Happy Kids Graduation Concert

Posted: December 6, 2016 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                  Stardate: 61267.2 (Dec 06, 2016)

I was been invited by a friend of mine for this kids event recently, as what he told me. I was working on that day where the event take place. The event commence near 1700hrs. My work ends at 1500hrs. So why not join in the fun? =D

You know I always into this kind of event out of the regular cosplay thingy. Especially when it involves with kids and their families. I will never get tired of this! =D

I had decided to don my Red Ranger from the Power Rangers Dino Charge series. There are other 4 cosplayers and also friends of mine; Spiderman, Deadpool, Black Panther and Kamen Rider Kuuga. We also have a Flash character, who happened to be the teachers father, as what I was told. An organiser at the same time. Not bad his suit. Might consider joining for cosplay activities =D

So apparently it turn out to be a Happy Kids Graduation concert, where it involves kindergarten kids. Upon graduating, they will also perform various dances infront of their families.

Wow! I never had such when I was in kindergarden. Back then we just don the gown and take a group class photo. That’s it. I don’t recall any of us dance on stage. Really, they all look so cute and really performed well. I’m impressed! =)

We superheroes or cosplayers turn out to be like special guest appearances, just to add more fun with the organizers who also dress up. Really craze, outgoing and fun as we join in the dance on stage. I was at first lost when my friend (the Spiderman) who invited us told me that later we gonna dance, which is near to the end of the event. Cause we did not rehearse for any. 

But it turn out that we just join in with the organizers who were dress up on stage and follow the beat. Not that difficult. Just followed the moves! Really fun. Just what I need while in suit! =D

Then halfway in the midst of the fun, my belt suddenly malfunction. The velcro that attach the belt together snaps off. Damn! Talk about bad timing!

I can look naked without the belt, as it wouldn’t look complete for my suit. So I got no choice and had to hold its back while taking photos with the kids. It’s already look worn out pretty bad anyway. Will have to get it replace. If I knew this will happened, I should have worn my old school Red Ranger…=.=…

But that didn’t stop me to join the fun. Really appreciate to be part of this event even though it’s not much. It’s all about making the kids, their families, the people there happy and a memorable one! More than just cosplaying. A meaningful one, which can last as long as you can make it meaningful and continue to make those around you happy. Will definitely look forward for more! 

Lastly, thanks to my friend and the teachers for having us to for this kids graduation concert. For the happy kids, well done! Keep up with the good work so you can have  brighter future ahead. You boys and girls are awesome! =)

Photos here taken by friends and the organisers. Many thanks to them! =)

*I regret to inform not to post photos of the kids as there is no permission given by their parents. We will respect this as to prevent any unnecessary dispute.



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