Uncle Ringo Carnival!

Posted: February 11, 2016 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                         Stardate: 90161.1 (Feb 11th, 2016)

Remember how it is like when going to a fun fair when you were just a kid? Even for adults, its always been a thrill. Images of those rides circling in your mind. Especially those bumper cars. Yes! Bumper cars! This never gets old! Then there’s a line of game booths, where you need to score a lot of points in order to get a price. The higher the points, the chances of getting a good or bigger price. Not to mention, a wide variety of mouth-watering delights in-line for you to drool.

I came across a photo of a fun fair from a friend’s Facebook, who told me there’s one located at Tampines. Just next to the Tampines MRT Station. This suddenly interests me! =D

So yesterday evening the 10th, me and 3 of my pals head down to the place. Seeing the carnival colourful lights from the distance already excites me. Its been like so many donkey years since I last visit one!

The fun fair theme was named as “Uncle Ringo.” Cute name for a fun fair theme. Also named as Tampines HongBao Carnival 2016, as it was been integrate as part of Chinese New Year. 


There’s the train rides, car rides, the Pirate ship, the adrenaline Round Up, the commonly-seen horse ride, the haunted house. And yes, the bumper cars! =D

I quickly get the ticket for it. As well as another friend of mine. The other two decided not to take any and just go there to have a look around.

That thrilling feeling once I hit the pedal and drove around the circuit and bump against other cars. Its nostalgic! It lasted about 10 mins. But it was worth it! 

Then we bought some burgers and other fast food before strolling around the place. Here in Singapore, the pasar malam or night market is usually added with the fun fair. And those who love visiting the night market, especially those who go there for the food will find that one of a kind popular fast food stall: Ramly Burgers. Till now, it had become quite a popular local delicacy, especially among city dwellers.

So if you happen to spot a pasar malam or visit one, be sure to expect this famous burger stall. No exception when there’s a carnival park. They also sell other fast food then just burger itself. And its mouth-watering indeed..=P

fun fair

fun fair 2

Though we took only one ride, its still worth it. Especially stepping back into one of my childhood memories. Same old brand but never-ending thrills. Never gets old! The atmosphere is just nostalgic.

For those who plan to visit the carnival, its located next to Tampines MRT, on an open field. Last day will be 21st Feb. From 1700hrs till 2300hrs. So come on down if you love carnivals before its gone =)



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