Memories of Mcdonald’s Bedok Interchange….

Posted: August 29, 2016 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                      Stardate: 60292.6 (Aug 29th, 2016)

Good things will eventually come to an end. For some. Infact for some places. They will either be demolished forever. Or be replace by a house, an apartment or an outlet or mall. Some will undergo an extensive renovation.

For this case, was the Bedok Interchange McDonald’s. Those who had lived within the vicinity for many years had grow up knowing the place as there was once a cinema right on top of it. Even an arcade. But as years grows by, the arcade had cease operations and replace by another tenant. I remember seeing a movie once at the place, many years ago. So I wasn’t sure if the cinema still exists up there after that. Cause I was told its a karaoke lounge now.

But it’s the fast food itself that many of us gonna miss. Since young, I’m one of the people who had patronise there to chill out with friends and family. And when the arcade was around, me always go there after school. Growing up at Bedok for so many years, and its a sudden surprised to find out that it will cease operations on 28th August 2o16.

FullSizeRender-5 copy

Perhaps due to a new one which was inside the newly Bedok Mall which is just opposite the road. After this, wasn’t sure what will take over its place. A new fast food restaurant perhaps? Or some outlet? An air-conditioning coffeeshop, maybe.

On that day itself, I had my last breakfast before its closes down for good in hours time. And some time back, me and my friends whom most of us live within its vicinity had our last lunch there. At least we managed to savour the last of its surroundings, the sounds, the staff before its gone. Memories flooded, as I look back through those years just be looking at it. Considered as a childhood place. Good old times….

bedok mac

Well, its time to say goodbye. Its been nice knowing that it had served its valued customers for so many years. As they say, not every place will be there forever. A new place will take its place. And it will be for many years till it will be torn down and another will take. Or leave it as an empty space….


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