A Visit To The Jamiyah Children’s Home

Posted: March 28, 2016 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                  Stardate: 98828.6 (Mar 28th, 2016)

Our friendly and loving community Pause For A Cause was been invited by the Jamiyah Children’s Home. The home is an abode of care and shelter for the orphans and children of single parents, drug detainees, abused and dysfunctional families. The home also aims to provide the welfare and development services to these kids. To help them to become responsible individuals and who can contribute to their families in society.

So on that day Mar 27th (Sunday), the children will dress up as different characters to give them the moment to enjoy the fun day. So on our part, we will too dress up, or should I say cosplay into our favourite characters and join in the fun! =)

5 of us turned up for that day, which consist of three Power Rangers, One Doraemon and Naruto. I came as the usual Red Ranger me.

Its like only 2 weeks ago where I had attended for the kids at Kandang Kerbau Hospital. Now back again, in my Red Ranger suit, to provide hope, the love and support for these children in need. I never get tired of doing something that I love, as long I’m still capable and free. I learn something by each visit, especially when comes to kids in homes. They need someone to be there for them, after what they have gone through.

We worked together with this volunteer group known as Rotary Club to bring smiles to the kids. I actually expected to see dozens of kids in there. But turn out only a few. And there were quite rowdy in a sense.

But still, kids will be kids. What I learn is to have a few talks with them or more and they actually listen to you. From there, you can actually had a newfound respect for them.

We all have to understand where they came from. Some of them were there for 3 years. They can come as young as 3 years old. Feeling lonely, uncertain and confused. I was told some even have experienced trauma. Till they were unable to trust the adults around them. It saddens you just to imagine how it was like…..They are only children. Innocent and lost. They don’t deserved such treatment. So that’s why the home aims to spread the unconditional love to these children and help them to develop into responsible adults.

So open up your mind and be grateful how fortunate that you have loving parents. These kids may be rowdy. Misbehaved. But knowing where they came from, and the painful journey they had to face, it really saddens me. I hope one day they grow up to be responsible, and what the home had taught and groom them. God’s willing. They are still humans and deserved to be shape for the better.

Though the event is small, its still worth it. Getting to know the kids and all. Cosplaying for the extraordinary really taught me many things. As long I’m free and capable, I’m always on the go! =D

Photos handsomely taken. Many credits to the photographers! =)


**We regret to inform that the kids will not be disclosed as to protect their identity. PFAC respect the rights and privacy of these kids. Thank you for your understanding.

I would like to thank the organizers of Jamiyah Children’s Home and the volunteers of Rotary Club for having us to be part of it. Its been great working with you guys and hope we can meet again in the future! =D

And for the kids, please be good boys and girls ok. Cause who knows, we might came back again. Till then, take care ok! =D


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