KKH – Project GIVE Tea Party With Pause For A Cause!

Posted: May 31, 2015 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                                           Stardate: 83155.5 (May 31st, 2015)

Yesterday, a small team from our Pause For A Cause (PFAC) committee had head down towards Toa Payoh Community Centre to work alongside with Project GIVE for their Tea Party. Our team consists of Red Ranger from Power Rangers Dino Charge which is me, Spiderman, Alice In Wonderland, Batgirl and Haku who is a Utauloid.

Project GIVE is currently working with KKH’s (Kandang Kerbau Hospital) Homecare team in providing the joy and happiness, bringing the smiles and love for children with special needs. PFAC were given this golden opportunity to do the same as this is what our community were meant for. Cosplayers within this group were doing more than just cosplaying. We cosplay for a good cause in giving back to society and for those we cared for =)

We had recently done this before with Project GIVE. So its more or less like an annual celebration. To dedicate for those kids and their families, and this is their 5th tea party. To give them the opportunity to have some fun and entertainment. Not only from us. But also from a group of fitness people, where they will perform their workout on stage. This also includes a singing session.

All of us were pumped up and ready to bring the smiles for the children and all the people there. We are there to brighten their day, and in return they brighten our day too =)

The photos here will do the talking. Hehe..

(Photos of the kids and their families will not be disclosed as we respect their rights and privacy).


I had to be honest here, as I would. No matter how many times I had participate for events that involves for special kids, I always felt tears forming in my eyes at some point of time. People won’t notice it since I wearing the Power Ranger helmet. The fact is, I was deeply sadden. Can’t help the fact seeing some of them in such a state. That actually leave me in tears in my helmet.

People like us have to appreciate that we were born without any disability. We are not perfect. They are still humans and want to live a normal life like everybody else. Its hard for them, and their families. But still, they are someone’s children that need to be love and fed. Some of them may not even live long. Really heartbreaking…..

That’s why we are there for a reason. To give our very best and make them smile cause cosplayers like us do care! We cosplay for a good cause, and its more than just cosplaying as mention earlier. We brighten their day as much as they brighten ours.

I’m thankful to be part of this committee, cause this is something that I always wanted to do ever since I cosplay as a Power Ranger. If not for our founder, I wouldn’t be doing all this. Its always been worth doing something that you loved. Regardless =)


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