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Captain’s log                                 Stardate: 18312.1 (Dec 31st, 2018)

So far, 2018 has been a good..not perfect, not that smooth, but had been a good year. Since I had shifted to my new home with my wife, its been a rocking start cause that is where the real chapter begins. Time flies, the ups and downs, the fun and all, life still moves on. Still, though the obstacles I had to faced with my everyday life, I had to be thankful with what I have how great and small. May or may not, I still have to be thankful to God and HE knows what’s best. Life is a cycle, and you never know what in-store for you.


Before the dawn of the new year 2019, let me share the best highlights that I had been through for 2018! =D


10th Mar – 11th Mar 2018

Our Pause For A Cause community were invited by the Singapore Cancer Society to be part of their inspiring event. Its an overnight community program that offers everyone within the community to join in the fight against cancer. People coming from all walks of life will either walk, jog or run on the track field at the National Stadium at their own pace.

The event gives you a chance to celebrate cancer survivors and carers, remember loved ones who had lost the battle to cancer or are fighting cancer. We fight back by raising awareness and funds to support the work of the Singapore Cancer Society. Open for all ages and fitness levels!

scs 2



17th March 2018

Our local Toku group was invited to be part of a birthday celebration for a young chap who will be celebrating his 6th birthday.

So on that day itself, only the White Ranger from Mighty Morphin while I don in my Red Ranger from Dino Charge. Reason being, according to the father his son likes Dino Charge the most. And since I owned the suit, why not? =D



19th March 2018

Since a child, Hakim always wished to have a Power Rangers for his birthday. So he got his wish come true. Two Red Rangers from Mighty Morphin (ME) and In Space came down for his 19th birthday.

So when both of us make our appearance, he was shocked. So shocked he ended up  squealing with excitement till he nearly dropped the cake he was holding. The reaction was priceless! He finally get the chance to see his favourite superheroes celebrating with him.




12th Sep – 15th Sep 2018

Me and my wife spend a 4 days 3 nights getaway at this beautiful Canopi Resort at Bintan where you can be amazed by the crystal lagoon which was the region’s largest man-made seawater, spawning over 800 in length. Seemingly present the best that as to offer. For some reason, the resort also referred as “Glamping.” Once you stepped inside, they will welcome you to the World of Glamping.

We had so much fun there and wish we could stay a while longer. Good food, friendly people. But we have a life back home, and there’s always another day where we can come back again.




27th Oct 2018

I was invited to join this Halloween party which took place at the heart of Clarke Quay. Since its my day off, I decided to join in the bandwagon and dressed as The Mask! 

Even my wife gotten interested and decided to dress as Wednesday Addams from Addams Family. That girl with a pale face and long, dark twin braids who seldom shows emotion and is generally bitter and moody. And this will be the first time for her to go cosplaying during Halloween. Indeed, she does choose a good character! =D



10th Nov 2018

Our Toku group was invited to be part of a birthday party for two kids at D’Resort Downtown East. Both had turned 3 year old while the other turned 5. So therefore me as the Mighty Morphin Red Ranger and a female member of ours as the female Samurai Red Ranger came down to give the best morphenomenal birthday ever!

We started off with a simple, but awesome appearance that makes the people there go WOW!!! Except for the parents and some few relatives who set up the birthday party, the rest of the family members and the birthday boys did not expect us! Its meant to be a surprise afterall =D



21st Nov 2018

Three superheroes from the cosplay volunteer group Pause For A Pause (PFAC) beam down in the heart of Tiong Bahru Mall to participate for a Flag Day organised by Chen Su Lan Children’s Home.

Ironman, Red Ranger Samurai (Female version) and Batman Beyond (Me) came to show our support, as we worked alongside with the staff and volunteers of the said children’s home. Members of public can have their photos taken while giving their generous support and contributions.

Another successful street collection and we are thankful to be part of this worthy cause! 




30th Nov 2018

On that very evening, me and my cosplayers buddies that consists a small team of Power Rangers (Me as the Mighty Morphin Red), Spiderman, Space Sheriff Gavan, Kamen Rider Ichigo, Ironman and the adorable Pikachu came together to celebrate a 9-year old little fighter who is special need. Among all the superheroes, his favourite is the Green Ranger. Luckily we have a few in our group and he’s gonna lead this event with us to make this little fighter’s wish came true!

Always be thankful and grateful to what you are, and how fortunate you are. Cause out there, there are those who were less fortunate and still fighting this battle. This can happened to anyone, even the healthy.

Life is short, we cannot go back in time or rewind. So as long you still alive, enjoy every moment and make the best out of it. Be thankful each time you wake up, and that you still breathing and alive.





23rd Dec 2018

At the heart of Orchard Road, various characters appeared to support the country’s non-governmental humanitarian charity known as Mercy Relief in their street collection day. A total of 7 cosplayers from the volunteer cosplay group, Pause For A Cause (PFAC) which consists of Ironman, Green Arrow, Red Ranger Samurai (Female version), Red Ranger Ninjetti (ME), Darth Vader, Stormtrooper and the adorable Pikachu team up to support this impact fund raiser.




So there you have it. The best moments that I have been through that 12 months, and those that I will treasure. Looking ahead to the new year and the resolution that I had set aside. Hopefully be able to commit that and to lead to a brighter future, God’s willing.

ONWARDS TO 2019!!!


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