A Night Of Halloween Walkabout!

Posted: November 1, 2015 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                                  Stardate: 80110.5 (Nov 1st, 2015)

The end of October marks the time of that yearly celebration where people, especially the kids will dress up as ghosts or monsters, craving pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns, some playing pranks, visiting haunted attractions, attending to costume parties and anything that scares for that night. Yes, its Halloween! The creeps and freaks will be out hunting and will creep you out and scare the living daylight out of you. Just for the fun of it! =D

I was invited for a Halloween Walkabout event at Clarke Quay by some cosplay friends. It has been 3 years since I last had my fun for Halloween. To me, its like any other cosplay event. Infact, Halloween in Singapore is more of a costume or cosplay thingy. Its kind of rare to see kids here going from door to door asking for sweets or candies. Or trick-or-treat. But it does happened, cause I ever see photos of locals here doing that custom in some residential areas. The fact that they are living in bungalows of course.

For some of us here, especially we cosplayers, we rather go the usual cosplay. We don’t go asking for sweets! XD!!!

I had come as a werewolf. The last time I become one was 3 years ago. Initially thought of becoming a Ghost Rider. So long never cosplay as one. Last was in 2012. However, I couldn’t find a proper motorcycle jacket. And the jacket that I had used previously for my Ghost Rider was been borrowed by a friend.

Thankfully, I still had my werewolf mask that comes together with the claws. The guys who invited me says its a good idea and just perfect for Halloween.

Oh yes it is! The last time I wear does scares the shit out of everybody! Hahahaha! I considered this to cosplay as the teenager werewolf from that classic 1985 movie, Teen Wolf which stares Michael J.Fox. More or less the same =D

Oct 31st, 2015: Night has fall. The moon is full and shines bright. At that moment, I could feel my skin tears apart. Revealing the animal in it. A monster. A terrifying wolf. That makes me….a Werewolf! Woooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

How I love the irony… =D

Good thing I can make it for the evening. I got a cohesion program in the day. But it ended early at 1200hrs. I can have enough rest before feast for the night!

Errr….I mean, have fun for the night.

Many credits to friends for these awesome photos. The best ever! =D

Halloween photo 1         halloween photo 2

Our group came in all sorts and forms of amazing characters. Regardless of what we are in, its all about having fun and to enjoy the celebration. Our plan was to simply walk around Clarke Quay vicinity, the Riverpoint to be exact. While getting the attention from the public. That was what our theme is all about.

We even bump into other cosplayers who some of them we recognised. Its a huge crowd there, with most of them dressed up for Halloween. The night was booming with thrilling activity. Other than ended up making some of the kids cried (can’t be helped when my werewolf mask is too hideous), I’m happy to know that my terrifying character does catch a lot of attention. I even ended up in a duel match with Count Dracula… =P

Also, I had to squat down many times, as being this creature. I know for sure I’m gonna suffered a lot of leg cramps the next day. Cause this ain’t the first time I posed as the werewolf.

Nevertheless, we all had a good time celebrating this once in a night of a lifetime event. Its worth every goosebumps! =D

Maybe next year, if all goes well, I might came as the Grim Reaper. Its one of my future Halloween plans. Or better still, back being a Ghost Rider. Most say I look better as him.





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