Singapore Toy, Game And Comic Convention 2015!!!! Back Again By Storm!

Posted: September 13, 2015 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                                     Stardate: 80131.5 (Sept 13, 2015)

Singapore’s most anticipated cosplay event is here once again! Taking place at Marina Bay Sands Convention Hall, it falls from 12th – 13th Sept. The usual, during the weekends. Each year will bring out the best and newest from both East and West combine. Fresh new guest appearance, special highlights, new games, awesome performances, as well as comics, anime, manga and other sizzling collectibles all line up along the booths. It will be a jam-packed weekend to keep you entertain throughout the entire day.

For this year, I can only come on Saturday cause the next day I had to work. But as mentioned like before, to me I’m still ok coming for just one day. I still had my fun anyway =)

And for this year, I had debut in my Batman Beyond suit which I custom-made myself. Its an armour version, and the suit is made out of a motorbike armour jacket. Its a long time dream project, and had took me almost 3 weeks to complete.

I’m pretty sure most of you have heard about Batman Beyond. Or Batman of the Future. Its an animated series, about this teenager who had taken the role as Batman to succeed the veteran former dark knight, Bruce Wayne. Set in the distant future, before the new Batman comes along, the aging Bruce Wayne knew that its time is up. So he was force to retire and shut down his Batcave. Even superheroes had to retire some day. Also, the fact that he had suffered a mild heart attack during one of his mission. Health comes first.

And years later, the teenager named Terry McGinnis comes along. He’s an athletic 17-year-old high school student and a reformed troublemaker. And like Bruce Wayne, he carries a sense of justice. For those who never heard of Batman Beyond, do google to find out more. There’s clips of the series shown in Youtube as well.

Seriously, I like this version of Batman. I mean, the rest are pretty cool. Regardless whether it came from the movies or animated series. Why I prefer this cause it plays the key factors of many Batman projects. One of them is integrating technological and scientific means, making it more vigilant and sleek to face the enemies.

Ultimately, the suit is stealth, as it had the ability to cloak. The boots comes with jet packs, allowing Batman to keep up speed while flying. And unlike previous Batman, it doesn’t come with the cape. But when he flew, the cape will appeared at his back. Impressive isn’t it?

So far I have not seen any cosplayer donned as Batman Beyond. Guess I take the lead. Also, this version is armour version. The original series appeared to be wearing spandex. Mine is based on the armour version seen in the latest Batman game: Arkham Knight. Its one of those Batman skins where you can use to switch from the original skin. I simply prefer that cause its look so damn badass! =D

Back to the event! As usual, every year it will attract thousands of excited fans to drool over what’s in-store. And cosplayers have what it takes to roam around the place, taking photos with the public, and having fun till the end of the day!

Photos taken by friends. Many many credits to them! =)

stgcc 1    stgcc 2

I’m delighted to see how my Batman beyond had turn out during the entire event. The people, cosplayers were impressed by it. Despite a little wardrobe malfunction here and there, it still turns out a success! Hard work pays off! Believe it. I was so stunned at myself when I notice how badass I look when been selfie together with some of the cosplayers and public. Its like seeing your mirror dark side. Your alter-ego, in how sinister you had become!

And there’s the funny part too. Many had mistaken me for Arkham Knight. A villain which was seen in the game Batman: Arkham Knight. It surprises me as to how far I had come to built something which is, not only to what I had plan, but also turns out to be creating something close to that. Take a close look at the photos shown above. If anyone of you had play the game before, you will know why. I had to admit though. Looks quite close enough…

Its nice to see other Batman cosplayers around. At least 4 of them. All from various themes. The future Batman, me finally meets his predecessors! Suddenly feels a sense of bat belonging! =D

Its been fun throughout the day. Too bad I can’t make it for the last day. Still, I had my fun! And feels happy that I managed to complete my Batman Beyond suit which I thought it could have never been achieved. It may not turn out to some of your expectations. But its as close as to the actual thing. We improve by learning from our mistakes. To me, I’m already happy with it. Cause I had believe in myself that I can do it. And it came true after all.

Looking forward for more events in the future. Power up!


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