New Place! Great Food!

Posted: September 6, 2015 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                                       Stardate: 80150.6 (Sept 6, 2015)

I was been tagged by a friend in Facebook of a Youtube video that shows about this newly open halal restaurant. Officially open on 1st September, its call Kaw Kaw SG and its located within the heart of Arab Street and the area of Kampong Glam at 28 Aliwal Street. 

First established in Malaysia in 2011 by two young Malaysian entrepreneurs, it was named as Kaw Kaw Burger Bakar. It features “Giant Homemade Grilled Patty” and “1st Street Kiosk For Grilled Burgers” as what is written in the company history. Based on the photos shown in the menu, the patties are pretty big indeed.

Now that it had expanded its name in Singapore, people living here can finally indulge on the delightful and mouth-watering burgers and other delights. I’m always on the road to try out new cafes and restaurants. As long as its halal. So this Kaw Kaw SG is a must! So yesterday Sept 5th, me and my girlfriend head down there in the afternoon to give it a shot!

Yes, the burgers are pretty big indeed. Its really KAW! of this world! The menu serves mainly western food. Both of us order the same meal. Fries served with cajun cheese dip and one of their classic burgers. The lamb burger. So appetizing! The food prices ranges below $30. I still say its affordable though.

Next, was the environment. Its spacious and really family-oriented. Also, it was filled with all sorts of vintage household items, furnitures and other unique accessories. There’s also a stage where there will be live performances to relax the mood while you patrons enjoy your meal. But I believe you can only watch it during night time, as shown in the video.

Really unique and quite presentable. Not just a restaurant. But more like a place where you can really chill and relax after a hard day’s work.kaw kawThe restaurant will be open from 1100hrs – 2300hrs everyday. However, you won’t be expecting any food from the time it open until 1700hrs. Cause we were told by them that they only serve drinks and cakes before 1700hrs. But we seated there for an hour anyway.

So if you want to indulge on their mouth-watering menu, I recommend you head there at the time given. Anything after that will all be the food =)

We left the place with a satisfying feeling in our stomach. The service there is friendly, the food’s excellent, the place really accommodating, its really worth for another visit. So if any of you just love burgers, or on a mission to search for new eating places, do try out this newly opened restaurant. Address is at 28 Aliwal Street. You will simply love it! =D


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