My Dream Cruise

Posted: January 29, 2019 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                   Stardate: 20291.9 (Jan 29th, 2019)

I have always wanted to set sail on a cruise. Its a vacation like no other; a mobile hotel onto the sea, and you are completely surrounded by tons of surprisingly affordable luxuries, exciting non-stop events, shopping, delicious food and challenging activities while sailing along the coast.

And of course, the Casino. Its that one thing that cannot be miss on the cruise. Some say, you are king when you patronise the Casinos onboard the cruise each time. Well, I wouldn’t know that sure cause I never gamble before! =D

So one day, I finally got the chance to set onboard the cruise. Booking via a travel agent, me and my wife set sail for a 2-night getaway onboard the Genting Dream Cruise. On 25th Jan till 27th Jan 2019, from Singapore to Port Klang, Malaysia.


Source from the internet.


The ship will left Marina Bay Cruise Centre at midnight and reached its destination at about noon. I have seen how huge the cruise is from photos in the internet. But it looks so humongous upclose!

Once we received our cabin room card, we eagerly proceed to our cabin.

Our cabin was small, as I would have expected after seeing photos of it from the internet, and the fact that I had choose a Balcony Stateroom. However it was spacious and you still get the balcony where you can have a breathtaking view of the ocean once the ship set sail.


Upon arrival to our cabin, its still not made up. Doesn’t matter, housekeeping is at the next room and will clean ours. So many cabins not made up yet.



It comes with USB ports on each side of the bed. Nice!


The night life…


Once we settled in, have some rest, we went to do some exploring. Its a huge ship, and you just got to explore!

We first ended up at deck 5. There was this Crystal Life Asian Spa which gotten my wife’s attention. There was a promotion till midnight; a Buy 2 get 1 free package. My wife insist that we should try, especially the fact that I have not been to a spa before. Well, I guess I should give it a try. After all, I’m having cramps on my neck and shoulder and do really need one. So we choose the “Shoulder, Neck and Foot massage.” 




Once after, we continue our exploration. What a good massage that was! 

Our excitement grew when we are at the top of the ship, where the swimming pool is and the breathtaking view. Plus the wind! This is where most of the entertainment takes place.



Just love those glowing effects.





We can’t wait to hit the pool and try out some of the activities during the day! Also, we are only here for only 2 nights, so we might as well make use of the day as much as we can.



After a wonderful breakfast, we head out to the upper deck where we play some golf on the mini-golf course, playing on a giant chess board and relax by the pool. There’s even a giant Monopoly onboard. I let these photos do the talking.








The fun part begins. We get into our swimming suit and hit the pool!

One of the coolest rides was the Waterslide Park, where you can find it on almost every cruise. You will speed down through the tunnel’s slippery slides that towers high above the ocean. There are five of them you can choose – the easy ones for all ages and families or the heart-racing steep inclines for daring ones.

Wow! There’s no thrill like it! You climb, slide, scream out loud as you swoosh down the slide.

I wanted to record myself screaming down the slide using my handphone. But unfortunately the staff manning the slide stopped me from doing so. I have seen videos from YouTube whereby those who have taken the slides had record themselves while plunging down the slippery slides. So I wanted to do the same.

Rather disappointed. Oh well, maybe there has been a safety hazard occurred. Sorry folks, guess rules are rules. Still, its worth the fun and thrill, and for some, one time or twice is just ain’t enough!

There’s even one for kids, but no harm for adults too =D

We then hit the jacuzzi located net to the pool. Finally, can relief those muscle tension!


Fun under the sun!


After about an hour and a half spend, we head back to our cabin. Shopping time was next as we had arrived at Port Klang and the cruise was docked at Boustead Cruise Terminal. Being a shopping lover, my wife wanted to see if there’s any shops inside the terminal. I too, decided to see if there’s anything interesting.

And about an hour later, we exited the place with all hands full of treasures! Yes, prices are really cheap and many promotions as well =D



Check out the loots!


We had dinner and did some leisure stroll onboard. There’s some entertainment on the upper deck where a band was performing on stage. We even hit the arcade and play some of the games. Worth the challenge! Nightlife on a cruise has never been the same!




Wish it could have been longer. But there is always another day where we can spend longer days on the cruise.

I challenge myself in rock climbing as I was unable to do it yesterday cause it was closed. There are some ropes obstacles for families where we try it as well. Thereafter my wife decided to visit the shopping level to check out those branded bags and perfumes. Some last min stuff before we checked-out at noon.




Though it was a short stay, we did pretty much enjoy the time of our life and planned to come back onboard one day. This time, will be longer. At least we had experience how its like living on the cruise, the pros and cons so we know what to do next time.

I realised something when onboard, as its unlike traveling on land. You are looking for a break, yes. To unwind yourself, to relax. Some say to go for an adventure – to explore the place you planned to visit. But on a cruise, you are there just to relax. I learned from few of my friends, no matter how many days they went they won’t leave the ship but rather stay on the deck throughout their vacation. And they are right. Just 100% relax. For them, the only exploration they gonna be doing was around the ship till it reaches back to Singapore.

But for me, I might take a walk down to explore if the ship gonna be docking at Penang or Phuket. Sightseeing a bit, since there are shore excursion available on board. My wife especially, cause she love shopping and would like to spend on some.

Overall, its a fulling vacation. Really enjoyed to the max and will try those huge slides again! =D











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