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Captain’s log                                        Stardate: 20191.9 (Feb 19, 2019)

The movie, Alita: Battle Angel which appeared during the commercials when I was watching a recent movie caught my attention. Found it to be one of those cyberpunk action film and I immediately add that to my “next movie to watch” list. Looks really interesting!

The movie is based on the works of a Japanese manga artist, Yukito Kishiro where he created the manga seres Gunnm a.k.a Battle Angek Alita. The event of series took place in a post-apocalyptic future where it focus on a cyborg named Alita. She had lost all memories and is found in a garbage heap by a cybernetics doctor who rebuilds and takes good care of her. 



This American version of Alita is no less different. Set place in the year 2563, where you can see the Earth in a pretty beat-up shape after been suffered from a catastrophic war.

While scouting through the massive garbage heap looking for cyborg spare parts, the cybernectics scientist discovers a disembodied female cyborg. Adapted from the original Japanese manga, he bring it back to his lab, repairs her and named her Alita after his deceased daughter.


Scanned cover of volume 1 of the Battle Angel Alita graphic novel, original version. Published by Viz Media.


She was unable to recall any memories until one night, where she came face to face with a trio of bad cyborgs. While fighting back, she started having flashbacks of her battling on a moon. Even seeing herself during combat training. Subsequently she was shocked to realise that she was equipped with such powerful fighting skills. She soon learn that she had adapted these techniques from an ancient martial arts. With this, she learn to navigate this new life within the treacherous streets of the slum city. Slowly began to realise who is she and her true nature.

Despite having unnerving large eyes, she behaved more human than she ever was as a cyborg. Speaking of which, she reminds me of that android named Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation. He wants to be more human and soon got his wish after installing that emotion chip that allows him to experience human emotion.

Almost similarly, Alita behaves like one. Even showed a love interest to a human guy she met who fall for her instantly. The only human thing in her was a fully intact human brain. Like Robocop.

So we came to know that we need a fully intact human brain, in order to coordinate with cybernectics just to fully activate a cyborg. Correct?

Anyway, Alita appeared as a typical teenage girl who find life on Earth were nothing but all slums. Except for that man-made giant floating city hovering above them. Up them, it is believed to be a utopian city, and you got to be wealthy enough to be up there. That’s what many of the citizens is dreaming of moving to the wealthy skyline and struggling to do whatever it takes. You’ll find out…

Cause they can’t go up there and never knew what its like up there. And if you ever lived up there and decided to go down to the slums, you are not welcome back. So its like asking you, would you prefer paradise or hell below? Only the richest will enjoy the rich up there.

So at this age and century, you will see humans and cyborgs live in the same community. And whenever you lost a limb, just visit your local cybernectics doctor and he will replaced them will cybernectics ones. So you will see people having either a cybernetics arms or legs, either one or two or all. Even had a cybernectics body. Likewise, a cyborg.

Alita was filled with tons of furious action-packed movie and its very intense. The visual effects were flawless, incredible fighting moves and exciting all the way. Despite being a cyborg, Alita is so much alive and a remarkable heroine which Soe of you guys might probably fall in love after watching it.

Alita is determined to uncover the truth behind her origin, daring herself through harsh and dangerous outcomes and to discover that she is the only one who can change the world.

Yes, its worth the movie and popcorn. If you loved cyberpunk movies, especially one that came right out from a Japanese manga, this is the one!

She’s one hell of a cyborg you ain’t messing around with! 








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