Forever Red: A Dream Project Achievement!

Posted: August 2, 2015 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                                  Stardate: 800215.5 (Aug 2nd, 2015)

After the long wait, its finally complete. My life-time commitment and dream project, Forever Red is finally achieved. Its from Power Rangers, a special episode seen in Power Rangers Wild Force. Basically, its focus on the Red Rangers, as the title stated. The leaders from their respective teams, and consisting of the previous Red Rangers from the past. They united together in Forever Red. Eventually, it features as what would come to be known as the Veteran Red Rangers.

Ever since I started watching it, I had dream of creating my own. Back then, they were not many of us. Too little wasn’t enough to make Forever Red an epic achievement. My aim is to have 10 Red Rangers, just like in the episode. As time goes by, some of my guys started ordering their red ranger suits. From there, I can invite them over to see if they are interested to be part of it. Many of them agreed to the project.

Speaking of suit, delivering to your doorstop is never going to be very fast. Its depends how much time and availability the tailors that we engage had. In some cases, you will ended up waiting for a year! So this is another issue, not just the cost. And speaking of which, our friends had to save up to reach that amount. These kind of suits is never cheap. And no difference when ordering a Kamen Rider costume. Time passes by and soon its all been accounted for. All happily receive their suits in time for the big day to come.

26th July 2015: Our 1st Singapore’s Forever Red has commenced. We had engage our best photographers and volunteers that we trusted to assist us for the project. After much discussion, we had agreed to had our shoot at Marina Barrage. Both photo and video shoot. One of us even suggested that we perform a dance seen in Shuriken Sentai Ninninger which is the latest Super Sentai up to date.

Well, why not? Its all about having fun and entertainment at the same time. A special edition or you might even wanna call it as a bonus as part of our Forever Red =)

Now, here comes some of the awesome photos! Many credits to our photographersI let them do the talking for this part! =)

red rangers 1          red ranger 2

Initially, eleven of us were supposed to be there. Its only a few days away when 3 of them had to back out due to personal reasons that can’t be avoidable. So left only 8 of us. Still can manage. Unforeseen circumstance do happen. And if unavoidable, there’s nothing much we can do. As long its not any lesser.

Earlier I had mention that my aim is to have 10 Reds. But I still won’t mind if there’s more before the day comes. Turns out less than 10 eventually. But still, 8 Reds still worth the numbers and the show must go on as plan!

I had waited this long enough to achieve this dream project of mine. All this wouldn’t happened if not for my Red Ranger gang who have been there giving me the encouragement, support and advice in how to make it worth. They want this project to happen and much as I wanted it to.

Thanks guys! You guys are awesome! I thank you for every effort and work that was put in.

Next, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our awesome photographers. John Kwok, Jonathan Ang, Tim Kuek and Ismadi. You guys are more awesome to contribute as part of our behind-the-scene footage You guys are important. I thank you all for putting in the effort as well support to be there for us.

Next, our choreographer, Dana for the Shuriken Sentai Ninninger dance. Before this, we were encourage to practice the dance at home. I do watch it. But due to work and other personal matters, I had forgotten about it and ended up no time for it. Damn! But its never too late as there’s still time to rehearse on that day. After many attempts, I managed to coordinate with the steps. The dance is not that complicated. But as long you had practice, it will be easier.

Dana, we thank you so much to be there for us as our dance instructor. Couldn’t have done it better without you for every step of the dance. The motivation and all really helps! It took us to realize that we can make use of the dance should we wanted to perform on stage one day =D

And the rest of the volunteers who were there with us. You guys have been a great help in taking care of our stuff and making sure all is there. Every effort there is all been appreciated.

For that few Red Rangers who was unable to turn up due to personal issues. I can understand how upsetting that can be. But not to worry. Though I only did this project once, that doesn’t mean Forever Red is no more. We are still in this together and can still go for more shoots during cosplay events. Cause after this, we will welcome more Reds to the club! =)

Once again, thanks to all who I had mentioned! We really had lots of fun together. We will see each other again for future events! =)


To conclude, here’s the dance for you all!

Its not that synchronize, since this is a last minute practice for few of us. Nevertheless, it doesn’t have to be that perfect. As long you know the steps, should be ok. Its all about having fun and to enjoy the time spend together. Hope you all enjoy the dance as much as we did! =)


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