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Captain’s log                                                 Stardate: 80905.5 (June 9th, 2015)

Its not long after we had a splendid dinner together and share all that we want to share with laughters along the way. 2 days ago, me and few of my SPI gang meet up for another splendid dinner together at Straits Kitchen. A splendid buffet restaurant located inside Grand Hyatt Hotel.

The atmosphere there is calm, relaxing and really set your mind into it. It represent the best of local cuisine in a contemporary marketplace setting. Especially the mouth-watering satay. I just can’t resist those! =D

So there we go. Share stories, jokes and laughter as we indulge on the finest cuisine that has to offer. A sense of belonging around the table. There’s nothing much I could add as the feeling is always this jovial whenever we are at this kind of gathering. We push aside our stresses, and enjoy the time being together. No matter what, we are always a family.

Best moment is always the ending, where we had a group photo! =)

FullSizeRenderWish more of us were there on that night. Still, its never too late to join at our future gatherings. There’s always more to come, and we always there for one another. That’s more important =)