Meomi Cat Cafe

Posted: December 15, 2016 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                  Stardate: 60152.1 (Dec 15th, 2016)

I recently visit this cat cafe known as Meomi Cat Cafe with my fiancee. I had been planning to visit this kitty cafe ever since my to The Cat Cafe, which is not far from the one I recently visit. So we got our chance and head down to meet our feline friends.

This Meomi Cat Cafe is situated at North bridge road, next to Haji Lane. Not that difficult to find.

It leads us to this small hallway, where there’s a wide range of cat-theme accessories which was on sale at the corner. Before us, was the glass door that will lead us to meet the cats. We could already see a few of them moving about and just can’t wait to pet and play with them. They all looked so cute!!! =D

Here at Meomi Cafe, its $13 with complimentary drinks for the 1st hour, for adults. And subsequent 1/2 hour which is $5.

There’s also this Pawsome Combo which is $19. We decided to go for the Pawsome Combo where it comes with a cat-shape pancake, beverage (your choice) and a chocolate sauce.

So before we enter, the friendly staff will explain to us the dos and dons. For the safety of the cat and us, humans. Then to apply some hand sanitiser for good measure.

And lastly, the door is open for us to cat heaven! =)


Unlike the The Cat Cafe, this one was smaller. Total here were only 7 cats. Both sides of the room have cushioned benches with small tables for customers. And there’s also some cats pillows lined up along the benches.

Furthermore, its a cat playground on both sides of the wall. We were told that these kitties had come from the cats welfare. As such they were been monitored from time to time for their safety, to prevent them from being harass or mistreated by misbehaving customers.

One of the staff even introduced us each of the cats. There’s Mario, Luna, Coon, Oreo… just to name a few. Telling their age, their breed, even the silliest and funny things they do and behaved.


That look is just too irresistible! =D

Though only 7 cats, most of them are indeed lovely looking. Especially one which we just couldn’t take our eyes of it was this short-legged Munchkin cat named “Mario.”



My fiancee love this type of cat. So its a bonus for her to meet Mario. It looks so cute to see it running and walking with those short legs. So cuteness overload!!!! =D

Here’s the rest of the lovely and beautiful cats. So tempting to hug and cradle them. But too bad, we are not allowed to do so…..



We really have fun interacting with the kitties. Though the place is small, but its quite cozy, clean and friendly fun, especially for the kids. Also, its a great place to hangout while having a fancy cup of coffee and cakes with the company of cats around you.

The one at Cat Cafe has a number of cats which I can say, its common and can be found anywhere in Singapore. Here, at Meomi Cat Cafe, there’s some rare cats, like Mario the Munchkin cat, which can be hard to find here. My fiancee pretty much like the Meomi cafe.

Nevertheless, all the cats from either side had a place to stay, and at the same time interact with the humans. There are other cat cafes which I intend to visit one day. Meeting all of them has always been a pleasure.

So do drop by here if you love cats. Or yet to be one. I definitely enjoy my time with them. They are all really loveable kitties. Location is at 668 North Bridge Road, 188801 Singapore. Its near to the Sultan Mosque, and nearest MRT is Bugis



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