Another Surprise Visit! =)

Posted: March 17, 2016 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                      Stardate: 91917.6 (Mar 17th, 2016)

On Mar 14th, three Power Rangers (Me as the old time Red Ranger) and Princess Anna of Arendelle (Frozen) make their way down to Kandang Kerbau Hospital to pay a visit to the kids there. To give them what they deserved. Happiness, care and loved.

Its another meaningful day for us, members of the fun-loving committee, Pause For A Cause (PFAC) to show our support, dedication to the little ones and to make their day. Make it the best ever! An unforgettable one. This too includes for the nurses and doctors, as well as the families. Its always fun to see your favourite characters or superheroes appeared at your working place. And just couldn’t resist the urge to take photo with us! =D

With one of the organizers leading the way, we will go ward by ward, level to level. Meeting the kids and their families. Something unexpected for them, as we popped by. Imagine the reaction on many of their faces! Especially when seeing our friend cosplay as Princess Anna. Some of the little girls there just love her.

Anna and the Snow Queen, Elsa had become quite popular ever since the movie was launch. No doubt many of the girls, especially the little ones couldn’t resist both of them.

What we had observed, and as told by the organiser that most of the kids were not feeling that well on that day. Unlike last year where most of them were quite active. So we try not to be there for too long as they need really the rest.

Nevertheless its still worth the visit, as you finally be able to make their day. It’s not like you get to do this everyday. It’s a chance I would love to do and will do it again as long I’m free. Doing something meaningful while in costume than just cosplaying itself really tells a thousand words =)

*I regret to inform that photos taken with the patients are not allowed to be disclose. PFAC respect the rights and privacy of the patients and their families. Thank you for your understanding.

A nice and wonderful group photo of us before we fulfil the fun for the kids. A before and after for the Power Rangers just for the fun of it! =D


We would like to thank the organizer for the invitation, as well as the staff of KKH. And well done to the team. Another mission accomplished! The kids will never forget this! =D


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