Here Comes AFA 2015!

Posted: November 30, 2015 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                         Stardate: 80302.5 (Nov 30th, 2015)

The largest and most followed and most anticipated J-pop culture event is back again this year! Its Anime Festival Asia 2015! From cosplay to games, manga, anime, toys, all hot and sizzling that had lined up in store for you. And centring all things under Japanese culture. So if you love Japan, this is the event you should check it out. There’s an exciting line up of live performances, special guest appearance, well-known cosplayers and much more under this category!

This year the event was from 27th – 29th November and held at Suntec City. I had to take a day leave which is on 28th. Thankfully my leave is approved. One day is enough for me to enjoy the fun. With that, I can finally make a debut in my new Kamen Rider Drive!!


Ultimately, there are other characters within KR Drive itself other than myself on that day. Also, majority of us had come cosplaying as Kamen Riders, be it civilian mode or in suit. So the way we see it, its like having an all KR theme for that day. Impressive! =D

Let’s fast forward and move on to view the best photos taken. Many credits to the photographers! =)

afa 1  afa 2afa 3

You can tell just by looking at the photos how fun the day has been. It may look like an all Kamen Rider theme cause of the majority. But infact, a better theme will be a Toku mass group, cause there’s Power Rangers and even Ultraman! As long you cosplay anything under Toku, just hop in the wagon.

Well, we do except other characters out of Toku cause there’s one of the photoshoots where both Spiderman and Deadpool suddenly joins in. Hahahahaha! The more the merrier!

The day is worth spend. And me really have fun as KR Drive! Totally love it! Will look forward for more events in the future! =)




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