Red Rangers For Cosfest XIV!

Posted: July 14, 2015 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                            Stardate: 80145.5 (Jul 14th, 2015)

The most favourite cosplay event and loved by many is here again. Held in the usual place at the heart of Downtown East, Pasir Ris where the fun seems endless there. This year theme will be Cosfest XIV: Under The Stars, and will be held on the weekends from 11-07-2015 till 12-07-2015.

I only came on the first day as the following day I need to report back to work. One day is enough for me to fulfill my time to mingle around with the cosplayers and friends. I came as the usual, the Red Ranger me! =D

Also be donning my custom-made Tyrannosaurus Defender Vest, which I named it. Looks almost similar to the Green Ranger’s Dragon shield. Before that, I had posted a picture of me in both the Dragon Shield and the Defender Vest in my Facebook. I had decided to play a little game, to ask my friends which they think its best for me to wear for the event. Surprisingly, many prefer me to wear the vest cause its looks really cool to them. Even though such as never been existed in the actual show.

If those Power Rangers cosplayers in the United States can make their own armour or battlizer (Some are really awesome works!), why can I? Its my own works. And since most of them were amazed by it, just go for it then! Thanks guys! =D

Back to our highlights. We had our small team of Forever Red Rangers coming down! Me as the Mighty Morphin Red, Red Hawk, Lost Galaxy Red, Time Red, SPD Red, Ninja Storm Red, Red Mystic Ranger and Megaforce Red Ranger. There’s also both the Green and White Ranger, as well as Ninja Storm Yellow. But our group for that day were all Red Rangers theme. This marks the beginning of our very first appearance of Forever Red here.

Next, we had our Aunty Shirley who finally debut as the evil Rita Repulsa! The main nemesis from the show’s first season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. She had tailored the costume herself. And it was impressively done. Almost as close to the actual suit. We Rangers, especially me are looking forward to debut with her! Now with her done as Rita, someone needs to cosplay as her arch-husband. Lord Zedd! =D

I’ll stop here for a while, where these cool photos will tell the rest =D

cosfest pic 1cosfest pic 2

Hours passed and its soon to call it a day. Throughout the event, I’m glad that I can catch up to both cosplayers and friends whom I haven’t met for quite some time. Great to see you guys again!

Also, the event was held during the fasting month. During this period, I always try not to run around too much since we are in full suit and with the helmet on. Still, I made it through till the time where we break fast. Its not like its the first time I cosplay during the fasting month. I had choose to go, so I have to endure. Its a practice along the way. 

Nevertheless, me and the guys had our fun! Looking forward for more events in the future! =)


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