Toys, Games and Comics Convention!

Posted: September 11, 2016 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                Stardate: 67711.9 (Sept 11th, 2016)

The highly anticipated and most happening event of the year which brings together the pop culture ranging from the best in comics, toys, anime, manga and cosplay from the East and West is back again. The Singapore Toy Game and Comic Convention will delighted the fans in the range of the latest edition collectibles, exclusive works and assorted pop culture memorabilia. These include unique works from well-known artists from Singapore and around the region.

Not to mention, there’s even some old school, or some would say “legendary” toys and game consoles been sold at the various booths. So for those who are into antique stuff, these booths are a place for you. Some old school still are the coolest!

The event was held on the weekends from 10th – 11th Sept at Marine Bay Sands Expo & Convention Center. I only go for day 1 as I have to work the next day. One day is worth for me to spend and enjoy the day till sunset. And I had decided to cosplay as the futuristic dark knight himself. Batman Beyond. Mine is not from the animated series, but from Batman – Arkham Knight game, cause its armoured version.

I had first debut in it for last year’s STGCC. And you can say its a hit. Even scare myself when I see in the mirror while donning in it and told myself, “I’m so wicked cool! =D

I practically had done some minor adjustment to the suit. Adding some LED lights to the belt and patches more foam to the chest area just to make it look more “armoured.” I even make new gauntlets to replace the old ones. I feel like I’m Bruce Wayne repairing or modified his bat suit! =D

Finally, my work pays off, and I’m good to go! 

The day went really well. Or should I say, really awesome. I’ve met many DC or Justice League characters. Most commonly were Batman and Joker, with one of them is my good friend as the Nightmare Batman which was seen in Batman V Superman. I had tagged along with him throughout the day and it felt like Bruce Wayne and his successor Terry McGinnis work along side by side. The past and the future, together battling out those bad guys. hahaha! =D

Ultimately, the appearance of us as DC characters quickly forms as the first team of the Singapore’s Justice League. We were also invited to the retail’s DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe where we try out those mouth-watering nachos and fries. Best of all, its free for us Justice League! Thank you Mr John of DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe for sponsoring us. You are awesome! =D


Even superheroes need a break! Does it remind you of the ending scene in Avengers? =D

Here’s some of the awesome photos taken. Many thanks to my friends who have taken them! =)



Other than DC characters, there’s the Marvel ones. Spiderman were seen the most, and come in various styles other than its original appearance. Really impressive! Its hype nowadays, even in the cosplay community. As long you are happy and comfortable with it, you won’t see an issue to it.

Overall, its been an awesome day. With the Justice League gang and other cosplayers as well. Get to meet new ones too. 

Hope to see you all again in the future, and hopefully can maintain this league of ours. The team can never be where it is now without us. Onwards! =) 


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