Happy Birthday Anaqi!

Posted: August 29, 2015 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                                      Stardate: 80082.9 (Aug 29th, 2015)

One of our Rangers had invited us for his nephew’s 4th birthday. And he wanted us to suit up as we celebrate with him. When comes to birthday parties for a kid, I’m on for sure! Provided I got no other commitments. Its definitely a YES for me! 

So 4 of us, including our buddy whose nephew had his big day on 27th August. We celebrate his birthday at his kindergarden, which is just opposite my friend’s place. But we ain’t the only people there.

We are greeted by a whole room of little boys and girls whom were his classmates. The teachers and some of the parents were there too. By their sudden reaction upon seeing us, we can tell that they never actually expected to see a group of Power Rangers joining in. An unexpected surprise! =d

Anyway, I had suit up as the Red Ranger from Power Rangers Dino Charge, cause one of us is donning as the old time Mighty Morphin Red Ranger. Which you all already know I wore that at most events. So its better not to have two Red Rangers of the same kind to clash! =D

We had a whole lot of fun celebrating Anaqi’s birthday and entertain the kids there. How lucky can you get to had your photo taken with the Power Rangers? Especially when they appeared on your birthday. Its once in a lifetime which is unforgettable.

That is why I always keen on such celebration. Using our cosplay appeal for a kid’s birthday is something worth cherish. That feeling of showing support and care while in costume. As long as I’m free, I won’t mind taking part =)

Here’s are the photos taken on that day. Many credits to the photographer! =)

4th birthday             4th birthday 2

We look forward for more of this kind of celebration. And thanks to our Ranger buddy, Nazrul for inviting us for this nephew’s birthday.

Once again, Happy Birthday to Anaqi! We wish you all the best in many months and years to come. Thanks for making us our day as much as we make yours. Who knows, one day you can be a Power Ranger like us when you grow up! =D


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