Team Delta Cohesion Plus Family Day

Posted: May 1, 2016 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                              Stardate: 91301.5 (May 1st, 2016)

Marina Bay Sands Security Department, Team Delta had a Cohesion and Family Day yesterday the 30th where it was been organised by our team’s Operation Manager. Knowing that I’m a cosplayer, cosplaying as the ever recognised Red Ranger, he had given me this opportunity to invite my group down and be part of this private event. This is a good chance for the team as you don’t get to see this everyday. Especially when there’s kids around and you get to see your favourite childhood superhero live! =D

Other than just simply take photos with us, we also decided to put a skit. A simple one, doesn’t have to be complicating. This will boost up the excitement, especially for the kids. Everybody there truly enjoys it. A chance for a lifetime for the team.

Photos below were taken by my colleagues. Many credits to them. I let these photos do the talking =)

cohension part 1

cohension 2

Once again, thank you to my team’s Operation Manager for giving me the opportunity to invite my group to be part of this event. The kids, our colleagues, everyone is having a good time! An unforgettable one! They’ve been looking forward for this. And after this is over, they gonna be talking about it for weeks! Hahaha! =D

For the skit, well done guys! Though its a last minute thing, it still turn out a success! A team’s effort pays off. Couldn’t have done it better without you guys. Appreciate the teamwork.

We should really do something like this more often. It really promotes our group better and become more recognisable. Hopefully we can achieve that as time goes by =)


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