King Of The Undwerwater Kingdom

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Captain’s log                                          Stardate: 20219.3 (Jan 03rd, 2019)

Many of my friends and colleagues share with me that the movie Aquaman was not bad at all. My wife wanted to watch it as well. Ok, so why not? And also, its the new year eve, so why not spend the day watching a good movie while waiting for the countdown to the new year =)


He first appeared on Batman V Superman – Dawn of Justice. If those of you watch the first movie, then you will remembered where Diana Prince or Wonder Woman came across a file containing a Meta Human Research under Lex Corp and send by Bruce Wayne. Its shows four individuals that possess superhuman powers and each comes with their logo. Like the Bat symbol. One of them is hers, and there’s one about Aquaman. A submarine surveillance had caught footage of Aquaman coming out from a rock and attack the camera with his trident.

He appeared again in Justice League, where we see Bruce Wayne had first try to persuade him to join the team.

Like Black Panther, Aquaman finally got a show of his own. A rugged type of hero who can breathe underwater, controls the sea creatures and even speak to them in their own language. It all started when a lighthouse keeper rescues a princess of the  underwater nation of Atlantis during a terrible storm. They fall in love, and soon conceive a son who they named Arthur. Thanks to his mother, he is born with the power to communicate with marine lifeforms. Great!

Aquaman was born! 

Sadly his mother was forced to abandon her family when guards from Atlantis crashed into their home. She was charged of betraying her people, however she had entrusted her loyal advisor to train her son to be a skillful warrior. To make sure he is fully prepared.

Years past and Aquaman grew up into a powerful half-man half-Atlanteen, thanks to his trainer. He defeated a group of pirates attempting to hijack a Russian submarine, till one of them vows revenge against him when his father, also the leader dies during the confrontation.

Not long after, he met Mera, Queen of the Sea who reveals to him the journey of his lifetime. From here it tells the origin story of the half-human half-Atlanteen who had to choose between two worlds. One that not only force him to face who he really is. But to discover that very nature if he is worth of who he was born to be….a King.

A war is about to rage from the depths of the ocean. Someone of his blood is about to crown himself as Ocean Master, and Mera desperately needs Aquaman’s help. Not only to stop the unpredictable madness of the ocean, but to stand to where he should be for his rightful undersea city. His true home…

And in order to reclaim his rightful place as king, he has to find a powerful Trident, a magical spear that once belonged to Atlantis’ first ruler, King Atlan. Its a roller-coaster ride for Aquaman as he fought hard to prove he is worthy, as urge by Mera and her advisor. To lead his people and be a hero to the world. He is the One!

Aquaman is unlike any DC movies been produced cause there is so much intensifying in it from the start to the end! Those two hours spend watching on the big screen really blown you away with all those sea creatures, the kingdoms, the overwhelming battles, those monstrous thingy; you just have to see it to believe it.

My friends who had watched this are so damn right. I did not regret watching this and this is by far the best DC movie ever been produced. A lot of effort has been put inside the movie, especially the marvel and majestic of the underwater world. I was like…WOW! Speechless beyond words! There were a bit of glimpses of Avatar, Pacific Rim, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Abyss.. Still, its spectacular. And Queen Mera was love! Indeed, everybody loves her and my wife fall for her instantly! =D

Not to mention, Aquaman was indeed a drooling moment for you ladies, just nice for a damsel in distress =P

So get into your diving gear and travel to majestic underwater of Atlantis. A movie worth with extreme action packed with awesome plot, a tinge of romance and humour! And emotional scenes. I almost cry when the movie ends….

Spoiler alert: Remain seated even after the movie ends. There is always that something after that… =D






  1. John Kwok says:

    Actually, and arguably, he appeared in Man of Steel but it was only implied. It was confirmed in the Aquaman movie.

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