A Power Rangers Surprise Appearance!

Posted: March 21, 2018 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                  Stardate: 20218.3 (Mar 21st, 2018)

Recently, our local Toku group was been invited to be part of a birthday celebration taking place at Bishan Condo 8. Falls on 17th March 2018, its for a young chap who will be celebrating his 6th birthday.

So on that day itself, only two of us were available. My wife is accompanying me and she will assist to take the video and photos. Thanks again dear =)

My friend will don in his White Ranger from Mighty Morphin while I don in my Red Ranger from Dino Charge. Reason being, according to the father his son likes Dino Charge the most. And since I owned the suit, why not? =D


Ready to roll out!

The birthday is a simple one, yet enjoyable. Its our sudden appearance that makes the most entertaining. To give the boy the best birthday of its life. We mingle with the kids and their families, until the best part arrives.

Cake cutting time!!


Its a Dino Charge cake! Just as the kid likes it!


The photos will showed you how fun it is! =D



We would like to say thank you to Nat’s parents for having us to be part of the birthday celebration. We make your kid his day, and so did he. Really appreciate it all! =)

And here’s the video! Enjoy! =)


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