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More Than Just A Nanny

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Captain’s log                                     Stardate: 20141.9 (Jan 14th, 2019)

My wife is interested in watching this musical fantasy film by Walt Disney known as Mary Poppins Returns, and decided to drag me along. Honestly I’m not a fan of musical-theme movies. But since I don’t want her to watch alone, I decided to keep her company. And at the same time, to see what Mary Poppins is all about.



Apparently, the film is a sequel to the 1964 film Mary Poppins. Its also based on a children’s book, Mary Poppins series written by Pamela Lyndon Travers.

As I research about Mary Poppins from the internet, she is actually a magical English nanny. She is said to be a slightly stern but caring woman who uses magic and self-control to take care of children under her care. She is notably by her sensible hat and parrot umbrella which she brings with her whenever she goes.

She is said to blown in on the East Wind, as to expect of her presence. It takes place in 1935, where we see a man living in his childhood home with three kids. His wife sadly, had passed away months ago and his housekeeper and sister were helping him to raise his children.

He was also in debt, as authorities from a bank had come to his house to warn that his house will be repossessed if the loan is not repaid in full by Friday. He don’t want to lose his home, after having to lose his beloved wife. He was in a desperate situation, until when he and his sister remembers that their father had left them shares in the bank that can cover the loan. Problem is, it is somewhere in the house and they need to search for the certificate to prove it.

Then moments passed and the magical nanny, Mary Poppins suddenly appeared right after a strong wind whips up. The father and his sister was shocked to see her return, cause she had been taking care of them when they were small. More astonishingly, she did not aged since their childhood.

Mary begins her duties in taking care of the children. Taking them into a world of imagination and fantasies. A ride of happiness and joy.

I should have watched the old movie if I really want to get to know Mary Poppins better. Cause as the movie goes on, I began to enjoyed it which I couldn’t believe it myself! 

As it was a musical film, there will be singing and dancing to be expected of. Kids will love such, cause it was filled with tons of magical excitement that may make your kids wished to have such a practically-perfect nanny who can turn any task into an unforgettable, fantastic adventure. Among the singing and dancing, I personally love the part where a group of street lamplighters sing and dance while performing stunts on their bicycles. That was awesome!

Those who have watched the old one may brings out the inner child in you. Very nostalgic if you may say. Very heartwarming, touching, magical, perfect for kids and young at heart. A family fun movie! And indeed, Emily Blunt who played as Mary Poppins does makes a good impression of the original one. She unquestionably makes Mary Poppins her own while keeping that retro tributes of the original, as to keep those who have the watch the first one feeling happy.

So for those who are into musical fantasy film or a family fun movie, come join in and sing-along with Mary Poppins and her friends. Truly a whimsical, fun and reminds us all not to lose the inner magic and imagination we’ve all had when we are kids.