBank, and so happens that this topic seems related. While doing so, a mother quickly pushed her child under the rope of the stanchion in order to stand a place ahead of me. That makes me to wonder, was she being Mrs Kiasu? I couldn’t say she’s being rude, right? Cause as what I can tell, this “reserve a place” thingy is common here. But I was told, when I related this incident to a cousin of mine who had dropped by for a visit, that the child will likely to succeed in life, having to learn at an early age to quickly seize the chance as they grow. But then again, if it gets too common, the child may ended up on the wrong side of the road as they arose, and having to become obnoxious in a sense. Just hope they didn’t, for the best of their future. Its a give and take. No offense here.

But I do take this into consideration, that NOT all Singaporeans behaved like that!


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