ChikaBOM BOMbastic Kentang Ball!

Posted: January 6, 2018 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                   Stardate: 061018.1 (Jan 06th, 2018)

Some time ago my wife told me about this food court that offers the best potato ball which appeared much bigger than a tennis ball. And she also tagged it to me in Facebook, which shows our local Chef Shahrizal Salleh aka Chef Bob, Ambassador of Singapore Halal Culinary Federation (SHCF) trying out the place. Seeing how the chef enjoy the food and providing an awesome feedback, we decided to try it out! =)

Yes, those recommended by him seems like a MUST to try! =D

Situated in the heart of Kampong Glam area at Sultan Gate, there this black and white building that has a food court on the ground level called FOMO. Short for Fear Of Missing Out. Wow, what a name!


I read its more than just your typical food court. FOMO is more hip hop, due to its tropical-paradise themed and colourful ambience, garden courtyard with a swing, and comes with a bar-like impression. Seriously, not your usual type of foodcourt.

There’s few food stalls and 1 drink stall. Among the food stalls, me and my wife aimed the one where Chef Bob had recommended. Named Kakak Kentang, it served potato balls and comes in medium and large. And when I say large, its really large than a tennis ball.

It serves two choices: Bombastic, which is stuffed beef potato ball with tomato based soup; and Chikabom which is the chicken version. Both cost below $10 and the meatballs were dunked in thick gravy. I choose the chicken version while my wife choose the Bomb. Both medium size.


The Chikabom taste like mee soto ayam (Chicken noodle soto….I think), but really not bad. However the Bombastic is really the BOMB! It makes you go WOW 
and feels like as if hot steam just gushed out from your ears. The Bombistic was someting to hunt and crave for. Trying adding a spoonful of kicap pedas (chili soy sauce) like how my wife did. You can tell the difference!

The stall also offers side dishes: Abang Popiah (Crunchy fried spring rolls) and Adik Char Kuay (Deep fried dough sticks). We try the Popiah. Damn it was delicious! We will try the Char Kuay when we came back here again. Definitely worth a shot!


Since few days after its opening, Kakak Kentang had quickly become one of the more popular food stores at FOMO. So popular that Chef Bob feature it as one of the best and recommended eating 
place in Singapore.

Though the Kakak Kentang is 100% Muslim Owned, the hip hop FOMO Singapore is not Halal certified cause the drink counter serves alcohol.


Honestly I’m not very sure about the rest of the stalls, though one of them uses Halal certified products. Also I saw one with the “No pork no lard” sign. Me and my wife were only aiming for the big kentang ball. 
Its for you to try out the rest and see how the taste is. They does looked appetising though.

If not, try this classique Singaporean Kentang Ball and you might be coming back for more. They were made with love and simply worthlicious! Ask Chef Bob! =D

Its located at 38 Sultan Gate. Opening Hours: 10:00am – 10:00pm, Monday – Sunday.




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