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Captain’s log                                                        Stardate: 80166.5 (Jun 16th, 2015)

Me and my girlfriend just recently watch this horror film known as Insidious: Chapter 3. It turned out to be a prequel to the first 2 films.

Unfortunately, I did not watch the first 2 films. So I had no idea what this horror film is all about. Since this is part 3, I had to focus a lot attention to this one. And also, learn about the first 2 films in how it started. Some may suggest to me to watch the first 2 in order to understand better. I would…I supposed. Maybe after watching part 3. I decided to read it 1st from Wikipedia in how this horror stuff gets about. Damn! I should have watch the first 2!


Anyway, as mentioned, I just watch it since many had commented how scary the movie is, and of course I’m one of those who are into horror movies. I will start off by describing a bit about the first 2 movies. All this after googling for answers.

So, long story short. This prequel is set before the haunting of this Lambert family. From the 1st film, they had a son who inexplicably enters a comatose state and becomes like a gateway for ghosts in an astral dimension.

Then comes part 2, where both husband and wife seek to uncover the secret that has left them dangerously connected to the spirit world.

So it comes together that the family are continuously haunted by demons, ever since the boy’s incident, and that this monsters wanted to consume what they want the most: Life.

Those who have watch the first 2 basically had no problem catching up to the latest one. Unlike me, as mentioned earlier had to focus on this prequel before watching the previous 2 one day.

So anyway, as said earlier, this movie was a prequel before the haunting of the Lambert family. Its about this teenage girl named Quinn Brenner, who visits this psychic named Elise Rainier who requested for her help to contact her mother who had recently passed away. Yes, she was gifted with a spiritual ability to contact the dead. She was reluctant at first. But out of sympathy, she agrees in the end.

But things turn out to be the worse after she sense a demonic presence who threatens to kill her. She had to abort the contact immediately, and subsequently warn Quinn that if “you call out to one of the dead, all of them can hear you.”

That sounds really…….shuddering to the point of being terrifying.

Soon afterwards, paranormal activity started occurring around her house. It started when she saw a figure waving at her. Subsequently she began to hear noises at night and notices more and more supernatural events occurring. Things eventually become worse as these paranormal occurrences become more and more frequent. Till it lead to Elise no choice but to save the poor girl. Cause the girl was eventually been control by a demon with a breathing mask and must be broken free.

I stop here, cause I don’t wanna be a spoiler for those who haven’t watch! =P

Now here’s how I judge it. The movie has too much intense. Simply too much “jump scares” that I had to close my eyes when seeing it about to happen. Really grip me to my seat!

Also, its quite dark, focussed and gives you that chilling sensation that something about to jump. Especially when you are the type who just don’t care about movie critics and just wanna give yourself a good scare for the sake of watching horror movies. So electrifying, the “stuns” just makes the whole cinema screaming. A hell load of Jeepers Creepers! Even said that, I still have yet to watch the first 2. So for now, this one is a fright.

For me, I’ll say the movie’s not bad. I give it a 7 out of 10. So for those who are a fan of horror movies, and especially those who enjoy the first 2 films, the 3rd one is yours to indulge! Embrace yourself from all the jump scares! =D 

Speaking of “jump scares”, here’s a side note: While watching the movie, I whispered to my girl. That if she ever get terrified by the movie, keep holding on to me. Instead throughout the entire movie, I’m the one holding on to her…..

That movie had just too much suspense!!