A Morphenomenal Birthday!

Posted: December 29, 2016 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                      Stardate: 81229.6 (Dec 29th, 2016)

On Dec 24th, 2016, our local Toku group was been invited for a Power Rangers birthday party. The father of the birthday boy who will be celebrating his 5th birthday had stumbled upon my YouTube channel, where as according to him, one of the videos featured were me and my Ranger pals celebrating this 4 year old kid who loves Power Rangers. And that happen on August this year. So this eventually excites him, as his kid whose named Ajitboy also loves Power Rangers. He managed to get in touch with one of us who spread the news.

This is an opportunity for us, and for something I would love to be part of it since its a Power Rangers Birthday party. Good thing I’m not working on that day. So I agreed to lead for the party with 3 of my other fellow rangers; Red Ranger Time Force, Quantum Ranger and Blue Ranger from Mystic Force. Me will comes as my usual old school Mighty Morphin Red =)

As much as the father want to give his son the best birthday ever, so too are we. As Power Rangers, we want to give the son not only the best, but the most memorable birthday party. Just like how we did before, and in more to come.

Residing in Punggol Field, the birthday party was held at a multi-purpose hall. The hall was been decorate with power ranger theme at one side, with a Power Rangers Dino Charge theme poster as a backdrop. 

When I knew about this, I thought of coming down as Dino Charge Red, since I owned the suit. And which also kids nowadays were more into the recent Power Rangers. Unfortunately my belt was damage during a recent event, and only get to know last minute. So I don’t think I had enough time to repair it. But no matter, coming down as the old school Power Ranger still makes the grand appearance =D

According to the father, his son was not told of our appearance. This is a surprise opportunity for the little chap. We are eager for this to happen. Our plan was to give the grand entrance once the party commences.

We will came out one by one, followed by sequence as according to the series franchise. Mighty Morphin > Time Force > Mystic Force. And our theme will be played at the background. This is already good enough for the birthday boy, the kids there and their families to WOW at the sight of our sudden appearance.

The look at the kid’s face when he first saw us. Yes he did not expected this.

Surprised boy! Power Rangers are here to party with ya!

The families and relatives go crazy for our sudden appearance. Our attention has caught nearby residents and they too, stop whatever they are doing. This is expected when you are having the party at void deck or multi-storey purpose hall where its open. We are definitely fine with it! =D

Here’s some of the best photos taken. Many thanks of the birthday boy’s father for some of the photos taken =)




Throughout the day has been a great and wonderful Power Ranger birthday party for the 5 year old kid. Another success for our Toku group. If not for the families who invite us, we would never be where we are. It’s worth it!

I won’t denied the fact that I truly enjoyed doing something like this. The more I took part of it, the more I love doing it. As said before, this is something I would love to do ever since I first had my Power Ranger suit. I got my wish came true and will continue to do so as long I’m still fit and strong enough to had it going. 

That video of mine which I had posted some time ago where we are invited to celebrate that kid 4th year old birthday had proven a success, as it had reach out to another family. This tells me, if I continue to create more videos of Power Rangers birthdays, it may attract more families who may be keen. That’s what the father of the boy told me. He came across my recent video of that 4 year old kid. And that’s how he able to reach us.

Another way of expanding our group, as the way I see it. Time goes by and our group had slowly, but progressively branching out. I hope, for the benefit our team, we can achieve this. If not for the people who had invited us, we wouldn’t be where we are.

Not just birthdays. We are also open for other special events or occasions. Its rare to have such unless you know some who can do it. As long our informants or contacts are sincere and agreed to our terms and conditions. We are not into business. We are still a non-profit group. But we won’t mind doing such as long its reasonable between the two parties.

Is the thoughts that counts to make others happy. And in return they make your day too. Not just cosplaying. But using that cosplay appeal out of the regular cosplay thing and bring the smile to those you care for. To give back to the community, for something that you volunteer and willing to do.

And lastly, me and my Rangers would like to say a big thank you to the boy parents, and the people there who are taken the effort to make this event a special one. We are grateful and honour to be there and give the kid the best and memorable birthday ever.

To little Ajitboy, we hope you enjoy and love what your mommy and daddy had granted for you. You are the next lucky boy to have Power Rangers to come celebrating your birthday with you. You make our day, as much as we make yours. Anyway, you look really cool in your Power Ranger suit. Future Megaforce ranger, perhaps? =D

Happy 5th Birthday Ajitboy! We hope we can see you again for your next birthday. May you excel as time goes by =)


And here’s the morphenomenal video. Hope you all enjoy it =)


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