You Promise….

Posted: December 1, 2017 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                   Stardate: 91217.1 (Dec 1st, 2017)

When you promise someone, it means you have been entrusted by that person that you declared the promise will or will not be done, given, etc. 

You promise the conversation or meeting between you and your friend or the other party will be kept as a secret.
You promise that you won’t commit the same mistake again.
You promise you will pay him or her back the money.
You promise your loved ones that you will be back home in time.

But what if, you were told to make a promise for a friend…..before he or she committed suicide. He or she wants you to end your life after they had taken their own.

Especially if that person is your inseparable bestie. Would you?

That’s where this movie is all about, known as “The Promise”. Its a Thailand horror movie and takes place in 1997. It shows two besties vow to commit suicide after their fathers both fell victim to an economic downturn. This affects their lifestyle so badly that they don’t see any reason to live much longer.

However after seeing her friend take her own life, she gets cold feet. She reneges on her promise and fled, sobbing….


Fast forward 20 years later, she grows 
into a successful businesswoman and a single mother of a teenage girl. This is where she encountered the most horrifying journey of her life, where she was been haunted by the spirit of her dead best friend. She came back to punish her friend for reneging on her promise. She do this, not only creating havoc to her friend but also tormented the teenage daughter….

The movie is also inspired by true events, as it takes place back in 1997 where Thailand suffered a financial crash. Known as the Tom Yum Goong Crisis, it was the most disastrous event that crept over Asia and left millionaires bankrupted overnight! So bad that many even committed suicide.

I came to know about this movie when watching Justice League the other day. Since I love horror movies, so does my wife, we decided to watch it.

NO spoilers, for those who have yet to watch. =D

Can only say that the movie had many jump scares, which is quite common for today’s horror movies. Not just horror, but its also quite a touching story about love between all 3 of them.

May not be your type of horror movie, so don’t expect the ghost to jump out every now and then. But I do find it really interesting though. A promise to be taken very seriously at this desperate time and crisis, but one eventually choose to move on with life. Never expect her once so-called best friend to came back after 20 years, not only to seek her revenge. But also to terrorise the innocent teenage girl. Its like saying, somebody else in your family will suffered and pay for your broken promise.

Like any mother, she would do anything to protect her child. Even if she had to sacrificed herself. That’s what her best friends wants her to do after she had killed herself, isn’t it. To die together…..

As been inspired based on true events, the location used takes place at this Sathorn Unique Tower. Planned as a high-rise condominium complex, it was build during the same time where the country was hit badly by the Tom Yum Goong Crisis. Due to the disastrous event, construction was halted when it was about 80 percent complete. The building was left incomplete, abandoned even after 20 years.


The place was rumoured to be haunted. Don’t know how true that was, but does appeared 
interesting once this superstitions thing came about. Its also attract the attention of urban explorers (trespassers) and had received many attention from international visitors.

The story and the choice of location blends in well as it tells how badly the country were affected back then, and with most of the citizens going into a state of depression. The building is now among the most prominent of Bangkok’s many derelict buildings. I believe the building was left in such a way so that Thai or other filmmakers will used the place for movies. Best for horror films.

I would love to get upclose to it if I visit Bangkok one day =D

My verdict for the movie as I stated earlier. Its a tale between horror and love, inspired by true events. A rather touching story than horror itself. But still interesting to watch, in my point of view. Its unique in a way. It teaches the importance of promises and the consequences of breaking promises. But to face someone who wanted to end her life and make you promise too, would you?

Watch and you be the judge. Promise you, NO spoiler…


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