Relay For Life!

Posted: March 15, 2018 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                               Stardate: 20811.5 (Mar 15th, 2018)

Our Pause For A Cause community were been invited by the Singapore Cancer Society to be part of their inspiring event. Known as Relay for Life, its an overnight community program that offers everyone within the community to join in the fight against cancer. People coming from all walks of life will either walk, jog or run on the track field at the National Stadium at their own pace.

The event gives you a chance to celebrate cancer survivors and carers, remember loved ones who had lost the battle to cancer or are fighting cancer. We fight back by raising awareness and funds to support the work of the Singapore Cancer Society. Open for all ages and fitness levels!

We are honoured to be given this opportunity to be part of something extraordinary and meaningful, other than cosplaying itself. We are joining the same journey like everyone else while in suit. On top of that, we are not the only volunteers or cosplayers joining in the fight against cancer. Two more cosplay volunteer groups that are bonded by the magic of Star Wars, known as Fight Saber Singapore and 501st Legion, Singapore Garrison will make appearance in the Relay For Life as well.

And yes, as mentioned earlier its an overnight event from 10 Mar – 11 Mar 2018 from 6pm till the next day 9am! Its an 100KM relay challenge for 15 hours! If you got what it takes and can conquer 100KM overnight, you will be proudly deemed as their Relay Champion!


5 of us make appearance for this inspiring event, with our photographer for that evening tagging along. I had decided to suit in my Batman Beyond Armour version for that evening.


After everyone had suit up, we make our way towards the track field.

It was awesome start. Other than taking photos with the organizers, we also challenge ourselves in playing some of the games. Like basketball. While in suit!


Seriously, I don’t know what I’m doing…

Several moments later, that special moment had arrived. After our Mdm President of Singapore had given her speech, the inspiring 1000KM relay challenge commenced! All looked lively, active and standing 
together to make a commitment to save lives by taking up the fight and inspire others to take action.

There are others taking part also don in costumes. There’s Spiderman, Batman, even Black Panther! Initially we prefer to just walked, especially for my suit as it comes in parts and I worried it might get damage if I run. As our founder had advise, our safety is paramount. In the end, we ended running. For only one round! =D I guess when you are being too hyper-active, whatever initial thoughts will slide away and you ended up joining the party. Hahaha!

scs 2


While the relay is commencing, there’s live performance on a stage. The National Stadium was wild with all of us supporting and contributing and to bring the community together in the fight against cancer. Its more than just an event. All of us from all walks of life have came together with the single purpose of fighting cancer, giving hope and inspiration to cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers.

Me and the gang were indeed, happy to be part of this meaningful event. If there’s gonna be another one and if I happened to be free, I be happy to hop in the bandwagon and followed the flow to bring hope and inspiration.

Overall, though how tired we are we did enjoyed the event. All of us had played a big part within the community and hope to be part of it again in the future.

Furthermore, I’m surprised by how flexible my Batsuit is during the run. Looks like I have no problem if I were to run in it again =D





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