Marvellous In Taste, Massive In Portion!

Posted: December 12, 2018 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                        Stardate: 01812.2 (Dec 12th, 2018)

As far as I can remember, Simpang Bedok was known to be a food paradise, especially for super-goers staying in the east. Not often I went there, but I was told there are now quite a number of new restaurants and cafes that could excite your tastebuds.

I came to know one of them, known as Badoque Cafe. Those meats and other cravings they offered were so tempting that I decided to try them out. As such I called the cafe to make a reservation for me and my wife.

The cafe is a Muslim-owned established since 2008 with their first outlet at Simpang Bedok. I learned that they have a second outlet at Upper Thomson, but however had ceased operation on 19th March 2018. Good thing the first one is around the corner and not far from our home. One of the reasons why I love Bedok due to its many food havens at every corner.

The restaurant ambience looks very urban with black walls, cool lightings and rows of shinning bottles line along the top shelf at the counter. There was a menu with large bold colouring letters on one side of the cafe. It has a American cafe style to it, and cozy enough for you to relax while enjoying your steak.



We order a black pepper and mushroom steak, both prepared in “well done” as well as mozzarella sticks. For the drinks, other than ice-water we also ordered this Alternativa Halal Wine. They have 4 choices of flavours, and we decided to try the Red Dry. Fits well to complete our dining experience.

After a nearly 30 minutes wait (due to our steak being prepared well done), our scrumptious hearty meal finally arrived at our table.

The steak was accompanied with garlic bread, black pepper sauce, some veggie and potato wedges. We immediately armed ourselves with our knifes and forks and dig in!

The meat was kinda hard when we try sliced it. But the juicy gelatinous fats and the black pepper sauce spread on it made up for it! The potato wedges, even the veggies, mozzarella sticks and garlic bread were as yummy as the steak =P






The Halal Wine





Rather pricey, but worth the money. Still a recommended dish given its value. I will definitely came back for more in the future and try out other dishes. Especially that Tomahawk meat!



The Aftermath!

Its located at Simpang Bedok at 298 Bedok Road. Along Jln Chempaka Kuning. Good food and friendly service! Try it, and you’ll see. =)



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