STGCC 2017

Posted: September 12, 2017 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                          Stardate: 99012.7 (Sept 12, 2017)

Marina Bay Sands Convention hall open its doors once again for the most anticipated  and annual cosplay event ever. From 9th – 10 Sept 2017, the Singapore Toys Games Comic Convention will bring out the latest and coolest toys, games, anime, cosplay, music, fashion merging from East and West. You named it!

Speaking of latest and coolest, for this year’s STGCC, there will be the Star Wars: Experience The Force, where the entire zone was been specially dedicated to Star Wars. Star Wars fans will be given the chance to get unclose and personal with the fan-made vehicle replicas, games and awesome collectibles!

Another best highlight is the Akiba Zone. Inspired by the high energy electric town in Japan, this zone strives of cosplay, music and artists to cater the fans!

Not to mention the Artist Galore, where you get to meet well-known artists and talents showcasing their original works of fan-arts.

So if you are into a mix of pop-culture rising from both worlds, STGCC is all yours to droll.

And for this year, I had decided to come down in my Batman Beyond Armour version. Remodified! Before the event takes place, I had taken the time to did some major modifications to it. Even change the entire suit to a larger size as the previous one was a little tight. This time, not only it looks more detail, its also lightweight. Not much restrain to the arms and able to move freely. A friend commented, that my version 2 looks more fierce and bold. I had to admit, it does! =D

For that record, a friend of ours who was also a frequent photographer for many cosplay events had organised a Marvel VS DC Mass Photoshoot. He had chose a perfect spot for the shoot. Many of us were coming on the 10th only, which is the last day of STGCC. So do I, as the 1st day I have to work. But I’m ok with it, cause at least I can make it for one day.

Talk about the massive crowd of people and kids wanting to take photos of us while waiting for the rest for the shoot. As expected! =D

Here’s where the photos will tell you in a thousands words! Clash of the Titans for both Marvel and DC!! 

And yes there are also non-Marvel and non-DC as well. Why not join in the fun and pick your side! =D

STGCC 2017


STGCC 2017 1

Many thanks to our friend and awesome photographer, Ismadi for the awesome photos taken! Worth epic at every shots! =D

The day ended in a wrap! I really enjoy the time with the cosplayers, especially the photoshoot. Indeed, was epic!

I’m also glad by how my remodifed Batsuit had turned out. Its much more flexible, lightweight and wasn’t as tight like my first version. Except for that moment where I had ripped the padding that was attached to my left leg. Luckily a friend carry some tapes and secure it tight. I guess I was too overwhelmed in the character that I burst a crack on the suit! =D

Other than that it went ahead well. We all had a good time together, teasing, joking and laughing like as though we never see each other for so many years. Well, its not like we everyday get to see each other. At most during cosplay events and that’s how we know each other from there. So its good to catch up whenever time permits.

Nevertheless, it’s been an awesome fruitful event and looking forward to see you guys again in the future!









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