Cosfest XV: Reborn!

Posted: July 4, 2016 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                   Stardate: 90046.5 (Jul 4th, 2016)

Everybody’s favourite cosplay event is here again at the heart of Downtown East at Pasir Ris. As usual held in the weekends, it will delight cosplayers to fill the hours of fun till the day’s end.

An event which not only brings cosplayers together, but also brings the whole family to come down and join in the colourful fun and entertainment. You can say, its more of a family fun oriented then just being a cosplay event itself. Also, this is where you can find more new cosplayers, and become friends to many of them.

This year cosfest will have a special highlight on the first day. The organizers had set up a DC Comic special on stage, dedicated for DC fans and lovers. The theme features a DC Comics Cosplay Show by the Suicide Squad characters and DC Comics Super Runway.

So for those who owned the suit from any of the DC characters, you are welcome to take part in the super runway. Superman and Batman are the most talk of the town, indeed! =D

The event took place on the 2nd  – 3rd July. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it on the first day cause I’m working, and too late to apply for leave. Or else I can take part in the DC super runway as Batman Beyond. That’s too bad…..

Still, at least I can make it for the last day, where I had debut in my latest suit. Its the Red Ranger Ninjetti, which was seen in the 1995 Power Rangers movie and third season in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Only appeared in the American version, but not in Super Sentai. Those who have seen it will know =D

Also the fact that it falls on the fasting month; but I’m already used to it. Like that recent event where we are invited for a carnival. As long I don’t run around too much.

Here’s are the photos and I let them do the talking. Many credits to our friends who had taken the photos! =D



Though it was tiring, especially for us who was fasting, the day went well. And also the weather was damn hot! Its been a blazing heat ever since. And we had to resort in staying inside the huge tent where it was been built at the center of the field. Cause inside was air-conditioning.

Nevertheless, we did enjoy our time there and had lots of fun. And I’m happy to know that many of the people did recognize my Red Ranger Ninjetti. Did not expect this, as it wasn’t something like my actual Red Ranger suit. But glad to see me pose as the Red Ranger Ninjetti turn out quite well to many of them.

Achievement Unlocked! =D

There will be another one in soon to come and will look forward into it. Till then, cheers! =)


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