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The Taste From Hokkaido

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Captain’s log                                      Stardate: 20071.9 (Jan 07th, 2019)

My wife share with me more of these awesome eating places in Singapore and one of them interest me. Its a Japanese restaurant named Ichikokudo Hokkaido Ramen and located at Suntec City. With a grumbling tummy, we proceed there to try it out!

The restaurant is also first Halal-certified Hokkaido-style ramen restaurant in Singapore. Perhaps you do not need to fly to Hokkaido just to try their authentic ramen since we already have one here. Unless you prefer where its origin from.. =D



After a nearly half an hour wait (there is a long queue upon arrival to the place), we were finally shown to our seat. Indeed, the restaurant was all Japanese-style. The wall, the decorations, the ceiling, the ambience. Other than the normal dining area, you can sit at those tatami corners, or you can sit at the ramen bar while watching the chefs prepared your ramen. Yes, the traditional Japanese way to make your dining experience more authentic!


I ordered the Ichi-Smoked Duck Ramen, while my wife ordered the Japanese Beef Yakiniku Don. On top of that, we also ordered the Special Tartar Sauce Karaage as our side dish.

The food came fast. Our tummy couldn’t take it anymore and we armed our utensils.




Loving the taste of the soup of my ramen. I like the thin and long noodles, and the flavoured egg was morally wholesome. Very well prepared, really enjoying slurping the soup till the very last bit.

Can’t say much for my wife as she enjoyed her dinner very much by the look of her face. Hers is kind of a big portion. Looks really flavourful and comes with an authentic taste.

Can tell from that look =D

This is not the first time we had Japanese food. The last time we had was at Harazu Izakaya located at Bussorah Street. Still recall their grill squid, where we eat together with rice. Yummy! =P

As many would say, Japanese food has always been an international favourite. Not only they were delicious, they were freshly-prepared and healthy too! There are countless halal-Japanese restaurants in Singapore been opened and we should try each one of them when got the chance.

So for those who loved Japanese food, or simply love food, head on down to Suntec City.  Get your ramen fixed and savour that authentic Hokkaido feeling. The staff there are friendly and the price is very reasonable.

Located at Suntec City Mall at B1-135 North Wing. Open daily from 11am – 10pm.

Try it. You won’t regret!