EOY 2016!

Posted: December 12, 2016 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                     Stardate: 60120.6 (Dec 12, 2016)

Also known as the “End of Year” Cosplay Festival, this Japanese pop-cultural arts event is back again at the same location, which is at Marina Barrage. So before 2016 comes to end, all cosplayers were invited to enjoy this moments together to have lots of fun till the day’s end. 

The event falls on the weekend, from 10th – 11th Dec 2016. Each time brings new opportunities. Guest performances by Japanese celebrities, well-known cosplayers. Music and dance performances by home-grown talents, artwork exhibitions and booths selling a wide range anime merchandise and artworks. Infact, its more on focusing towards Japanese culture. So if you are into such, this event is just for you.

I had decided to come for one day only, which is on the first day. And finally I can debut in my latest character. One which is my childhood and which I wanted to cosplay for sooooo long.

Its from this wacky comedy movie called “The Mask.” =D


I believe many of you had watch this crazy movie before. Released in 1994, and starring the king of comedy, Jim Carrey as Stanley Ipkiss.

He finds this wooden mask near the city’s harbour. So once he place it on his face, it transforms him into a wacko soot yellow-suited, green-faced, bizarre trickster known as the Mask, who is able to cartoonishly alter himself into many ways. With that, he use this advantage for his first looney act to scare off his grouchy landlady, a street gang, and even rob a bank.

There’s also an animated series of The Mask. And in 2005, the second adaptation of the movie, known as Son of the Mask was introduced.

The yellow suit and pants and the latex mask were brought from ebay. No way I’m gonna paint my face green! It took me a long search. But eventually found what I needed.



As for the tie, I had purchased a black tie and decorate it using some white cloth and white spray paint to make it look like the actual one seen in the movie. There is the original tie been put up for sale. But it will cost me a bomb. So I decided to customise it myself.

Turns out really good as what I had expected. It may not look the same. But no matter. Its close enough and I like how it had turns out.

So its time to put on the mask and create a wild and looney chaos! =D

Here’s some of the best moments capture of me partying with the gang. Photos taken by friends. Many many thanks to them! =)



The whole day has been an awesome day! I truly enjoy the hours with the gang, and really happy how my character had turns out. None has expected such character will showed up. Hahaha! Its all about on how well you adapt into your character. That’s one of the reasons when you cosplay. You want to be in that character. So you have to be like that character. His or her style, moves, pattern, etc. 

Also, The Mask will be my last character I’m cosplaying. Don’t worry guys, I will still continue cosplaying. Its only this character will be my last. Cause I’m gonna focus and save up for other things. Marriage is one of them, since I’m getting married next year.

Kudos to all in making everyone happy! We all have a good time and will be looking forward for more! =D



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