Its A Pink With French Fantasy Cafe….

Posted: September 22, 2016 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                          Stardate: 62209.4 (Sept 22nd, 2016)

Incase you aren’t aware, there has been an increase number of halal cafes in Singapore recently. This is good if you wanna tag along with your Muslim friends or invite them to some of these cafes. So far I had tried few of them, and they offer quite awesome food with great ambience. I decided to share one of them.

Tucked away at the corner and located on the 2nd level in the heart of Arab Street, there’s a fancy theme cafe and boutique. Known as La Marelle Cafe & Boutique, is a French fantasy theme that comes in a cutest and rainbow decorations at every corner. A unique cafe that most couples will adore. 


La Marelle served an all day breakfast sets, other than lunch and dinner, and a wide selective range of cakes and drinks at reasonably prices. The cafe is not really halal certified. But I understand that their suppliers are halal certified suppliers and most of their staff are actually Muslim. Good enough then =)

I recently dine there with my fiancee, and its my 3rd visit there (That’s how I  first met her. Hehe…) We had order a full set. I forgot what’s the name of it. But its one of the all day breakfast sets. A combination of sausages, scrambles eggs, mushrooms, and some veggies and bread. It comes in a basket, and the portion was huge. Its really delicious and worth every bite! The price is reasonable, not to mention. We did not try any of the cakes though. Maybe next time.

Here’s the meal. Quite appetizing isn’t it? You guys better try it rather than just drooling! =D


Service there was not bad. Really efficient and the staff there are friendly. Other than the great ambience, the place is clean, felt so welcoming and really had colourful atmosphere. Its really pink with whimsical art. The walls were display with tons of antique and cute stuff. Some place to the wall and some on the shelves. Plus, there’s free wifi. A perfect place to hang out, especially if you are a coffee lover. Cause this place got the brew you might need.

Other than drooling on the menu, the cafe also offers a wide inventory of unique and colourful stuff that you can purchase. From bags, phone cases, necklaces and stationary. For the ladies, you may be interested in some of these cute stuff.

The photos here will reveal to you all! =D



With such great food, wonderful atmosphere, excellent service, I would definitely come here again in the future. And to remind myself to try out the cakes on my next visit. Price is alright, so why not drop by again? 

Give it a try for those who have not. The address is at 25A Baghdad Street. Believe me, you won’t regret! =)

I will share more on halal cafes whenever I visit one =)


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