The Noodle Bar

Posted: December 18, 2016 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                    Stardate: 61218.6 (Dec 18th, 2016)

Tucked at the corner of Esplanade Mall, there’s this restaurant which just officially opened, and its certified halal. Its called the Noosh Noodle Bar And Grill.

Some of you may been here before. Me and my fiancee stumbled upon it by chance when we were walking around the vicinity looking for a place to eat. Initially we had planned to eat at Makansutra, which is an open food court just nearby. Unfortunately it appeared to have closed due to the heavy rain earlier. So while walking around in search for a place to eat, we ended up stumbled upon this Noosh place.

We decided to try it out, seeing how tempting the menu is. And that also we are really hungry!

As the name had stated, Noosh Noodle bar… Indeed, the restaurant was designed to look like a bar. Really intriguing. Its quite spacious, cozy and had a welcoming environment. The decor was all chocolate brown, which really brings out that vibrant sense of relaxation and to unwind.


For our first visit, we decided to try the Mee Ayam Jakarta (Chicken Noodle Jakarta….so called). And had Ondeh Ondeh cake for dessert, which will came after once we done eating the main course.

My tummy started grumbling once the food came. I grab my fork and indulge in the mouth-watering dish.



The waiter also provide us with some spices to add on with the dish. One bowl doesn’t seem enough and feel like wanna go for another round. Hahaha! Its really good!

Our Ondeh Ondeh cake soon came. And its comes not alone, but with a scoop of ice-cream! As much as the main course itself, the Ondeh Ondeh is really out of this world! As you bite down the flavour, you will feel the crunchiness savouring, telling you this must have been the best Ondeh Ondeh cake ever made. The taste is just right! 



More photos of the restaurant. Intriguing indeed…


Overall, we are satisfied with the service provided. The staff are friendly, the aroma was pleasant, and not to mention the food. Worth the price. Indeed, a great place to hang out after a hard day at work. Will definitely came back here again in the future to try out the other dishes, not just the noodles. Worth the appetite!

If those haven’t been here before and wanting to indulge on the menu, the location is at 8 Raffles Avenue, Esplanade Mall #01-13B, Singapore 039802.

Try it and see. Its worth a dining experience for me! =)


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