One Unique Playground and One Of Yesteryears

Posted: September 25, 2015 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                                      Stardate: 80025.9 (Sept 25, 2015)

A dinosaur playground? I stumbled upon it after seeing a friend of mine posted it in his Facebook. He posed before a 3-meter foot tall Tyrannosaurus Rex. I notice that there’s also some dinosaur eggs next to the T-rex. Next to it was a smaller Tyrannosaurus, likely portrayed to be its child.

Being a dinosaur lover since young, I suddenly become tempted into it and asked my friend on its location. Turns out that its located at Toa Payoh.

So few days ago, me and a friend of mine when to check it out. After a few mins of searching, there it was!


Its like stepping into Jurassic Park! Well…..not entirely. Hahaha! There’s the 3-meter foot tall T-rex, with the smaller one next to it. There’s also the dinosaur eggs which lies next to the T-rex. There’s also a green platform in the shape of a Stegosaurus. There’s no swings, slides, see-saws or monkey bars in this playground, except for the dinosaurs themselves.

dino park

Such a unique playground. Daring kids might try to scale up the towering T-rex. Or even ride on the small one. Such imaginative. Such creativity that can be played at this playground. Especially when you are a fan of Jurassic Park, this playground can be of better use =D

Some people may find it weird to have a dinosaur theme playground been built in such a quiet neighbourhood. But I find it interesting though. Where can you find such playground like this elsewhere in Singapore?

Location of this dinosaur playground is in front of Block 27, Kim Keat Avenue (Toa Payoh).


Not far away from the dinosaur playground was another unique playground. But carries a piece of memory for those who are born in the 80s and 90s. They will lived to tell by its iconic design of animal theme shapes.

But one of them always seem to stands out among the rest. Quite a popular design for playgrounds and a popular place that kids can enjoy for hours! Yes, its the majestic Dragon playground.


I remember back then how I used to love running along its “spine” or body of the dragon and going in-between them. And sliding down the slide which was connected with it. Yes, the slides. Unlike now, most of the slides were built in swirl patterns, where back then the slides were just one straight slide to the ground.

Then, there’s the simple swings and see-saws. And not to mention, little plastic rides in the shapes of seahorse and pony for children to sit on. And yes of course, all were built within the sandy ground. Nowadays you hardly seen such playground surrounded with sand. They were replayed by rubber mats, and some comes with an exercise corner. Nowadays most playground were built in a shape of houses and some in a form of a castle. All comes in standard plastic-made play-sets.

So on the same day itself, me and my friend pay this childhood place of ours a visit. A wave of our childhood memories hit us and soon we found ourselves playing on it. It feels good to being a kid again! =D

dragon playground

I came to know there are few other places that such playgrounds with dragon-based design still exist. And few of them had their sandy ground been replaced by rubber mats. Kids nowadays don’t know how fun its like back then, playing around the dragon. I remember I even built a sandcastle by using the sandy ground. Its so much fun!

Well, some things will change. I wonder if the last of these unique playgrounds were to be demolished one day to make way for newer playgrounds one day. Its really an iconic design, and it would be very sad for those who treasure it dearly as part of their childhood memories when they are gone one day.

Time will tell. Just hope they still remains where they are. Still, I’m glad that I managed to jump back in this old school playground of yesteryear once again and revive my childhood playtime =)

Location for this Dragon playground is along Toa Payoh Lorong 6. Its surrounding were an open field. You can spotted it if you pass by the area. There are few others, where one of them is located at Ang Mo Kio.


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